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"C" Stamps
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Canada | Chad | China | Columbia

Clickable Image: Canada Map
Image: Glacier, Canada
Image: Runnymede Library, Toronto, Canada
Image: La Verendrye
Image: Flying Squirrel, Canada
Image: Christmas Noel, Canada
Image: Skunk, Canada
Image: Pronghorn Canada
Image: Atlantic Walrus Canada
Image: Canada Pine Trees
Image: Canadian Yellow Flower
Image: Canadian Blue Flower
Image: Canadian Yellow Flower
Image: Prince Edward Island 1973
Image: Fishing Spear Canada
Image: Gyrfalcon Canada
Image: Paul-Emile Borduas, Untitled No. 6


Clickable Image: Chad Map

Image: Panorama da Pointe Della Marina (detail) Caffi (1809-1866)
Image: Venezia Panorama (detail) - Caffi (1809-1866)
Image: Venezia Canal Grande (detail) - Caffi (1809-1866)
Clickable Image: China Map
Image: China 1927-1949
Image: China 1927-1949
Image: Man Sitting
Image: China Houses
Image: Republic of China - two stamps, horses

Clickable Image: Columbia Map
Image: Gregorio Vazquez, Thomas de la Rue - El Nino de la Espina
Image: Galeon a Cartagena - S. XVI
Image: M. Diaz Vargas, Thomas de la Rue - Mercado

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