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"M" Stamps
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Macao | Madagascar | Malaysia | Republic of Maldives | Mali | Mexico | Mongolia | Mozambique

Clickable Image: Map with China and Macao etc.
Map showing Macao
Image: 2 postage stamps with flowers: Garras de Dragao, Pac Ngai Fa; Flor de Friera, Hoc Tang Lan Fa
Clickable Image: Madagascar Map
Map showing Madagascar
Image: Republique Malgache: Butterfly - Colotis Zoe
Image: Moth - Chionaema Pauliani
Clickable Image: Map Showing Malaysia
Map showing Malaysia
Image: Sarawak Council Negri Centenary 1867-1967
Image: Moths - Zeuxidia amethystus amethystus
Image: Punai Tanah - Green-winged Pigeon - Chalcophaps indica
Republic of Maldives (Islands)
Clickable Image: Map showing Maldive Islands below India
Map showing Republic of Maldives (Islands)
Image: Baththeli - Sail boat
Image: Acropora gravida
Image: Apollo Proect - John F. Kennedy
Image: Bandu Odi - Sailboat
Image: Mas Odi - Sailboat
Clickable Image: Map Showing Mali
Map showing Mali
Image: Agriculture
Clickable Image: Map of Mexico
Map showing Mexico
Image: Servicio Aereo - Aztek or Mayan Mask
Image: Bicicletas - Bicycles
Image: Hands and Dove
Image: Mayan Mask
Image: Valle de Bravo -Jesus Huesca
Image: Convencio Mundial de Filatelistas Conmemorativo 1939
Image: 1934-1984 Fondo de Cultura Economica
Clickable Image: Mongolia Map
Map showing Mongolia
Image: Man on a Horse
Image: Horse eating grass with Man sitting on ground reading
Image: Youth on pony
Image: Racing horses
Image: Hot air balloon - 1783 Montgolfiere France
Image: Hot air balloon - 1897 "Oernen" Sweden
Image: Hot air balloons - 1906 The First gordon Bennett Race in Paris
Image: Insect - Mylabris Mongolica
Image: People at market
Image: Circus with white horses
Image: Space
Image: Fighting on horses
Image: Russian Luna lander
Image: Girl on bucking horse - boy holding on
Image: Horses
Image: More horses
Image: White horses
Image: Lizard (1972)
Clickable Image: Mozambique Map
Map showing Mozambique
Image: Airplane
Image: Another airplane
Image: And yet, another airplane

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