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Massachusetts - I grew up about 30 miles north of Boston

Image: walkway with trees and green grass and people
The Boston Gardens

 Image: Highrises and older buildings with green trees
The "new" Hartford building and the Prudential building
to the right behind the trees. I worked there for a few weeks.

Image: Old brick building with gold eagle statue
The Old State House in Boston

Old State House among it's neighbors in Boston, Massachusetts

Image: An old black and white ship on the water with old buildings
Old Ironsides - the ship in Boston Harbor

Image: Night time skyline with water of the bay
Boston Skyline at night

Image: New England style buildings with brick sidewalk
Buildings in Massachusetts - this might be Salem, MA

Image: Beautiful blue water with buildings and trees in winter
Lovely Atlantic Ocean water with rocks and houses

Image: Two red boats tied up at dock
Two row boats

Image: Sailing ship with rigging
Old Ironsides in Boston Harbor

Image: Old style wooden house with wooden fence
Old house in the 1600s style - probably in Salem

Image: Wodden houses, one with a thatched roof
More old wooden houses in Salem, MA

Image: Old-style New England style homes from the 1600s

Image: House with red and white lighthouse above the green trees or bushes
Cool Lighthouse

Image: Lighthouse in Massachusetts with trees and cloudy sky
Lovely lighthouse

Image: Houses with red roofs with lighthouse
Seaside Cottages and a lighthouse

Image: Close-up of a lighthouse with roof of house in front
Another lighthouse

Image: Lighthouse with building and cloudy pretty blue sky
Yet another lighthouse

Image: Lighthouse with blue sky and greenery and a fence in the foreground
And another lighthouse

Image: Pretty small waterfall with sun shinning off the dark water
Cool waterfalls in river in Massachusetts

Image: Old sailing ship with rigging with water, trees and rocks
Old cool ship somewhere in Massachusetts

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New Hampshire - A spent a lot of my youth here

Image: Covered bridge with river and fall colors
Cool covered bridge

Image: White covered bridge over river with greenery and clouds in a blue sky
Another lovely covered bridge

Image: Covered bridge with red roof over rocky river and trees turning colors
And another - I love covered bridges

Image: Rocky outcrop in the side of a mountain that looks like the face of a man
Old man of the mountain - this fell in 2003. It was always a symbol of New Hampshire, and still is!

Image: Fishing boats in the harbor
Pretty seaport with boats

Image: Blue ocean water with lighthouse
Seaside port with lighthouse, homes and boat

Image: Looking up a plowed road with snow and trees on either side
Beautiful snow-covered trees and roadway

Image: Fall colors in New Hampshire
Lovely trees showing autumn colors

Image: More brightly colored trees in the autumn
More Lovely trees with Autumn colors

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New England - These remind me of places in Massachusetts or New Hampshire where I grew up

Image: Tall old tower of building with green trees and blue sky
This might be the tower at the end of Cape Cod

Image: Sand and fences at the beach with a house and blue sky
Cape Cod beach fences and building

Image: Beach sand with grasses, a fence and blue sky
I think this is Cape Cod too

Image: Looking over a hill of beach sand with blue sky and grasses
A beach walkway in New England, USA

Image: A dirt road with trees turning color and interesting cloud formations in the blue sky
Cool dirt road with trees changing color in autumn

Image: Old buildings, colorful trees in New England
This looks like Boston, but it might not be. I don't know.

Image: Close-up of beautiful orange and yellow maple tree foliage with blue sky
Pretty yellow and orange leaves in the fall in New England


These images, except where otherwise noted, are from the "Art Explosion" CD collection by Nova Development Corporation (1997-2002), which allow me to use these images on my Website only. You should not take and use these images anywhere else.

Old stuff Removed October 3, 2012, new additions November 2012. Updated October 2020.

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