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My Photo Albums - My husband Bert when he was young

Bert when he was little

Image: Baby with parents
Baby Bert with Phillis and Herbert Lange.

Image: Little boy holding the handset of a telephone
Bert on the phone.

Image: Little boy painting on a little desk
Bert when he was little in his house painting at his desk.

Image: Little boy at the beach, among rocks, in California
Bert sitting on some rocks at Monterey Beach in California.

Image: Little boy at his birthday party with his friends sitting around a table
Bert with his friends at his birthday.

Image: Young boy and his mother and sister
Bert with Diana and his mother.

In New Zealand in 1964

Image: People standing on a street
Bert in New Zealand with his mother and other people.

Image: Young boy and his mother and father in New Zealand
Bert with his Mother and Father in New Zealand

Image: Young boy and someone in a kilt in New Zealand
Bert with someone in a kilt in New Zealand

Image: Young boy in New Zealand with palm trees
Bert in New Zealand.

Image: Young boy with a bunch of people in New Zealand
Bert a bunch of people. He's in the front on the left

Bert when he was young

Image: Young boy with a girl on his lap
Bert at his home with his little niece Donna Lee.

Image: Teenager with dog and kids in the snow
Bert with his niece Donna Lee and his nephews Ken and Sonny and Bert's dog Mandy.

Image: Young man with his dad on a ship
Bert and his dad Herbert Lange on a ship.

Image: Young man's High School graduation picture
Bert's High School graduation picture.

Image: Family members
In 1980 Before Erica was born.
Top row: Gene, Phillis & Herbert Lange, Sonny and Kenny.
Bottom Row: Linda and Bert Lange.

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