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My Photo Albums - Dogs We Knew and Cared For

1956 Jingles

Image: A white dog playing
This is one of the dogs we had when I was growing up in Methuen, Massachusetts. His name was Jingles. This is a photo of a photo, probably taken by my mother. I believe the thing on the ground in front of Jingles, that he is playing with, is a cat. I would guess that's why my mother took the photo. We had cats too, when I was little. One of them is on the page about our cats.

Late 1950s some time

This is my sister Jacqui's dog Queeny in 1958 in New Hampshire.
Image: Boy with dog
I'm sure I played with her sometimes when I visited my sister and her husband and kids.

My husband Bert when he was young with his dog Mandy in California.
Image: Boy with dog

2000-2001 Dogs my Daughter Erica and I Took Care of in Fairfield, Iowa

Image: Face of a brown and white dog
Buddy, Looking up at Erica. This and other photos on here are by my daughter Erica. She is at

Buddy and Gabriel on the Stairs.
Image: Two Dogs

Buddy and Gabriel again
Image: a white dog and a brown and white dog

My daughter Erica and I shared a house with a woman who liked to rescue cats and dogs and then find homes for them. We helped find homes for them by putting up signs and putting ads in the newspaper. This woman had up to 30 pets at one time. The dogs here are the ones she kept. Erica and I eventually stopped doing this. I moved back to Taos and Erica moved to California.

And there's Luke. He was a Schipperke dog.
Image: Adorable black dog
And that's my daughter Erica's foot in the picture. Yes we put newspapers on the steps and on various parts of the house. Poor Buddy was dropped on his head or something before we got him and he wasn't very bright and did his business all over the house. He was a sweet dog. The dogs also used to chew on the posts on the railing going down the stairs, especially Buddy. These Dogs were not trained. There was another older black dog, Onyx, who I don't have a picture of. She bit Erica once and I had to take Erica to the hospital. The owner of the dogs paid for the hospital visit. I think Onyx was in a lot of pain from arthritis or something. She even bit her owner once.

Three Dogs
Image: Looking down at three dogs
The white dog is Gabriel; the brown and white dog is Buddy; the black dog is Luke.

And there's Luke again
Image: face of black dog
I loved Luke. He was a Schipperke dog. I took care of him from when he was a puppy. He used to sleep under my desk when we first got him. He wasn't our dog so we had to leave him with the woman we shared the house with. He was such a sweet dog. I doubt he is alive any more. This was 20 years ago. He'd be a really old dog if he is.

Luke again
Image: Black Schipperke dog

Image: Black Schipperke dog

Luke yet again
Image: Black Schipperke dog

2004-2005 Rob's Dogs

Andy Christmas 2004
Image: A collie dog
These two dogs, Andy and Ardy were at the house I shared with a friend from 2004 until 2005 in Taos, New Mexico. Ardy was a hand full and barked a lot but he was sweet. Andy was sweet all the time. Rob was a friend and these were his dogs. I moved away and got my own place in October of 2005. Rob and I were just friends. Some of these pictures were captured from a VHS video.

Andy 2005
Image: A collie dog

Andy again
Image: Collie Dog

Image: Fuzzy little dog

Ardy - I know he looks kind of upset but he wasn't.
Image: Fuzzy little dog

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