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Some Videos of My Cats. By me, linked from

Most Adorable Video: My Kittens, Shakti and Shiva playing in 2003

Above: My adorable kitty cats, Shakti and Shiva in 2003, playing with a cat toy that I bought for them. I set up my tripod with the toy on an elastic cord and they loved it! by angelstar22
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Shakti my cat waking up, October 2007

Above: Shakti My Cat just waking up from a nap on the window sill on June 10, 2006.
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Meow! From Shakti my Cat outdoors October, 2007

Above: This is my cat Shakti on October 13, 2006. I took her out on her harness and leash. We were about at the point that she wanted to go in or do something other than sit there. She likes it outdoors on a harness initially but enough is enough.
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My Cat, Shakti, Playing with envelopes, February, 2007

Above: It's Shakti, my cat, playing with some envelopes I dropped on the floor the other day. She loved them!
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My Cats Outdoors - Sparky & Shakti - May, 2007

Above: I decided to video my cats outdoors today. Yes, they are on leashes. They are indoor cats with an occasional visit to the outdoors on leashes. I couldn't find Shakti's leash so I used a rope.
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My Cats Playing with a Cat Toy, August, 2007

Above: I thought it would be cool to record them playing with this toy on my computer chair. They really love this toy! it's soft, on a string and you can hear the noise it makes.
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Cat fight - My cats, Shakti & Sparky - normally they are good buddies! - March 04, 2009

Above: I suddenly realized that Shakti wasn't around the morning of March 4, 2009, when I opened a can of cat food. I think she was out all night catting around. Both of my cats are indoor cats; she must have escaped somehow.
Then after she had been back inside for a little while, this started happening.
Sparky is still howling at Shakti!
Strange. This is a lesson that cats really go by scent more than anything else. Shakti just doesn't smell like herself!
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Crazy Kitty - Kiri - ToyCat

Above: This is our adorable female half Siamese / half Himalayan cat playing with a toy this morning. The toy has catnip on it.Actually, this cat didn't work out for us and we gave her back to her original owner at the beginning of 2012. Sorry.... See the vid on YouTube

Pumpkin Our 7 or 8 month old kitten playing on my bed

Above: We rescued this 7 or 8 month old kitten from the cold snowy outdoors on Christmas day 2012. Here he is playing on my bed on January 9, 2013. We had him neutered and shaved on January 3, 2013. He was all matted. We're keeping him warm. He's a long hair orange cat. We call him Pumpkin. He's an indoor cat, as are all our cats. He's so adorable!
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Then scroll down to see all the videos I made of my cats.

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About Our Current Cats

Obituary for my kitty-cat Shakti



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