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Thoughts about How We Live
by Linda of

My husband and I live in a tiny house out in the middle of nowhere in northern New Mexico and don't have much money. We live off our social security. But we're okay with that. We live in a place where it's like the wild, wild west. We like it. We like the wide-open spaces of where we live. It's okay! We like our neighbors too! Some people would think our home is funky. They would be correct! And… It's all ours!

My husband figured everything out as to how to build our little house, set up solar panels and other things so we can live like this, off-the-grid. I wouldn't be able to do this by myself. No way.

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Maybe I've said in the past that our place is like a cottage. It's a home to us. We live frugally so we can have a healthy diet and can occasionally go out to eat. My husband and I are happy with our lot in life. We're happy with our home. And we appreciate all that we have.

Thanks to NASA inventing solar panels we have electricity! We have everything we need! We drive to town, about a 40 minute drive away, twice a week.

I've always been kind of different. I always felt there was more to life than the physical. I went and joined the Transcendental Meditation "cult" in 1974 because I believed what they told us: That meditating would solve all my problems - shyness and such. And they said meditating in a group would bring about world peace. So, we spent much of our lives doing that. We even lived in our van when we were younger for a time.

Hey! If you want to read what I wrote about my experiences with Transcendental Meditation, otherwise known as TM, you can go to this page: (There's a link near the top to an easy-to-read page.) I wrote other papers about it for college. If you follow the links on that page you can read those too, if you wish.

I got straight As in college! I went to college for the first time starting when I was 51! I loved it, but then I ran out of grants and stuff and stopped. It was fun while it lasted!

Now we're both retired and enjoying life in our funky little house out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico USA!

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Some people come out here in the middle of nowhere thinking they can live off-the-grid. They stay for a while and then realize it’s too much work and they go back to "regular life" and get a "real job." Some people, like us, come out here and they succeed like we did.

This is not for everyone. That's for sure.

We don't know what the future will bring but we’re doing fine now. ~ Written January 2020.

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