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Image: Welcome to My World, Linda Photo Album in Taos New Mexico, Image by angelstar creations

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My Photo Albums: All photos by me except where otherwise noted or where I forgot to note.  2016 And Beyond Photos | Stamps, Artwork, 2014-2015 | 2011-2013 | 2008-2010 Taos, Carson Estates, Santa Fe, MA, NH | Our Weddings | Parent's Memorial | My Cats | Family Pictures over the years | Favorite Things and Places | I Love Flowers | 2004-2007 Taos, L.A. | 2002-2003 Taos, Travels | 1999-2001 Fairfield, IA | 1997-1999 IA, MA, NM, AZ | 1980-1996 MA, IA | Old Pics 1890 - 1980 | Family History/Trees/ancestry

New Pictures
Image: Woman and Man smiling
NEW PHOTO ALBUMS - To see all photos beyond 2015, go to My New Photo Pages. I'm going to keep them updated. Bert and I are to the left.

<< 2016 And Beyond >>

Go to My NEWLY UPDATED PHOTO ALBUMS - For smart phones. I'm slowly removing stuff from Facebook and Instagram. I'll leave some there.
Various Family Pictures, Massachusetts, New Hampshire over the years
Clickable Image: my mother and her sisters
Other Random Photos of My Family Members over the years on my new Photos section
<< This is now on my
new Photos Pages.
** The Rest of These Pictures are On This Old Section of My Site **
Stamps, Artwork, 2014-2015
Clickable Button: Angelstar Creations, Postage Stamps
See Image Selections from my Postage Stamp Collection!
Clickable Button: Linda's art work gallery
See Image Selections from my Artwork Gallery
Clickable Image: Sunset
2015 Photo Album - On This Site..... At campus, new laptop, in Taos, etc. I'm moving my photo album. Check back...
Clickable Image: Alley in Santa Fe
2014 - Bought a new-to-us car, Santa Fe, Mountains, Albuquerque PowWow, Snow in May, Taos Ski Valley, Trip to Durango CO, Our daughter's visit, UNM Albuquerque, Celtic Christmas, and more...
Clickable Image: Woman dressed as a fairy in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miscellaneous, Random Pictures I like taken by me - Includes My Isis Statue, Santa Fe, Flowers, Statues, Artwork, Cross, Ankh, Cool Road Signs and Videos.
2011-2013 Taos, Carson Estates, Two Peaks, Three Peaks & Santa Fe, Hike above badlands in New Mexico
Clickable Image:
2013 - Delicious Food in Taos, Us, New Computer, Mountains, Clouds, House, Snow, Santa Fe, Camel Rock, Flowers, Pond Skimming, Churches, Donkeys, Halloween, Horses, etc.
Clickable Image:
2013 November 2 - Day Trip, Easy Hike Above the Badlands near Lybrook, New Mexico
Clickable Image: Sunset
2012 - Our House, Me, Snow, Spring Flowers, Up on Two Peaks Mountain, Tiny Fireworks, Vietnam Memorial in New Mexico, Santa Fe & the Loretto Chapel
Clickable Image: Three Peaks, Tres Orejas, mountain, volcano, volcanic, northern new mexcio
May 27, 2011 - drive south of where we live: Carson Estates, Two Peaks, To Three Peaks
Clickable Image: Carson Estates, two peaks, dos orejas, northern new mexico
2011 - including our house & land, Santa Fe, smoke from fires, sunsets, mountains, volcanoes, northern New Mexico

