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I'm not creating or maintaining Websites any more except for myself and my husband and for my daughter's art creations. That's all. All done. I'm retired. I retired May of 2016. Thank you very much to all the people who used to pay me, but I'm done now. I live in New Mexico

Linda's Stories, Quotes, Jokes, Favorite Links & Holiday Greetings Page

My Daughter Erica's Current Website of her artwork and awesome paper dolls, stickers and cards available to buy on Etsy.

Pandora Gold Art - My Daughter's Web site of artwork from 1997 to 2007.

AngelStar Metaphysical Site

I only work on my own site or my daughter's or husband's sites.

I once created and maintained web sites for other people. Not any more. Now I only work on my own Personal Web site.

Clickable Image: My daughter's artwork website. pandora gold,, angelstar, angel star creations
Erica - Artist, Entrepreneur 
My Daughter

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Linda's New Photo Album

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Angelstar's Metaphysical Site

I have been working and playing with computers since I was 36. I worked on some Websites for other people from about 1997 until 2017. Not any more. I'm now 70+ years old and retired. I have paid for hosting of this, my site, until 2023, and probably longer. 

About Me

My Parents Memorial Site

The Tazonian Dilemma - A Silly Web Photo Story which I created for my PhotoShop class in college. I got an A+!

My Husband's Page

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I used to do WebSite creations for people, but now, like I said, I'm retired. I retired as of May of 2016; and retired from Website design and maintenance for other people since 2017.