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"Z" Stamps
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Zaire | Zambia | Zanzibar | Zimbabwe

Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Clickable Image: Map showing Zaire
Map showing Zaire
Image: 100e Anniversaire de la Naissance de Einstein - O. Bonnevalle (1979)
Image: 100e Anniversaire de la Naissance de Einstein - O. Bonnevalle (1979)
Clickable Image: Map Showing Zambia
Map showing Zambia
Image: Mordern Training Center - UPU Berne 1974-1974
Image: New G.P.O. Building - Chipata Post Office - UPU Berne 1974-1974
Image: Rural Postal Services - UPU Berne 1974-1974
Image: Bull
Image: Health: Growth Monitoring - UNICEF
Image: Olympic Games 1984 - Boxing
Image: Traditional Heritage - Mufuluhi
Clickable Image: Map Showing Zanzibar
Map showing Zanzibar
Image: Zanzibar Clove (1963)
Clickable Image: Map Showing Zimbabwe
Map showing Zimbabwe
Image: Animal: Endangered Specias - Cheetah
Image: Animal:  Elephants at Pan - Rose Rigden (1985)
Image: Tiger Fish (1990)
Image: Animal: Greater Kudu (1990)
Image: Animal: Yellow-Backed Duiker - Cephalophus Sylvicultor (1987)
Image: Animal: Scrub Hare (1990)
Image: Animal: Pangolin (1990)
Image: Birds: Helmeted Guineafowl (1990)
Image: Animal: Rhinoceros
Image: Animal: Black Rhinoceros (1990)
Image: People: Grinding Stone (1990)
Image: People: Gourd - Water Pot (1990)
Image: Mbira - Rose Rigden - (1985)
Image: Coal - Dragline - Rose Rigden (1985)
Image: Snuff Container (1990)
Image: People: Head-rest
Image: People: Traditional Dancing - Rose Rigden (1985)
Image: Winnowing Basket - Basket (1990)
Image: Hand Axe - Adze (1990)
Image: Odzani Falls
Image: Bridal Veil Falls
Image: Gems: Blue Topaz
Image: Gems: Garnet
Image: Gems: Morganite
Image: Gems: Citrine
Image: National Tree Day 1981 - Brachystegia spiciformis - Msasa
Image: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting - Bridal Veil Falls (1991)
Image: Martial Eagle _ Polemaetus Bellicosus - Nyamuozura - Ukhozi

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