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What it says: You can relax about one thing .. a computer virus could never survive in this environment..

Image: Black and white cartoon - man opening a large box which contains a sleeping man with office workers looking on
What it says: Hey!! It's the computer troubleshooter we requested.

Image: Black and white cartoon - Men and women around table at a business meeting
What it says: Since Ralph has mistakenly brought his wife's sewing machine rather than his portable computer let's go on to the next report..

What it says: It's our new Mac Cookie software.. 3D printer.

Image: Black and white cartoon - Man showing couple his new invention
It's the latest thing in laptop portability. It's sewn into your pants. All you do is sit down and ... voila!!

Image: Black and white cartoon - Man pouring coffee onto a computer
What it says: If this model computer begins to react sluggishly, pour a cup of black coffee in it here.

Image: Black and white cartoon, Cat at the computer

Image: Black and white cartoon - man heaving an old large heavy monitor
A Body builder - a new use for those old monitors

These images, except where otherwise noted, are from the "Art Explosion" CD collection by Nova Development Corporation (1997-2002), which allow me to use these images on my Website only. You should not take and use these images anywhere else.

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