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My Photo Albums - Places We Have Lived as Part of the Transcendental Meditation Organization

Near Livingston Manor, New York, on Shandalee Lake, New York

Some Postcards

Image: Building in Upstate New York
This is the Transcendental Meditation retreat center where Bert and I spent much of our time from 1976 until some time in 1977. We worked there. I was a maid and Bert worked in the Press. We met at the Shandalee Lake Lodge during the Halloween Party in 1976. Above is a postcard a friend of ours sent us in 1980. What it says on the back: ACADEMY FOR THE SCIENCE OF CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE Shankaracharya Nagar . Livingston Manor, NY 12757. It used to be the Waldemere Hotel. I own this postcard. This is a photo of my own postcard.

Image: Scenery in New York state with people and cabins
Before the TM people bought it, the place was a resort called The Waldemere Hotel. Above is a cute postcard from 1951. Hotel Waldemere On Shandelee Lake. I stayed in one of those cabins for a couple of weeks in 1977. Citation: Title: Waldemere Hotel, Livingston Manor, N.Y., deluxe bungalows facing our lake. Creator: A.S. Landis (publisher). From: DRS, Digital Repository Service at North Eastern University. Caption on the back reads: The preferred resort of smart young men and women.

The Transcendental Meditation Movement and Organization

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the guru who started the Transcendental Meditation "Movement". People called him Maharishi, or The Maharishi.
I'm pretty much annoyed with the Transcendental Meditation organization, still. I thought if I did this page it would be somewhat cathartic for me since I gave up much of my life - from 1975 until about 1997 - to the TM Organization. We were too, too much involved! It was like being in a cult! Below are our photos.
Click or Tap Here to read more information and my experience with the Transcendental Meditation Organization.
I read about Transcendental Meditation first of all in a book about the Beatles. I really liked the Beatles. I saw an advertisement about a lecture in my local newspaper while sitting at my parent's house in 1975. I went to the lecture in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I was initiated into the TM technique in 1975 in North Andover, Massachusetts by John Steiber. Bert first heard about TM at the College of San Mateo. He went to an introductory lecture in Burlingame, California. He learned the technique in 1975 in Burlingame.
We both did what they called Residence Courses in the early days; him in California and me in Massachusetts and one in Connecticut. Residence courses were weekends where meditators did extra meditations throughout the day and watched videos of the Maharishi talking. They served us yummy vegetarian meals. I shared a room with at least one other woman. I assume Bert shared a room with another man as well when he did his residence courses.
Photos on this page by Linda and Bert unless stated otherwise.


Image: People standing around in front of a building
A bunch of young people standing around waiting for The Maharishi to arrive.

Image: Guru from India with flowers
The Maharishi with flowers and admirers.

Image: Scenery in upstate New York
Pretty colorful trees at the Meditation Center.

Image: Scenery in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York
Scenery in winter with the Shandelee Lake. This was once the Windermere Hotel property and was the largest hotel in Livingston Manor, a Sullivan county hamlet on the northern fringe of the Catskill resort area. It was purchased in 1973 by the TM Organization.

Image: Scenery in the Catskills in upstate New York State
More of the Lake and area surrounding the lake.

Image: Postcard of the Livingston Manor resort in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York
Another Postcard. What it says on the back: ACADEMY FOR THE SCIENCE OF CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE Shankaracharya Nagar . Livingston Manor, NY 12757. This is my postcard.

Image: Beautiful scenery and frozen lake
The Shandelee Lake.

Image: Beautiful scenery and frozen lake
People skating on the frozen lake

Image: Beautiful scenery and and buildings around the resort
Lovely scenery and buildings around the center. Bert was standing on top of one of the buildings when he took these photos.

Image: Beautiful scenery and water tower
Water tower on the property, behind the trees. The water tower is still there in 2020. It sits on the highest ground on the property.

Image: Scenery and snow at the resort
Snow and buildings on the Meditation Center property.

Image: A building that's part of the resort
The main building that was part of the Meditation Center.

Image: Another building in the Catskills in upstate New York
Same building. The original Waldemere Hotel partly burned some time in 1963. It was then rebuilt. Then the TM people bought it in 1973.

Image: Smiling young woman with scenery in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York
Me in 1977.

Image: Young woman in front of building
Me again in 1977 in the snow in front of one of those bungalow buildings.

Image: Scenery with an empty swimming pool
And here's the empty swimming pool and other parts of the Meditation center.

Image: Scenery
More of the pool and other scenery and a car.

Image: Scenery in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York
An old building off in the distance.

Image: Scenery in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York
Close-up of building. I like old buildings.

Image: Scenery in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York
Pretty scenery and fence posts.

Image: Scenery in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York
Cool trees and more pretty scenery

Just an FYI, Bert went to a place, which was once the Windsor Hotel, near South Fallsburg, NY, to see the Maharishi some time in 1976 or 1977. The TM Organization bought it in the 1970s as well.

