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Cemetery Photo Swap
These photos were from Email Swaps I sent through Swap-bot in 2010; this also includes other photos I added later. Click on small image to view larger image.
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From a Cemetery in Taos, New Mexico off Kit Carson Road taken by me in winter on Feb. 18, 2010
Clickable Image: Angel with flowers in cemetery in Taos, New Mexico
Clickable Image: angel statue holding flowers
Clickable Image: Praying angel in a cemetery
Clickable Image: really old headstones in a graveyard
Image: headston in among bushes in winter
Image: Cross headstones with others
Image: headstones
Clickable Image: falling-over cross grave marker with newer headstone
Clickable Image: Old headstones and markers
Image: grave markers & Crosses with headstone
Below: From the Kit Carson Cemetery here in Taos, NM taken by me in the snow, on Feb. 9, 2010
Left: Kit Carson's headstone; Center: Headstone from 1862; Right: Mabel Dodge Luhan's headstone
Clickable Image: Kit Carson's headstone in cemetery
Clickable Image: in Kit Carson Park
Image: Mabel Dodge Luhan's headstone
Left: Headstones in Fairfield, IA; Center: Statue in Methuen, MA; Right: My daughter in Fairfield, IA cemetery
Clickable Image: Grave stones in a cemetery in Iowa
Clickable Image: Lovely statue in cemetery in Massachusetts
Clickable image: My daughter and headstone
Images of Cemeteries, Graveyards and Headstones in the New England States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, not by me
Clickable Image: pretty cool old headstones in a grave yard in the U.S. State of Massachusetts
Clickable Image: Walkway with hand railing on rough stone in cemetery with head stones
Clickable Image: Cemetery headsones with gate leading to them and pine trees in the background
Clickable Image: Sepia-tne picture of old headstones with an old brick building behind
Clickable Image: Image: Really old worn headstones with gravel and wintertrees and blue sky
Clickable Image: Head stones with american flags and a church and trees
Clickable Image: Headstones with American flag and new england style buildings and fall colors

Cemetery Videos by me on YouTube:

I love to take pictures in cemeteries.
All Images are Copyright except where otherwise noted
And I often drive around Taos and other places that I visit and take pictures when I can.

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