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Pandora Gold Artwork 2000

Image: Painting of praying angel with blue skin and halo, also a red outfit and black wings
Blue Angel, original creation

Image: Painting of A dream of a girl with bat wings flying over Sedona Arizona rock formations
Dream, original creation of a dream that I had

Image: painting of The musical band Korn looking scary with frightened children
KORN, original creation

Image: drawing of  Erica's hand with ring and long fingernails
My Hand, original creation

Image: A Blue-tone Painting of a stark scene with close-up of a saturn-type planet
Planet with Landscape, original creation, 2000

Image: painting of Angel with stigmata and black wings
Stigmatic Angel, original creation

Image: Painting of a still life with candle, rose, mug, kiwi fruit and an apple
Still life, original creation

Image: black and white drawing of Woman sitting on a grave with a friendly dragon
"The Meeting" Original creation, 2000

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