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Image: Welcome to My World, Linda Photo Album in Taos New Mexico, Image by angelstar creations
My Photo Albums: All photos by me except where otherwise noted or where I forgot to note. Please click on some of the ads on the various pages on my site (not Facebook), to keep my website going. Thanks! 2019 Pictures on Facebook | 2016 And Beyond Photos | Stamps, Artwork, 2014-2015 | 2011-2013 | 2008-2010 Taos, Carson Estates, Santa Fe, MA, NH | Our Weddings | Parent's Memorial | My Cats | Family Pictures over the years | Favorite Things and Places | I Love Flowers | 2004-2007 Taos, L.A. | 2002-2003 Taos, Travels | 1999-2001 Fairfield, IA | 1997-1999 IA, MA, NM, AZ | 1980-1996 MA, IA | Old Pics 1890 - 1980 | Family History/Trees/ancestry
2019 Pictures On Facebook
Image: Woman and Man smiling 2019 Photo Album - Links to Facebook.... Snow, Us Receiving gifts from our daughter, January Lunar eclipse, Trips to Santa Fe and other places, and more
2016 And Beyond
Go to My Newly Updated Photo Albums
Various Family Pictures, Massachusetts, New Hampshire over the years On Facebook
Clickable Image: my mother and her sisters
Other Photos of My Family Members over the years on my FaceBook Account
** The Rest of These Pictures are On This Site **
Stamps, Artwork, 2014-2015
Clickable Button: Angelstar Creations, Postage Stamps
See Image Selections from my Postage Stamp Collection!
Clickable Button: Linda's art work gallery
See Image Selections from my Artwork Gallery at Deviant Art!
Clickable Image: Sunset
2015 Photo Album - On This Site..... At campus, new laptop, in Taos, etc. I'm moving my photo album. Check back...    
Clickable Image: Alley in Santa Fe
2014 - Bought a new-to-us car, Santa Fe, Mountains, Albuquerque PowWow, Snow in May, Taos Ski Valley, Trip to Durango CO, Our daughter's visit, UNM Albuquerque, Celtic Christmas, and more...
Clickable Image: Woman dressed as a fairy in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miscellaneous, Random Pictures I like taken by me - Includes My Isis Statue, Santa Fe, Flowers, Statues, Artwork, Cross, Ankh, Cool Road Signs and Videos.
2011-2013 Taos, Carson Estates, Two Peaks, Three Peaks & Santa Fe, Hike above badlands in New Mexico
Clickable Image:
2013 - Delicious Food in Taos, Us, New Computer, Mountains, Clouds, House, Snow, Santa Fe, Camel Rock, Flowers, Pond Skimming, Churches, Donkeys, Halloween, Horses, etc.
Clickable Image:
2013 November 2 - Day Trip, Easy Hike Above the Badlands near Lybrook, New Mexico
Clickable Image: Sunset
2012 - Our House, Me, Snow, Spring Flowers, Up on Two Peaks Mountain, Tiny Fireworks, Vietnam Memorial in New Mexico, Santa Fe & the Loretto Chapel
Clickable Image: Three Peaks, Tres Orejas, mountain, volcano, volcanic, northern new mexcio
May 27, 2011 - drive south of where we live: Carson Estates, Two Peaks, To Three Peaks
Clickable Image: Carson Estates, two peaks, dos orejas, northern new mexico
2011 - including our house & land, Santa Fe, smoke from fires, sunsets, mountains, volcanoes, northern New Mexico


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2008-2010 Taos, Carson Estates & Santa Fe, New Mexico; Massachusetts & New Hampshire & Our Wedding
Clickable Image: Santa Fe restaurant, wonderful food, meal
2010 - UNM Albuquerque, Eagle Nest Lake, DH Lawrence Ranch, clouds, Carson Estates, Two Peaks Mountain & Santa Fe, NM
Clickable Image: Our house, cabin, our land, carson estates, Two Peaks, Northern New Mexico
2010 & 2011 (mainly 2010) - Our Little House Being Built and the Land Around Us
Clickable Image: Linda at the Hippie parade in Taos, New Mexico
2009 - Hippie Dippie Parade, Taos Ski Valley, San Geronimo Lodge, Halloween, etc.
