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Pandora Gold Artwork 2001

Image: Painting of an Angel with black wings behind tree with red saturn-like planet and moon, unfinished
Painting of Angel, unfinished, original creation

Image: Painting of a Good Angel with gold robes and white and pink wings holding a dove
Painting of Good angel, original creation

Image: painting of Evil/dark angel with violet dress and wings and red robe holding a rosary in her bloody hands
Painting of Dark angel, original creation

Image: Black and white drawing of the Baharydt Chapel that used to be on the Maharishi International University campus in Fairfield, Iowa - They tore this beautiful building down in 2001 and now there is an ugly structure in it's place
Drawing of Barhaydt Chapel, Part of MIU campus, Fairfield, IA (torn down), 2001

Image: Black and white self-portrait drawing of young woman for her college class drawing class
Drawing of Erica, original creation

Image: Painting of a Mermaid with a snake, green fins and a dark cloudy sky and lightening
Painting of Mermaid, original creation, 2001

Image: Painting of Marilyn Manson as Jesus with his band members in robes
Painting Marilyn Manson, original creation, Fan Art

Image: Painting of a blue Taos Mountain with orange trees and a road
Painting of the Taos Mountain, Original creation

Image: Painting of Bright sunset in Sky with colorful clouds in Iowa
Painting of Bright Sky at sunset, original creation

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