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1999 - Thanks to my darling daughter and Google Maps, I have these photos below of the house Erica and I lived in for a several months on Kirkwood Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa. I remember I used to park our RV next to the house. We were there at the end of 1999 and somewhat into 2000. It was tiny. We had tiny rooms; but we did each have our own room.
Image: House in Fairfield, Iowa Image: House in Fairfield, Iowa


2000-2001 - I found this place on Google Maps. It took me awhile to find it because I couldn't remember the address. This photo is by me. I lived there with Erica from 2000 to the end of 2001 and we shared it with another woman. We each had our own room. Mine was right there in the front on top. It's 304 West Monroe Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: House in Fairfield Iowa
Here's Erica, my daughter, Summer of 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa inside the above house with Cats Louie and Elizabeth and tiny new fluffy kitten. Photo by me.
Image: Teenager with cats

2000 to 2002 - Erica and I shared this house after the woman kicked Erica out of the house above because she and her friends were making "too much noise." I thank my daughter for finding this picture below on Google Maps. We had the right-hand side. The front door was our door. Someone else had the other side and I guess there was another place behind that. The whole house was shaped like a C and the other two apartments had their doors on the other street. It was upstairs and downstairs. I liked that place! It was on the corner of West Hempstead and North 2nd Street in Fairfield, Iowa. I guess it still is. We just don't live there any more. Ha ha.... I left at the end of 2001, but Erica continued to live here until the end of 2002 when she moved to California. She was born in California after all.
Me in the above house near the front door on Halloween 2001.
Image: Image: Woman in Halloween costume
Erica and I in the house shortly before I moved back to New Mexico at the end of 2001.
Image: Woman and daughter

I lived in this house on El Salto Road near Arroyo Seco, New Mexico from January until May of 2002. I shared it with another woman.
Image: House in New Mexico

May of 2002 Until about May of 2004 - The cool little place where I lived by myself on Padre Martinez Lane in Taos, New Mexico
Image: Little house in Taos NM
Image: Little house in Taos NM
Inside the same house. I had a fireplace that I burned firewood in on occasion. I didn't need to burn a fire in the fireplace, I just did so for fun. I loved this place.
Image: Inside Little house in Taos NM
Again inside the same place with my bed and some computer stuff. It was all one space, a large living room and a kitchen area. There was a separate bathroom too, with a bathtub. Ha ha...
Image: Inside Little house in Taos NM
Outside the same house on Padre Martinez lane in winter.
Image: Little house in Taos NM
My kitty-cats Shakti and Shiva on my bed.
Image: Inside Little house in Taos NM

From May of 2004 to October of 2005 I shared this house with a friend. We had the downstairs portion. I had a bedroom in the back. This place is on Kit Carson road in Taos, New Mexico.
Image: Cool house on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico
Inside my room at the place above. The framed photos are: My mother, my grandmother, my daughter Erica, and me. All from about when we graduated from high school.
Image: Inside Cool house on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico
Inside my bedroom, stuff on top of my dresser. Some of these I don't have any more.
Image: Inside Cool house on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico with cool micaceous pottery bowl and other stuff
My cat Shakti on my chair in my room. You can see the living room part of the house in the background.
Image: Inside Cool house on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico with adorable kitty cat on a chair
Outside the above house. This photo was taken by me in 2006 after I moved elsewhere and after a HUGE tree fell right near that house. No one was hurt. No houses or apartments were harmed. I think one woman had her bathroom window scratched.
Image: Cool house on Kit Carson Road in Taos New Mexico, looking from the street

October of 2005 until September of 2010 - This place on Don Fernando Street in Taos, NM.
Top and just below it the outside. It was a fun place to live for the time we were there.
Here's me in 2005 or 2006 standing by the front door.
Here's me again probably in 2006, maybe.... Standing by the door leading into the kitchen? I think.
And me again standing next to the open front door.
Yep. Me again. In my room near my bed.
Here are the two kitties we had. Shakti who I had since 2002 and Sparky who we had since 2006 or 2007.
My computer area in the living room. I loved those starry curtains. I made them. I still have some of that material.
I took a picture of my bleeding finger. Yep, I'm strange. So here's the area near the front door.
Also in the living room. Our tiny Christmas tree. I forget what year.


Our current house today. We've lived here from September 2010 to present. It's totally off the grid. We love it!
Our three kitty cats we had when we moved into the above house. Shakti and Sparky on the chair. Pumpkin on the table. This is January of 2013. Pumpkin showed up on our doorstep on Christmas day of 2012. He's shaved. We had to have him shaved. He was all matted when he arrived at our doorstep and we took him in. Shakti died in 2016. She was 14 years old.

Other random places probably stayed when I was young (and one more recently) for brief periods of time:

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