The Beauty of God's Work

There Must Be a God! Or some kind of gods, goddesses or some spiritual beings
Otherwise How Could All This Beauty Exist? 

Image: Deer with ears perked as a sillhouette with sun and blue sky in the background

Image: Large hill with cows and a tree

Image: People riding horses along the beach

Image: Horses eating grass with mountain

Image: Hill-side with sheep and trees

Image: Beautiful lake with mountains and clouds

Image: Beautiful snow covered mountain, pine trees and flowers with greenery

Image: Glacier and mountains and clouds

Image: Small sunflowers with sky and cloud
This picture was taken by me of some mini sunflowers in Taos New Mexico.

Image: Dark tree in front of dark sky with the moon
Lovely sliver of a moon with trees

Image: Pretty red flower
Petty flower taken in a store somewhere in Northern New Mexico. Picture by me.

Image:Top of a mountain with snow
Beautiful Mountain with snow

Image: Lots and lots of red tulips
Lots of Lovely Red Tulips

Image: Looking at the design of a succulent plant
Succulent plant

Pictures from National Parks

Image: People sitting on a rock looking at a lake and mountains

Image: Beautiful sunset over the Grande Canyon

Image: Frost and snow

Image: Beautiful rock formations and waterfall reflected in a lake

Image: Lovely Blue Lake and mountain

Image: Looking up at beautiful orange rock formations with tree branches and a blue sky

Image: Beautiful rock formations

Image: El Capitan in that state park in California

Image: Are these the Tetons?

Image: Beautiful mountains and greenery. Marshes?

Image: Lovely red desert plants

Image: geyser in Yellowstone national park

Image: Ocean waves crashing against rocks

Image: Beach with boat and lovely clouds

Image: Beautiful vista of mountains along the shoreline

Image: Waves on a rocky shoreline

You only pass this way Once or, according to my beliefs and a lot of people's beliefs on this lovely planet of ours, many times... 

Pass this on so someone else can enjoy, if you'd like, and maybe even make them smile.

These images, except where otherwise noted, are from the "Art Explosion" CD collection by Nova Development Corporation (1997-2002), which allow me to use these images on my Website only. You should not take and use these images anywhere else.

Old stuff removed August 21, 2012; new stuff added Sept. 3, 2012. Updated October 2020.

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