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Pandora Gold Artwork 1997

Image: Original painting of Young magical woman with long cool red and gold dress with a sword and a staff
Azia, an original creation

Image: Original painting of An evil looking woman with red fingernails, a long black dress and nice jewelry
Azia, an original creation

Image: painting of half naked girl with sunglasses, tattoo, long black cape and boots
Beth, an original Creation, 1997

Image: a black and white drawing of a cool creative building with many sections
Cool Imaginary building, original creation

Image: painting of half naked woman in blue outfit, long black cape with red outlining her and a black background
Elizabeth, an original creation, 1997

Image: painting of half naked human-looking Fairy with with blue and black butterfly wings
Fairy, an original creation, 1997

Image: Painting of Lakshmi - Goddess from India with coins, a lotus flower, other items and four arms
Lakshmi - Goddess of abundance

Image: painting of Spawn with big red cape, looking evil
Spawn from the comic book, Fan Art

Image: painting of three young women with fancy dresses
Three original characters, original art by Erica


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