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Obituary for My Kitty-cat Shakti
September 2002 Until June 2016

Image: Kitty cat
Hello, I'm Shakti!

Written by Shakti's pet Linda on June 15, 2016:
Shakti passed away yesterday. We had her euthanized. She is the first cat we've ever had until the end of life. She was suffering. The growth on her chest was growing and growing. She was wobbling around and couldn't jump up on my bed any more. It seemed she couldn't see very well either. She was a good cat and we didn't want her to suffer any more. So we took her to the veterinarian yesterday. They gave her a sedative injection (Telazol/ Torb/ Dexdomitor) to knock her out, then they gave her something to stop her heart (Euthasol D C3 which is Phenobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium). It was a sad day. We buried her body down the hill under some trees.
I'm still sad. It will take a while to get over this. Actually I may never totally get over this loss of my kitty friend Shakti.

More by Linda on June 15, 2016: I still remember when I went to get Shakti and her brother Shiva at the Taos Pueblo some time in October of 2002. They were so small they both fit in my hand. I brought them home right away. I decided to get both so they could be friends. Shiva ran away when he was about 2 and I never found him again. Shakti has been my kitty friend for a long time. She actually never made it to the age of 14, but she had a long kitty life and I hope, as they say, she is in a better place now. If there is a kitty heaven she deserves to be there. She was the nicest cat. She never complained, even though I know she was uncomfortable toward the end. I had some stuff with aloe vera to put on her lumps, but she never liked me doing that. She would run away if I didn't grab her first. I'd always clean the area first and then put on the aloe vera. She didn't like any of that, but she never scratched or complained or anything. She would just wiggle and try to get away.
     Here's what I texted to my daughter yesterday: We are taking Shakti, our elderly cat, to the vets to put her to sleep today. She’s fading fast. She has a hard time breathing at times, hardly eats, never cleans herself any more, stays in the kitty bed on the porch sleeping most of the time. She has growths on her chest that I think are cancer. She’s uncomfortable and perhaps in pain. It’s either do this or let her continue to be in pain for who knows how long. She’s about 14.
     And here's what she texted back to me: Aw, I am so so so sorry!!! That’s got to be awful! She’s such a wonderful cat, but yeah, when they get that old it really is a hard decision to make. I think you guys are making the right decision.
     It cost $51 to euthanize her at the vets. She wasn't happy and looked at me and meowed when he put that first needle into her. It was like she was saying, "Why are you letting them do this to me?" Then she was totally unconscious within a couple of minutes. We were with her. We petted her. I hope she knows we loved her. Then they came in with the second needle to stop her heart. And that acted very quickly. She was so sick. I believe it was the right thing to do. We put her back on her cushion and in the cat carrier and did a bit of shopping, then came home and buried her body, like I said above, down the hill under some trees.
     The vet looked at us like we should have taken her in sooner to have her euthanized. We didn't do that because our friend Heather took her elderly cat to the vets and wanted to have the cat euthanized last year but they just told her to feed her canned cat food and she would be fine. It cost her over $100. Well the cat wasn't fine. She slowly faded away and died in pain and alone. Heather was sick and in the hospital. We didn't want to have the same thing happen with Shakti.
     It was a pleasure and an honor to have her in our life.

Image: Woman holding kitten
Linda with Shakti in 2003

What I, Linda, wrote over the years, in the past, as if Shakti was writing:

March 2016: My pets are now feeding me canned cat food. I will be 14 years old in August or September of this year. Honestly, I don't know if I will be around next year, or even make it to 14 years old. 14 in cat years is 98. I have some weird growths on my chest. The vet said to keep the area clean and to put some stuff on them. When my pet gets out the container to clean the area, I run for it. I don't like it when she puts that stuff on me.
    These days I mostly sleep on her bed or someplace else comfortable. The stranger that came in the other day didn't bother me, I was resting on Linda's bed.
    My pets have decided to let us outdoors at times these days. Just during the day though. Go figure. It's a hard thing to figure out what humans are thinking.
    My pets now let me outdoors sometimes when I ask. I don't stay out long. I meow at the front door and usually one of my pets hears me and lets me back in the house. I don't like it when it's cold. Yesterday I went out briefly and it was still cold; my pet was still standing by the door and I immediately came back in.
    I've had a good long happy life.

September 2014: I mostly hang out on my pet's bed sleeping. Sometimes I play and run around. Sparky and Pumpkin chasing me keeps me busy and in shape.

January 2013: Well, we have a new friend, Pumpkin the kitten. I just have to hiss at him once in a while to put him in his place. So far so good.

September 2012: I like to sleep a lot these days. But I still run around sometimes when I get the urge. I also like sitting at one of the windows in the sunshine looking outdoors.

May 19, 2012: We had another cat here for several months, she was okay but she kept our pet awake yowling at night. She's not here any more. My pet gave her back to her original owners. Her name was Kiri.

December 2010: We now live in a little home that is part trailer and part wood structure. It's like a cabin and we're still not allowed outside, although one of us might sneak out sometimes. There are coyotes and dogs running around loose and that's why our pets won't let us outdoors.

May 2007. My pet recently adopted a new cat; I didn't like him at first but he's starting to grow on me, even though he does chase me around and jump on me. His name is Sparky and he is almost one year old; he's a big kitten. My pets are keeping us separated, particularly at night. He's a wild and crazy one. I guess eventually we'll both have the run of the house again, when he starts to settle down.

2006. I am happy to have Linda & Bert as my pets. They buy lots of toys for me to play with. They feed me good food. Linda got me in October of 2002. I also had a brother but he ran away. You can see some pictures of him and me on the Picture Page Link below.

    The end of 2005 Bert, Linda's ex-husband, moved in with us so now I have two pets. He seems to be nice.

Some more about me and where and when my pet got me: I was born near the middle of August of 2002 at the Taos Pueblo. My pet Linda heard about me and my brother on the radio station KTAOS, Trash and Treasures show in the middle of October. We were just tiny little kittens then. As soon as she saw us, she took us to her home. Now it's my home too! It was my brother's home too, until he ran away in 2004.
    At first I hid a lot, with my brother, in her sock drawer and in other places in my new home, but now I feel at home and I lounge on the couch and in the sunny windows around the house.
     I'm happy in my home and with my pet.


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Obituary for my kitty-cat Shakti

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