Clickable Image: Carson Estates, Three Peaks elephant statue made of papier mache
2010 Trip through Carson Estates - Three Peaks (Tres Orejas) Community Near an Extinct Volcano, Northern New Mexico, USA
Clickable Image: Linda, Bert and Erica at our wedding in 2008 in Taos, New Mexico
Our Weddings: 2008 in Taos and 1977 in Massachusetts
Clickable Image: Ocean wave at Salisbury Beach Massachusetts also pics in New Hampshire
2009 July My Trip to MA / NH - Includes Salisbury Beach, Rye Beach, Salem, MA
Clickable Image: Painting by Taos Plaza
2008 - Taos, Guadalupe & St. Francis Churches, NM Scenery, Rio Grande River & Gorge Bridge, Halloween, more    
Memorial Site for My Parents
My Cats - All time
Clickable Image: My parents, Cecelia and Joseph Bohne
A Memorial Site for My Mother & Father
Clickable Image: My cats, Shakti and Sparky
My Cats, Sparky & Pumpkin   
More Photos of them on My Facebook Account
Favorite Things and Places and Other Pictures - All Time
Clickable Image: Cemetery image with headstones
Various Cemetery Pictures from Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico  
Clickable Image: Isis statue with wings spread wide
Pictures I took of Ancient
Egypt-Type / Related items
I own and like
Clickable Image: Copper Bowl with Om symbol and Buddha statue
Pictures I took of India Related items I own and see in my town
Flowers - I Love Flowers!
Clickable Image: Glowers - Links to my pictures and an embeded video
I Love Flowers!! - My Pictures and a Video of Flowers by me  
2004 - 2007 Taos, NM, northern New Mexico; Trip to L.A. California; Other Various Pics
Clickable Image: Linda with young large donkey
2007 - Pictures and Videos in Northern New Mexico, me graduating, and some pics of Erica, my daughter
Clickable Image: Garden of the Gods in Colorado
2006 - John Dunn Bridge along the Rio Grande, Garden of the Gods in Colorado & Haunted St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and more
Clickable Image: Beautiful Santa Monica, California sunset
Dec. 2005-Jan 2006 - Trip to L.A. Part 1
Clickable Image: Star on Hollywood Boulavard, California
Jan 2006 - Trip to Los Angeles, CA. Part 2
Clickable Image: Linda on a mountain in Taos
2005 - Pics Including Mardi Gras, College class, Summer Walk Through Taos Ski Valley, Graduation, Halloween
Clickable Image: The inside of the Chicago Airport
2004 - Including My Birthday, Taos Pueblo PowWow, Trip to Massachusetts, Chicago Airport, Halloween, etc.
2002 - 2003 Taos, Various Travels in northern New Mexico, MA, NH, Linda & Erica
Clickable Image: Linda and friends at her birthday party 2003
2003 - Linda, Her Daughter Erica, and Friends
Clickable Image: Family gathering in Massachusetts at Linda's brother's house for Father's Day
June 2003 - Linda's Visit to Massachusetts/New Hampshire
Clickable Image: Ruins at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
April 2002 - My Trip to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Clickable Image: Taos Mountain
Early 2002 - In Taos and Around Where I Lived
Clickable Image: Linda, Erica her daughter, and Linda's parents
Latter Half of 2002 - Taos & Trip to Massachusetts/New Hampshire with Erica  
1999 - 2001 - Fairfield, Iowa
Clickable Image: Erica with kitten and cat
1999- 2001 - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends, Erica's High School Graduation, & Barhydt Chapel
1997 - 1999 Taos, NM; Sedona, AZ; Massachusetts
1997 - 1998 - Sedona Arizona, New Mexico, My Daughter Erica, Me, Her Dad, My Parents, Friends and Others
Clickable Image: Painting on a building in Taos, New Mexico near the plaza
1998 - 1999 - Taos, New Mexico - Erica & friends, other shots in and around Taos
1980 - 1996 California; Fairfield, Iowa & Some Massachusetts
Clickable Image: Bert and his daughter Erica
1980 - 1996 - Me, My husband and our daughter Erica  
Massachusetts, New Hampshire Family 1890s to 1979
Clickable Image: Leblanc Family black & white photo
Family Photos, 1890s to 1979
Clickable Image: House with family picture from the 1800s
Bohne / Baulne / Beaune / McCluskey / LeBlanc - Family Heritage announcements, trees, census pages, notices, etc.
Clickable Image: Newspaper image of student and teacher Newspaper, Magazine Articles and other stuff from the 1960s & 1970s    

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