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Angelstar Creations - - Favorite Postage Stamps I have Collected
USA Stamps
Click on image to view larger image. These are scans of my own personal postage stamps.
United States of America - USA
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Clickable Image: Map of the USA - United States of America - USA
Image: Eastern Goldfinch
Image: Wild Life Conservation - Whooping Cranes
Image: Eagle - Organized Labor Proud and Free
Image: Peace Dove - Christmas - Peace on Earth
Image: Waterfowl Conservation - Ducks
Image: Louisiana World Exposition; Fresh water as a source of Life
Image: Green-throated Carib - Hummingbird
Image: Parrot (1998)
Image: Iiwi
Image: Broad-billed hummingbird
Image: Pelican - Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge - 1903-2003 (2003)
Image: Costa's Hummingbird
Image: Save Woodland Habitats - Quail
Image: Two swans arranged like a heart (1997)
Image: Rufous Hummingbird
Image: Whooping Crane (2003)
Image: American Kestrel (1996)
Image: Whooping Crane
Image: Hummingbird
Image: Ring-necked Pheasant (1998)

Image: Mississippi Postage; 1817-1967
Image: Cypripedium reginae - Lady's Slipper
Image: International Peace Garden; 1932, 1982
Image: Bird of Paradise (1999)
Image: Royal Poinciana (1999)
Image: Endangered Flora: Persistent Trillium
Image: Endangered Flora: Antioch Dunes Evening Primrose
Image: Endangered Flora: Hawaiian Wild Broadbean
Image: Endangered Flora: Contra Costa Wallflower
Image: Colorado, The Centennial State, Colorado state flower - Rocky Mountain Columbine
Image: Lily
Image: Spreading pogonia
Image: Pacific calypso
Image: Wild Pink
Image: Yellow lady's-slipper
Image: Wild Rose
Image: Tulip
Image: Red Maids
Image: Blue Flag
Image: Fragrant Water Lily
Image: Indian Paintbrush
Image: Sego Lily
Image: Virginia Bluebells
Image: Ohi'a Lehua
Image: Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Image: Fireweed
Image: Mexican Hat
Image: Harebell
Image: Pansy (1996)
Image: Hydrangea (1995)
Image: Yellow Tulip
Image: First class stamp with flowers
Image: Sunflower (2006)
Image: Back of a daisy
Image: Winter Aconite (1996)
Image: Aster (1995)
Image: Roses (2004)
Image: Pacific Dogwood
Image: Tulip (2005)
Image: Rose
Image: Iris
Image: Yellow Poplar
Image: Yellow Skunk Cabbage
Image: Rue Anemone

Artwork - Paintings
Image: Christmas: National Gallery of Art - Lotto
Image: "Battle of Bunker's Hill" Johmn Trumbull American Artist
Image: Chief Joseph - National Portrait Gallery
Image: John Copley - American Artist
Image: Christmas: Van Eyck - National Gallery of Art
Image: Christmas: Georgione, ca. 1478-1510 - National Gallery of Art
Image: Christmas: Ghirlandaio: National Gallery
Image: Christmas: Altarpiece, Metropolitan Museum
Image: Christmas: Raphael - National Gallery of Art
Image: Bunker Hill 1775 by Trumbull
Image: Universal Postal Union 1874-1974 - Goya
Image: Christmas: Tiepolo: National Gallery of Art
Image: Christmas: Raphael, 1483-1983, National Gallery of Art
Image: Christmas 1991: Antoniazzo c. 1480 Houston Museum
Image: Christmas: Bellini c. 1490 National Gallery
Image: Christmas: Bernardino Luini - National Gallery of Art (2007)
Image: Christmas - Memling - National Gallery of Art
Image: Christmas - Botticelli, National Gallery
Image: Audubon, American Artist
Image: Mary Cassatt (2003)
Image: Mary Cassatt - 2 (2003)
Image: Mary Cassatt - 3 (2003)
Image: Mary Cassatt - 4 (2003)
Image: American Painting - William M. Harnett
Image: Mary Cassatt - American Artist - 5 cent U.S. Postage
Image: Surrender at Saratoga 1777 by Trumbull
Image: Lexington & Concord 1775 by Sandham

Image: Yellow Poplar
Image: Pacific Dogwood
Image: Forest Concervation
Image: White Pine
Image: White Oak
Image: Giant Sequoia

Groups of Stamps

Image: Cactus: Saguaro; Barrel Cactus; Bevertail Cactus

Image: Lighthouses - West Quoddy Head, Maine; Sandy Hook, New Jersey; Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; American Shoals, Florida; Admiralty Head, Washington
Image: Architecture: Furness Penn Academy, Philadelphia; Renwick Smithsonian, Washington DC; Latrobe Baltimore Cathedral; Jefferson Virginia Rotunda; Strickland Philadelphia Exchange; Bulfinch Boston State House
Image: Sea life: Northern Sea Lion; Sea Otter; Common Dolphin; Killer Whale - Orca (1990)
Image: Minerals: Wulfenite; Copper; Azurite; Variscite             Image: Carousel Animals

Image: Trees: White Oak; Giant Sequoia; White Pine
See these individually above under Trees

Image: Lacemaking, lace making

Image: Horses: Appaloosa; Saddlebred; quarter horse; Morgan


Image: Crystals, Mineral heritage: Tourmaline; Amethyst; Rhodochrosite; Petrified wood
Image: Space Travel: Exploring the Moon; Benefiting Mankind; Understanding the Sun; Probing the Planets; Comprehending the Universe
Image: Science Fiction, 29 cents
Image: Exploring the Planets of our Solar System: Earth, Landsat; Moon, Lunar Orbiter; Mercury, Mariner 10; Mars, Viking Orbiter; Uranus, Voyager 2; Neptune, Voyager 2; Jupiter, Pioneer 11; Pluto, Not yet explored (and no longer considered a planet)     Image: Thanksgiving Day Parade
Image: Old Black & White TV Shows: The Twilight Zone, Burns and Allen, The Phil Silvers Show, The Honeymooners, The Tonight Show         Image: Baseball: Roy Campanella, Hank Greenberg, Mickey Mantle, Mel Ott
Other Stamps
Image: Heroes USA - Firefighters with flag for September 11, 2001 (2002)
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