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"S" Stamps
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Sharjah | South Africa | South Arabia | South West Africa (now Namibia) | Spain | St Christopher | Sweden | Switzerland

Sharjah (United Arab Emerates)
Clickable Image: Map Showing Sharjah (United Arab Emerates)
Map showing Sharjah (United Arab Emerates)
Image: Mothers Day 21st March 1968 - David: Portrait de Madame Seriziat
Image: Mothers Day 21st March 1968 - Nicolas de Largillierre (1656-1746) Portrait D'Elisabeth de Beauharnais
Image: American Artists - Grand Wood Gent
Image: International Telecommunication Union Centenary - Harrison and Sons Ltd.
Image: Two Horses
Image: Pretty Horse
Image: White Horse
Image: Kitten - Cat - Kitty
South Africa (Republic of)
Clickable Image: Map Showing Republic of South Africa
Map Showing South Africa
Image: Melrose House, Pretoria - A.H. Barrett
Image: Sea Shell - Euphorhia symmetrica - Hein Botha 1988
Image: Sea Flowser - Cheiridopsis peculiaris - Hein Botha 1988
Image: Geoot Constantia
Image: Animal
South Arabia
Clickable Image: Map Showing South Arabia - Well, it's somewhere on there
Map showing South Arabie
Image: Vase
Image: Fantasy Creature
Image: Another Fantasy Creature
South West Africa (now Namibia)
Clickable Image: South-West Africa (now Namibia)Map showing South West Africa (now Namibia)
Image: Blue Whale - Blouwalvis - Balaenoptera musculus - A.H. Barrett (1980)    Image: Moordvis - Killer Whale - Orcinus Orca (1980)
Image: Vinwalvis - Fin Whale - Balaenoptera Physalus - A.H. Barrett (1980)    Image: Humpback Whale - Bultrugwalvis - Megaptera novaeangliae - A.H. Barrett (1980)
Image: Sperm Whale - Potvis - Physeter macrocephalus A.H. Barrett (1980)    Image: Noordkaper - Southern Right Whale - Eubalaena australis - A.H. Barrett (1980)
Clickable Image: Map Showing Spain
Map showing Spain
Image: Exposicion Universal Sevilla 1992
Image: Conference Building 1973
Image: Navidad - Christmas (1971)
Image: Pedro Poveda
Image: Male Profile
Image: Man on Horse
St. Christopher
Clickable Image: Map Showing St. Christopher
Map showing St. Christopher
Image: Pirate Treasure
Clickable Image: Map Showing Sweden
Map showing Sweden
Image: Sandhammaren
Image: Sven Hornell (1977)
Image: Hugo Suhr (detail) - CZ Slania sc.
Image: Design with Animal
Image: Flowers - Berries - Lennart Helje
Image: Flowers - Berries - Lennart Helje
Image: Flowers - Berries - Lennart Helje
Image: Painting (1976)
Image: Painting (1976)
Image: Lillies on a pond - Ingrid J. Ousland (1977)
Image: Christmas decoration - Martin Morck sc.
Image: Sverige - Europa 2000 - Jean-Paul Cousin / G.M. (2000)
Image: Fruit: Slan Prunus Spinosa - Iaxelsson - A. Wallhorn sc.
Clickable Image: Map showing Switzerland
Map showing Switzerland
Image: Hans Hartmann - Courvoisier 1291-1991
Image: Bridges
Image: Horse with man blowing horn
Image: Design
Image: Castle and Mountains
Image: Gebo Lenz - 1983 - K. Bickel
Image: 2 Stamps - Clock of astrological symbols

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