Trust the process, including finding capitol so we can build a new foundation of cost effectiveness

Of course, our first Priority ought to be maintaining good health. To be healthy we must avoid modern diseases but despite runaway health care profits collectively, we see increasing frequency of horrors like chemo, amputation and heart attacks. Just as important as good health is affordable housing which is disappearing as building laws get tougher driving up prices sending young people back to their parent’s home. You don’t need to be Einstein to see what has changed with food, as manufactures fill the store shelves with multi-ingredient filler foods, sugar and oxidized seed oils with the support of the FDA. Diet influencers agree the food from around the edge of the store is what’s left of real food.

Corrupt use of money was not so bad 40 years ago when all boats in America were rising, but now mostly the top 1% profits. But to oppose is weak. We need to keep our eyes on the ball, promoting cost effectiveness, one home in one neighborhood at a time. Getting mad will just make us sicker. We need a rational, logical approach to life. The hippie anti-technology approach was destined to fail, but a little love would be nice. It is not a question of capitalism verses socialism it’s a matter of supporting a good diet and cost effective engineering. Geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihen points out we are on the verge of even further decline beyond today’s serious inflation because of retiring boomers. Ultimately, I’d say the biggest failure in Economics is always people running up debt, spending more than they can afford, producing hopelessness. While the wasteful woke and the hateful right are really united as they oppose conserving resources, and instead they support wasteful building law. As a result debt increases, so boomers can protect property values. So it’s safe to say boomers purposely create poverty, sickness and violence that drives up taxes. We are so clever, we outsmart ourselves at every turn.

The one thing we can do, that is not stupid is to practice compassion and produce a win win economy with low cost country networked neighborhoods. Enjoy your money but invest some money in cheap networked neighborhoods to help the poor and the environment. The ultimate trick is to try and increase income in affordable communities on country land.

Excess has destroyed every previous civilization. My wife and I never made much money so we had no choice but to find a place to built our small, not up to code, off the grid home which cost $20,000. We live on minimal social security retirement. Our cost effective life costs less than rent, so you see saving the world never did cost money, because it costs less than what most people in the USA are spending now.

Civilization needs appropriate agriculture, transportation and business practice to survive. People who are short of money need to be allowed access to cheap startup costs, plus low maintenance costs and cooperation to accomplish anything, including spiritual and democratic ideals. My designs use recycled building materials which is just a stopgap approach but it offers 90% more mechanical advantage over simply following standard building law. One could build a version of an earthship home with old tires or earth-bag walls. Add a used RV in the middle creating a ready-made kitchen with bedrooms on either side and add a used school bus across the south side for solar gain. A cement slab roof will outlast most roofs surviving wind and fire. Also that roof moves up and down making it a gravity battery. Vent the attic and bring in cool air from underground to keep the building cool in summer. Add in the most cost effective transportation, creating networking in neighborhoods. With a big investor we could achieve cost effective across every expense.

by Albert Lange

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