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by Angel Star of I wrote this in 2019.

My thoughts... As are all of my writings here.

Photo: Jim JonesFirst thing kids should be taught is self-worth and self-esteem. And I don’t mean having a huge ego and being narcissistic. I just mean feeling good about one’s self. It would be great to feel good about one’s self. Don’t you think? And not by comparing to another person or another group of people and so on either. All kids should start out feeling that they are fine the way they are.

The second thing they should be taught is to know that other people are to be treated with respect. And that other people are fine just the way THEY are! I mean, they don’t have to love everyone, just don’t complain about the differences between themselves, their “group” and other people. If one doesn’t like how someone or some group is acting, just avoid them.

The third thing is to not start kids off playing such violent and destructive games such as football or other seemingly destructive activities.

Photo: Jim JonesI once lived across from a school, grades one through six, here in the good old USA. The kids were lined up and marched around the school yard like they were in the military. “Hup, hup, one, two, three, four!” the instructor said. It was very unsettling to listen to. Why do we need to teach kids in some militaristic manner? And then they go shooting up some school, or church, or mall, or music venue, or a football game. And we wonder why this happens so much so often these days.

There’s so much horrible stuff going on these days, here in 2019 and coming up on 2020. It makes me upset. All of it.

Just treat everyone kindly. Teach kids to do that, right from day one. Teach parents to treat their kids kindly and with respect. Then maybe the kids will learn to treat other people with kindness and respect.

Photo: Jim JonesTeach them self-worth in a kindly manner. Kids and teenagers start smoking cigarettes, or vaping, or taking drugs, or shooting up their school, or whatever, so they can feel cool or feel part of the in-crowd or something. Or they are taking drugs, but that’s another story. It would be nice if they could do something more creative or at least something more constructive. Or help someone less fortunate. Spread kindness.

I grew up and was told in high school that things would get better in the future. Unfortunately, that never happened.

I’m a kindhearted person generally speaking. I wish everyone was the same.

Maybe I’m just naive. But I don’t think so. I went to college. I watch the news.

I’m just sayin’.

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