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Useful Tips - Online Safety Resource Guide that is jam-packed with more than 60 individual resources aimed at helping you stay safe online, including resources for safe online shopping, identity theft resources and more. Included: Why is Internet Safety important, guide to Password safety, Definition of Malware and much more.

Ask Leo: How do I copy VHS tapes to my computer or DVD?

Who’s Watching You Surf?
Learn exactly who is sending content to your computer via the Internet by selecting Privacy Report from Internet Explorer’s View menu. The report tells you which sites provided the content on the current page, as well as which sites asked to install a cookie on your machine, and whether your privacy settings allowed it.

Protect Your Computer
These are the best

Tool Click Below (The best of the best at the top)
Antivirus, anti-spyware Webroot Antivirus - Award-winning

AVG Free Anti-Virus - FREE! AVG is an uncomplicated anti virus program designed for your home and office computers.

Anti-malicious ware and anti-spyware Ad-Aware Personal SE - Free but costs for extra features
Spybot Search & Destroy - Free - PC Magazine Gives this the best rating.

Go to the websites and read the full information and instructions first. Some people say to use only ONE Antivirus program at a time. Although, personally, I use AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy and Malware Bytes to protect my computer. If you know of any other products that you think are as good as, or better than these, please let me know. Go to my contact page.

Having trouble opening your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive?  There’s a little hole there under the door.  Open a paper clip and stick it in there to get the CD/DVD out.  But you may have to get a new CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, it’s safer.

The Internet is full of wonderful places and can create many positive experiences. Vast amounts of information is available at the click of a mouse. "Cyberspace", however, is part of "real life" and there is good reason to be cautious here. The same dangers that exist in "real life" exist on the Internet. We all learn what part of town is the "bad part of town" and avoid it if we want to. The same holds true with the Internet.

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