Image: Me Arriving in Livingston Manor New York
Me arriving at the Meditation Center in October of 1976.

Image: Me Arriving in Livingston Manor New York
Me in my room.

From 2020: I discovered what the place looks like now on Google maps. Just do a search for Shandelee Lake, Livingston Manor, NY, if you wish. It is now occupied by the "Mother Divine Program," a special long-term meditation retreat for women. ALL the old buildings are gone!! Including all the little cottages down by the lake. Kinda sad. Again: The main building of the Waldemere Hotel had burned down in 1963. And then I guess rebuilt. Then, as mentioned above, it was purchased by the TM Organization. And now the TM people changed it totally! Like I said, they tore down all the buildings!

Cobb Mountain Retreat Center

Bert's next stop was for Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training, Phase One, at Cobb Mountain, California for three months starting in April of 1977.
Image: Scenery at Cobb Mountain, California
I wasn't there, so I'm just going to put a few pictures here. Above is the entry way to the place. While he was there, I was still at Livingston Manor (see photos above).

Image: Some buildings at Cobb Mountain, California
Some buildings.

Image: Scenery and a lovely lake at Cobb Mountain, California
Cool trees, a mountain lake and more pretty scenery

Andover, Massachusetts

Image: Building in Andover Massachusetts in 1977
My hubby Bert and I lived in this building in Andover, Massachusetts in late 1977 until May of 1978, around the time we got married. It is in Andover at the corner of North Main Street (Route 28) and Poor Street, also called Shawsheen Square. It was called a town house and had beautiful architecture. We lived in one room, after we were married, and shared a bathroom with others. We entered the building through a doorway to the right in this picture. Photo by me taken late 1977 or early 1978. At the time we lived there the part where we lived was rented by a couple of TM teachers, and we rented a room from them. We also attended TM lectures and stuff while living there. We were married December 3, 1977 in Methuen, Massachusetts.

We moved to California in May of 1978.

1978 at Stanford University and one other place.

Image: Picture of woman and list of courses attended
1978 Summer - Bert and I stayed at Stanford University for at least 2 months as staff at a TM retreat center. The TM people rented part of the place for a while. We had our own room.
1978 Summer - We also stayed at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, off season during the summer, for at least 2 months as staff at a TM retreat center. I also took some TM courses there. Above is my photo of my Progress Record from Transcendental Meditation courses I took when I was 26 and 27 years old.
We didn't take a single picture at either of these places.

1979-1980 Missouri

Image: Smiling woman next to tire on a muddy van
1979 Me near Denver next to our van on the way from California to Missouri. I thought the ice on the wheel was cool.

Image: Wooden Extension on a van
Our van in Missouri with the wooden extension. And there is Bert's hand. I thought I had the two pictures above somewhere else, but I can't find them. So here they are.

Image: Buildings on farmland in Missouri
This is the Saint Louis Capitals Project near Ste. Genevieve Missouri. It was between Ste. Genevieve and Farmington, MO. That, above, is the farm house. We moved there February or March of 1979. And stayed until spring of 1980. That's what it says on my life timeline, anyway. This was going to be another Transcendental Meditation (TM) retreat center. We wanted to help bring about world peace! If you want to read more about my experiences with Transcendental Meditation, Click or Tap Here.

Image: Young Women in front of the St. Louis Capital's project
Me in the middle with some friends in front of the St. Louis Capital's Project building in Missouri. The building in the background was going to be another TM retreat center. We discovered in January 2021 that this place was bulldozed in 2011. It was for sale in 2009 for a million and a half dollars! I guess the TM people used it for retreat groups for a while anyway. Now it's back to farm land again.

Image: People standing in a newly constructed building in Missouri
Me and Bert standing inside the building in Missouri in 1979 when it was just started.

One day in 1979 or 1980, we went to St. Louis to attend a live performance by Doug Henning. Don't know who he is? He was a magician, illusionist, and escape artist. You can google him. Anyway, he practiced Transcendental Meditation. He came to the St. Louis Capital's Project and I got him to sign two photographs of himself. I gave one to my mother and I kept the other one and then lost it at some time. I wonder what happened to the one I gave to my mother? She really liked him. She saw him on TV many times. I think we also saw him live on stage in California at one time. He meditated, ate healthy foods, and led a healthy life and he died from cancer in 2000 at the age of 52.

We got our Flying Siddhis and saw Maharishi Dec 22, 1979 – Jan 4, 1980.

During this time we traveled back and forth to St. Louis, Missouri to learn the TM-Sidhi's Course which was another advanced technique to add on to our meditation technique. I remember sitting in a room with other meditators with ear buds in our ears and listening to Maharishi giving instructions to us. We also spent a couple of weeks in Fairfield, Iowa to learn the Flying Sutra. See below. And, see my other writings in my Writings section of my website to find out more. We don't do any of this stuff any more as of 1997 or thereafter.

