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Houses / Places I Have Lived Across This Country Including Vans and an RV. Page One. Photos mostly by or of me or other family members.

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The house my dad and mom built in 1951, and where I grew up, in Methuen, Massachusetts. In my youth, I shared the upstairs bedroom with one of my sisters. This photo below is from 2016.
Image: House my Dad and Mom Built


Below: In 1952 in the kitchen of the house my dad and mom built. That's baby me on my mom's lap.
Image: Inside the house my dad built in 1952

The House in the 1970s.
1970s house my dad built and where I grew up


1973 or 1974 - I stayed with one of my sisters in Andover, Massachusetts for maybe 2 months in the place pictured below. I got a picture of the outside from Google. It was a duplex. I had one of the rooms upstairs. I also baby-sat for my young niece at the time.
House at 16 Brechin Terrace in Andover, Massachusetts. These were built in the 1930s or 1940s for workers in the Shawsheen Mills.
Image:  Image: Duplex in Andover, Massachusetts

Below is me; behind me is an old stereo record player my sister owned and a view out the window to the house across the street.
Image: Young Woman smiling

Below is my dad thinking or listening to another family member, and my leg in the front.
Image: Man sitting

Below: My darling mother. Isn't she adorable? In the window behind her one can see the window of the house next door.
Image: Woman sitting

Below: Smiling me in my sister's house. This may be before I moved in with her. I forget. I moved back out after a couple of months, I think. After I moved out I moved back in with my parents.
Image: Young Woman laughing


I lived at this place below for about 10 months from late 1976 till mid 1977. Something like that. This is where I met my husband Bert at a Halloween party in 1976. It was the Academy for the Science of Creative Intelligence in Livingston Manor, NY. A sort of a retreat center for people who were involved in Transcendental Meditation (TM).
Picture below is a postcard.
Image: Science of Creative Intelligence building from postcard

And that's me below at the front entry way.
Image: Young woman at Science of Creative Intelligence building, a Transcenendental Meditation Retreat Center from the 1970s

And this is another view of the building. I was a maid there. I tried to get a job in the office but they only wanted "Governors of the Age of Enlightenment" in those positions. Photos above and below by Bert. If you want to read more about my experiences with TM, Click or Tap Here.
Image:  Science of Creative Intelligence building, a Transcenendental Meditation Retreat Center from the 1970s

Me inside the above building, or another building that was part of the retreat center, in my room that I shared with two other women. We got room, board, meals, $25 a month and supposedly credits to use toward taking advanced courses with the TM organization.
Image: Young woman smiling

Me, again inside my room. I had one of my roommates take these photos with my camera. I eventually got my own room, but only for a month more or less. Then I was kicked out. I lost all my credits that I had earned. See link above to read more about my experiences with the TM movement.
Image: Young woman preparing to meditate

My hubby Bert and I lived in this building in Andover, Massachusetts in late 1977 until May of 1978, around the time we got married. It is in Andover at the corner of North Main Street (Route 28) and Poor Street, also called Shawsheen Square. It was called a town house. Beautiful architecture. We lived in one room and shared a bathroom with others. We entered the building through a doorway to the right in this picture. Photo by me taken late 1977 or early 1978. At the time we lived there the part where we lived was rented by a couple of TM teachers. The building is still there in 2016. It now houses Kiley Law Group and other businesses. You can search for them on Google Earth or maps to see what the area looks like now.
Image: Building in Andover Massachusetts in 1977

1978 May to June - Bert and I drove this van across the country; we slept and lived in it. We drove it from Massachusetts to California. Then in 1979 we drove it from California to Missouri and then in 1980 we drove it back to California. Check out those pants!
This photo was taken in Methuen or Andover, Massachusetts. We bought this van in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
Image: Red van and two people

Photo below taken in Methuen, Massachusetts just as we were heading off to California.
Image: Red Van from 1977

1978 Spring - Here's that red van again at Mount Rose in Nevada during our trip across the country, and there's Bert too!
Image: Red van from 1977 at Mount Rose in California


Where Bert and I lived for a couple of weeks during 1978, shortly after we got married. This is the house at 190 West 41st Avenue in San Mateo, California where Bert grew up, owned by his parents. This photo was taken in the 1950s.
Image: 190 41st Avenue, San Mateo

1978-1979 The Saint Louis Capitals Project near Ste. Genevieve Missouri. This was another Transcendental Meditation (TM) retreat center. We wanted to help bring about world peace!
Image: Buildings on farmland in Missouri

