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James McCluskey Death Certificate and obituary - as a Xerox copy - if anyone has a better copy or the original, I'd certainly appreciate receiving a copy.
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James McCluskey (my great granddad)
Date of Death: 1-16-1912, in Lawrence Mass.
Age: 61 years
Home Address: 9 Hancock St., Lawrence
Married to: Janet Galbraith
Born Ireland 1851.
Father’s name: Dennis McCluskey, Born Ireland, 1818.

Different articles

Telegram 1-16-1912
An unknown man was picked up about 12:45 this noon by Charles Newton, a driver for the American Express company and brought to the police station where he immediately died.  The cause of this death was probably exposure.  He was aged about 60 years, was five feet, five inches tall, had brown hair and moustache mixed with gray and had an old scar on his left jaw.  He wore blue flannel underwear, gray flannel shirt, gray sweater, black trousers, brown coat and vest, brown overcoat, black cap with the “Lawrence One Price” trade mark in it.  The only thing found in his clothing was a key.

1-17-1912  Telegram
The body of the man who died yesterday noon at the police station from exposure, was identified this morning as that of James McCluskey.  He resided with his daughter at 9 Hancock street.  He is survived by three sons.  The funeral will be held Friday morning at 9 o’clock.

Lawrence Daily American 1-1912
Just as he was being taken into the police station, an unknown man who was found in the freight sheds at the corner of Essex street and Broadway Tuesday morning, died from heart failure and up to this morning had not been identified.

The man was found by Charles Newton an employe[sic] of the American Express company.  Mr. Newton found the man in a bad condition and taking him in his sleigh took him to the police station.  Just as he reached the door of the station house he died.  The remains were turned over to Undertaker Colby.

He was identified this morning as James McCluskey, who loved with his daughter at 9 Hancock Street.  The funeral will be held at 9 o’clock Friday morning from St. Mary’s church.
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