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Image: Cool leaning building. Wish I knew where it is. With a lighthouse in the background. maybe it's an old lighthouse

Image:Old stone building

Image: Even skyline with high-rises and moon

Image: Looking inside a soccer field with the yellow stands

Image: Camel statue in front of a building

Image: On the side of a building: diamonds, large star, small stars and a cross

Image: mirrorred building with a picket fence of white and red and "flowers" and candy canes

Image: looking up at brown building with ribs with the blue sky

Image: Zig-zag building

Image: Red neon sign on black: Our first and last lofe is self love

Image: "Clock" showing the signs of the zodiac on the side of a stone building

Image: Sparkly geodesic dome building

Image: White sculpure building with the blue sky

Image: Sign on the side of a stone building of a cow with a crown on the sign

Image: Looking up at a cool old building probably a mosque

Image: Spiky white windowed building

Image: Golden-colored high-rise building

Image: Colorful painting on the side of a building of a fat man reading a small book with the word Bookshop

These images, except where otherwise noted, are from the "Art Explosion" CD collection by Nova Development Corporation (1997-2002), which allow me to use these images on my Website only. You should not take and use these images anywhere else.

Previous pictures removed September 2012, new pictures added October 5, 2012 and beyond

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