We both learned these TM-Sidhi's during 1979 and learned the flying/levitation “sutra” at the end of 1979 in Fairfield, Iowa. While we were there in Fairfield for two weeks the “Golden Domes” were being built. As I mentioned above, you can find out more about these advanced TM techniques on my Writings page and at

Image: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Dome January 1978

Image: Us in Dome January 1978

Also the Maharishi was there and spoke to the group in the new skeleton of the men’s Golden Dome (see picture above with all the heads - It was freezing and we had waited a long time, but we didn't mind). I felt a wave of appreciation and love and I felt very honored to be there in person with Maharishi (even though there were over a thousand of us there). Was this just hypnotism? Also above see the picture of me and my husband looking adoringly at Maharishi. After learning the levitation sutra we went back to Missouri to work some more. We eventually left Missouri and moved back to California - that was at the beginning of 1980.

California 1980-1981

Image: Seminary Building, Saint Patrick's in california
1980-1981 St. Patrick's in California. This is St. Patrick's Seminary. The TM group rented part of it as a retreat center. We worked there too. This is a place in Los Altos Hills in California where we lived from early in 1980 till sometime in 1981. We lived here when Erica was born. Erica was born in Menlo Park at a birthing center in August of 1981.

I worked at a company called Answer Page at a "real" job from 1980 until just before our daughter was born in August of 1981. I worked in the office. I guess I didn't want to be on staff at the place above any more than I had to. I guess I was already getting annoyed with the TM Organization even then. And I guess we wanted to make more money.

We hung out in Cali for a while after our daughter was born. We lived in our van behind the TM Center in East Palo Alto and then rented an apartment there for a while.

Then we moved to Fairfield, Iowa in like March of 1982

The Maharishi told all the meditators that they should move to Fairfield and meditate in a large group in order to bring about World Peace. There was even a Government. The Government of the Age of Enlightenment. We traveled to Fairfield in an old van with a baby and with only about 100 bucks in our pockets! The van broke down part way there and we drove the rest of the way in second gear.

Image: People standing in front of a gold Dome-shaped building, Men's golden dome in Fairfield
Bert and me and baby Erica standing in front of one of the Golden Domes at MIU (Maharishi International University) in Fairfield, Iowa. There was a rumor going around Fairfield that there was an underground tunnel connecting the women's and men's domes and that they had orgies. There was not and they did not.

I seem to remember I took Erica to have her meditation "checked" once when she was like 12 or so. Or I got convinced by someone to do this. Checking is a process where a qualified TM teacher sits down with the meditator and does a brief process to quiet the mind of the meditator and to make sure they have no problems with their meditation and to make sure they are "doing it correctly." Erica got a headache during this process.

Again, if you wish, Click or Tap To Read an article I wrote about my Experiences with Transcendental Meditation

If you want to see more pictures of us in Fairfield, Iowa click the link below.

Us in California & Fairfield, Iowa 1980 - 1996

Then we moved to Taos, NM in 1997.

Us in 1998 inside the caldera of an extinct volcano near Raton, NM

We were not involved with TM any more at that time. Bert has been in Taos since that time. 

Back to Fairfield, Iowa for me and Erica

Image: mother and daughter at daughter's high school graduation
Me and Erica at her graduation from high school.

Then Erica and I moved back to Fairfield in 1999. Erica attended her final year of high school and got her Associates Degree in Art in college also. We were not involved in the TM Organization or Movement during this time. Of course, we were friends with people who still meditated. And some of them even meditated in the Golden Domes. I did not. We did not. Below is the link to our time in Fairfield during those years. There is some stuff about the TM college, MIU, there. The name of the college was later changed to MUM - Maharishi University of Management. Then, I checked in 2021 and apparently, it's changed back again to MIU. Whatever.

1999-2001 Part 1 in Fairfield, Iowa

1999-2001 Part 2 in Fairfield, Iowa

I moved back to Taos at the end of 2001. Erica left Fairfield the beginning of 2003. She moved to L.A.

Bert and I moved in together the end of 2005 and were remarried in 2008 and we are still here living north west of Taos. There are many pictures of those years in my photo album here on my Website.

Image: Woman with pink hair with long dress and cape dressed for Halloween
Bert and me at the Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn on All Hallow's Eve in 2009.

At some point in the early 2000s I went to Arroyo Seco, NM (someplace like that) to have my meditation checked. I got a headache. It seemed like a good idea at the time. As I said, we don't do that meditation practice any more. We're done. I don't think it is good for everyone, as they claim. Particularly, I don't think it was that great that we got so deeply into it. Anyway, whatever. I'm sure there was some benefit to it all.

This has turned out to be more like an article. I will read this over again and make more corrections as time goes on and, who knows, I may add another picture or two.. or more... Or this may be enough.

I did this webpage of photos in 2020. I did some updates in 2021. I also made some changes in 2022. 


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