Me in the middle with some friends in front of the St. Louis Capital's Project in Missouri. This was going to be another TM retreat center.
Image: Young Women in front of the St. Louis Capital's project

1980-1981 St. Patrick's in California. This is a place in Los Altos Hills in California where we lived from some time in 1979 or 1980 till sometime in 1981. We lived here when Erica was born. Erica was born in Menlo Park at a birthing center in 1981. This is St. Patrick's Seminary. The TM group rented part of it as a retreat center.
Image: Seminary Building, Saint Patrick's in california

1981 - This is a van we bought at the Sausalito Fair and traveled around northern California in for a while. Yes, we were non-conformists. We still are! That's me pregnant with our daughter Erica.
Image: Pregnant woman from 1981 in front of van

Another view of the van and me. I was 30 years old!
Image: Pregnant woman in front of old van in 1981


1981 - Inside our apartment in Palo Alto, CA. And there's Erica as a baby! It looks like this was Christmas.
Image: Baby inside apartment during Christmas



1981-1982 - This is the van we traveled from California to Fairfield, Iowa in. We saw it in the newspaper and bought it from someone in Palo Alto or Mountain View, California. We had baby Erica with us when we drove it to Fairfield. We stayed with a friend when we got to Fairfield and then stayed at the Fairfield hotel, then rented the pink house in another picture in this album.
Image: Old van

In early 1982 for about 2 months, we stayed at the Fairfield Hotel in Fairfield Iowa. That's baby Erica (standing by the chair) and a friend. It's blurry, I know. That's all I have. I'm sure the Fairfield Hotel got torn down many years ago. That was our stop-gap until we rented the pink house on Kirkwood, also pictured in this photo album. This is in Fairfield, Iowa. We attended "The Domes" at MIU (Maharishi International University now known as Maharishi University of Management) during this time. We tried to get on staff there but they wouldn't let us because we had a baby. Their loss; our gain. Bert eventually got a paid job at MIU and we bought a house in town (pictured below).
Image: Two babies inside playing on a foam mattress

1981 or 1982. House we lived in on Kirkwood Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa. That's me on the steps and little Erica standing on the sidewalk. We continued doing out TM "programs" in The Golden Domes at MIU.
Image: Little pink house

The house we owned and lived in for about 14+ years from 1982 until 1997. We sold it in 1998. This picture is by me some time in the 1980s. This is on Jackson Avenue in Fairfield, Iowa. This is where my daughter Erica Grew up. Also we continued to meditate and do our "programs" in The Golden Domes. If you want to read more about my experiences with Transcendental Meditation, Click or Tap Here.
Image: Our little House in Fairfield, Iowa

Erica with Linda (that's me) and Bert on our front porch in 1985.
Image Parents with child

This picture is by me some time in the 1990s. That's teenage Erica on the front steps. Bert had closed in the front porch.
Image: Little House in Fairfield, Iowa

Bert and me inside our house in 1996, in the living room on our couch. It was somebody's birthday apparently.
Image: Man and woman sitting with balloons

Me in 1991 sitting in our house with our computer equipment. A commodore 64, a real power machine, and a "lunch box" computer PC. We've loved computers for many years. We got our first computer in 1987.
Image: Woman sitting showing her computer equipment from the 1980s

Our RV that we had from 1996 or 1997 till 2001. We bought it in Fairfield, Iowa. We traveled with it to New Mexico in July of 1997. We stayed in an RV Park / campground in Taos for maybe a month. Bert drove it back to Iowa and back to New Mexico in 1997. We drove in it to Sedona, Arizona in 1998. Then Erica and I drove it back to Fairfield. In its life with us it broke down majorly at least twice. We kept fixing it. It cost us almost as much to fix it as we paid for it. Anyhoo, another addition to my places I've lived. I sold it in 2001 in Fairfield.
Image: RV with two people and high scenery in New Mexico

This is that RV at a campground in Colorado in 1997 or 1998.
Image: RV in New Mexio, or Colorado

1997 - 1999 - the house on Camino del Medio in Taos, NM. This picture is a screen-capture from a VHS video of the side street from the time we lived there. Yeah, it's blurry, but hopefully you get the idea.
Image: Blurry picture of an old truck parked in a driveway

The photo below is more recent from the same place taken in 2017 when we were driving by. Of course, someone else lives there now.
Image: Front of a house in Taos, New Mexico

More places I lived where I have no photos:


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