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Bohne / McCluskey Family Heritage
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Letter from Shiela Galbraith about Wallace Sarah Ann Hamilton, part 1 - if anyone has a more recent copy or this information, I'd certainly appreciate receiving a copy.
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Craigannet Farm,
Denny, Scotland (personal portion not included in text)

June 2001

Dear Mrs. Culpon,

Whilst on the P.C. I noticed your name on Ancestor File. The Wallace Galbraith you mention was my G.G. grandfather on my mother's side. WALLACE MARRIED SARAH ANN HAMILTON, they had 8 of a family.

1. Joseph Tosh
2. Joseph Spence

Peter McPaul
Sarah McIlaroyle (spelling?)
b 10/7/1866
b 27/5/1869
b 7/4/1870
b 19/3/187?

Sarah's marriage to Joseph Spence on 1st Nov. 1889 produced 7 children. My grandmother Ellen born 1890 being one of them. She married John McCready on 2nd April 1909 and had 14 of a family! 12 lived into adulthood and 6 are still with us, including my mother Wilhamina (?) McCready who was 80 this year.

I also know a bit about Wallace, Sarah's brother. He was born 2/5/1864 and married Sarah McIlimoyle 27/8/188?. This marriage produced 5 children: *Wallace*, David, Thomas, James and Sarah. He married again when his 1st wife died around 1905, Mary Galbraith (no relation). No children of this marriage.

*This Wallace went to Seattle and married there.   ... Click to See page 2
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