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"R" Stamps
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Ras al Khaimah/Khaima | Romania | Russia | Rwanda

Ras al Khaimah (United Arab Emerates)
Clickable Image:  Map Showing Ras al Khaimah/Khaima (United Arab Emerates)

Map showing Ras al Khaimah (United Arab Emerates)
Image: Brueghel - The Elder - The Land of Cockaigne - International Museum Campaign
Image: Portrait of Emperor Maximilian I by Durer
Image: Van Goh - Sunflowers - International Museum Campaign, National Gallery, London
Image:  Spring - Sakai Hoitsu
Image:  Mothers Day - 21st March 1968 - Solario (1460-1520) Virgin with Green Cushion
Image:  Mothers Day 21st March 1968 - Raffaello (1483-1520) The Goldfinch Madonna (detail)
Image:  Gerard Van Honthorst Concert - International Museum Campaign Louvre, Paris
Image:  Blue Colored Bird
Image:  Red and Blue Bird
Image:  Yellow, Blue and Black Bird
Image:  Red and Black Bird
Image:  Colorful Bird
Image:  Tower of te Sun Globe and Emblem - Japan/Nippon
Image:  Cheetah
Image:  Lion
Image:  Giraffes
Image:  Antelope
Image:  Zebra
Image:  Elephant
Image:  Nattier (1685-1766) - Portrait of Mary Adelaide - Mothers Day 21st March 1968
Clickable Image:  Map Showing Romania
Map showing Romania
Image:  Airplane
Image:  Teletype Machine or Typewriter with Map of the World
Image:  Old Automobile
Image:  Joker with Chess Piece - A. Dascaleschu (1966) Cuba Olympics
Image:  Apollo 1-2-3 1966 - Vlasto (1972)
Image:  Rose - Pink Lustre - Vlasto (1970)
Image:  Rose - Orange Delbard - Vlasto (1970)
Image:  Rose - Wiener charme - Vlasto (1970)
Image:  Rose - Piccadilly - Vlasto (1970)
Image:  Rose - Iceberg - Vlasto (1970)
Image:  Expozitia Realizarilor Economiei Nationale 1944-1969 Vlasto
Image:  1971 I. Dumitrana
Image:  Coques - Pipaitul (1970)
Image:  Goose - Cygnus Olor - 1965 - F. Ivanus
Image:  Horse - pur singe arab - E. Palade (1970)
Image:  Horse - pur singe galop - E. Palade (1970)
Image:  Horse - trapas american- E. Palade (1970)
Image:  Horse - ghidran - E. Palade (1970)
Image:  Horse - hutul - E. Palade (1970)
Image:  Dog - foxterier - E. Palade (1971)
Image:  Dog - lup alsacian- E. Palade (1971)
Image:  Dog - buldog - E. Palade (1971)
Russia (USSR)
Russia Image:  Map Showing Russia
Map showing Russia (USSR)
Image:  Russia Space Station (1967)
Image:  Horse with Man (1989)
Image:  Musical Instruments (1989)
Image:  Russia Symbols
Image:  Space Flight with dogs
Image:  Painting (1971)
Image:  Painting (1971)
Image:  Painting (1971)
Image:  Painting (1971)
Image:  Painting (1971)
Image:  Painting (1971)
If anyone would like to write and tell me what the names and artists - in English - are for the paintings above, I would appreciate it.
Clickable Image:  Map Showing Rwanda
Map showing Rwanda
Image:  Big Cat - Imondo - Severin (1981)
Image:  Horse Racing
Image:  Rubens and Isabelle Brandt

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