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2008-2010 Taos, Carson Estates & Santa Fe, New Mexico; Massachusetts & New Hampshire & Our Wedding
Clickable Image: Santa Fe restaurant, wonderful food, meal
2010 - UNM Albuquerque, Eagle Nest Lake, DH Lawrence Ranch, clouds, Carson Estates, Two Peaks Mountain & Santa Fe, NM
Clickable Image: Our house, cabin, our land, carson estates, Two Peaks, Northern New Mexico
2010 & 2011 (mainly 2010) - Our Little House Being Built and the Land Around Us
Clickable Image: Linda at the Hippie parade in Taos, New Mexico
2009 - Hippie Dippie Parade, Taos Ski Valley, San Geronimo Lodge, Halloween, etc.
Clickable Image: Carson Estates, Three Peaks elephant statue made of papier mache
2010 Trip through Carson Estates - Three Peaks (Tres Orejas) Community Near an Extinct Volcano, Northern New Mexico, USA
Clickable Image: Linda, Bert and Erica at our wedding in 2008 in Taos, New Mexico
Our Weddings: 2008 in Taos and 1977 in Massachusetts
Clickable Image: Ocean wave at Salisbury Beach Massachusetts also pics in New Hampshire
2009 July My Trip to MA / NH - Includes Salisbury Beach, Rye Beach, Salem, MA
Clickable Image: Painting by Taos Plaza
2008 - Taos, Guadalupe & St. Francis Churches, NM Scenery, Rio Grande River & Gorge Bridge, Halloween, more
Memorial Site for My Parents
My Cats - All time
Clickable Image: My parents, Cecelia and Joseph Bohne
A Memorial Site for My Mother & Father
Clickable Image: My cats, Shakti and Sparky
My Cats, Sparky & Pumpkin   
More Photos of them on My Facebook Account
Favorite Things and Places and Other Pictures - All Time
Clickable Image: Cemetery image with headstones
Various Cemetery Pictures from Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico  
Clickable Image: Isis statue with wings spread wide
Pictures I took of Ancient
Egypt-Type / Related items
I own and like
Clickable Image: Copper Bowl with Om symbol and Buddha statue
Pictures I took of India Related items I own and see in my town
Flowers - I Love Flowers!
Clickable Image: Glowers - Links to my pictures and an embeded video
I Love Flowers!! - My Pictures and a Video of Flowers by me
2004 - 2007 Taos, NM, northern New Mexico; Trip to L.A. California; Other Various Pics
Clickable Image: Linda with young large donkey
2007 - Pictures and Videos in Northern New Mexico, me graduating, and some pics of Erica, my daughter
Clickable Image: Garden of the Gods in Colorado
2006 - John Dunn Bridge along the Rio Grande, Garden of the Gods in Colorado & Haunted St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and more
Clickable Image: Beautiful Santa Monica, California sunset
Dec. 2005-Jan 2006 - Trip to L.A. Part 1
Clickable Image: Star on Hollywood Boulavard, California
Jan 2006 - Trip to Los Angeles, CA. Part 2
Clickable Image: Linda on a mountain in Taos
2005 - Pics Including Mardi Gras, College class, Summer Walk Through Taos Ski Valley, Graduation, Halloween
Clickable Image: The inside of the Chicago Airport
2004 - Including My Birthday, Taos Pueblo PowWow, Trip to Massachusetts, Chicago Airport, Halloween, etc.
2002 - 2003 Taos, Various Travels in northern New Mexico, MA, NH, Linda & Erica
Clickable Image: Linda and friends at her birthday party 2003
2003 - Linda, Her Daughter Erica, and Friends
Clickable Image: Family gathering in Massachusetts at Linda's brother's house for Father's Day
June 2003 - Linda's Visit to Massachusetts/New Hampshire
Clickable Image: Ruins at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
April 2002 - My Trip to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Clickable Image: Taos Mountain
Early 2002 - In Taos and Around Where I Lived
Clickable Image: Linda, Erica her daughter, and Linda's parents
Latter Half of 2002 - Taos & Trip to Massachusetts/New Hampshire with Erica
1999 - 2001 - Fairfield, Iowa
Clickable Image: Erica with kitten and cat
1999- 2001 - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends, Erica's High School Graduation, & Barhydt Chapel
1997 - 1999 Taos, NM; Sedona, AZ; Massachusetts
1997 - 1998 - Sedona Arizona, New Mexico, My Daughter Erica, Me, Her Dad, My Parents, Friends and Others
Clickable Image: Painting on a building in Taos, New Mexico near the plaza
1998 - 1999 - Taos, New Mexico - Erica & friends, other shots in and around Taos
1980 - 1996 California; Fairfield, Iowa & Some Massachusetts
Clickable Image: Bert and his daughter Erica
1980 - 1996 - Me, My husband and our daughter Erica
Massachusetts, New Hampshire Family 1890s to 1979
Clickable Image: Leblanc Family black & white photo
Family Photos, 1890s to 1979
Clickable Image: House with family picture from the 1800s
Bohne / Baulne / Beaune / McCluskey / LeBlanc - Family Heritage announcements, trees, census pages, notices, etc.
Clickable Image: Newspaper image of student and teacher Newspaper, Magazine Articles and other stuff from the 1960s & 1970s Contact Me

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