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My Photo Albums - Random Photos of Family members from over the years

Image: 4 elderly women with flowers on Mothers day
Top: My Aunt Bertha, my Aunt Rita. Bottom: My mother, my Aunt Irene. Aren't they sweet? Picture not taken by me.

Image: Girl, man and woman with baby
Alicia, my father and my sister Jacqui. My father is holding baby Malissa, Alicia's baby. Picture not taken by me. Probably taken by my mother.

Image: four elderly women at a river-side
Top: My mother. Bottom: My Aunt Bertha, My Aunt Irene, My Aunt Rita. Actually this one could have been taken by me, I just don't know.

Image: Smilig woman and man
My husband Bert and his sister Diana in July 2003, here in Taos.

Image: elderly woman and man kissing
"The Kiss" - My parents kissing.

Image: smiling Elderly man and woman
Above and the next two pictures below: My parents in 2001. Pictures not by me.

Image: smiling Elderly man and woman
Aren't they adorable?!?

Image: smiling Elderly man and woman

Image: Young woman, woman and elderly man and woman smiling
Erica and me with my parents in 2002.

Image: Man and woman waving
Alicia and her husband Jeff in 2003, I think. This was captured from a video.

Image: Woman and elderly woman at a dining table at a restaurant with other people
My sister Arline and my mother in 2000, I think.

Image: Woman and children
My niece Carolyn with some of her grandchildren in ... 2005. Maybe.

Image: A bunch of children sitting on a sofa
My niece Carolyn with some of her grandchildren in ... 2005

Image: A group of smiling people
My niece Jessica, Richard, Pam, Jacqui and Arline.... and Josh sitting at the table. In the early 1990s I think. Picture by my mother.

Image: smiling Elderly man and woman
My parents

Image: red-haired woman with her mother
My sister Jacqui and my mother

Image: Elderly woman in bed with two cats by her side
My mother with Jacqui's cats

Image: Several elderly woman sitting in beach chairs at the beach
My mother and her sisters at the beach. They loved the beach!

Image: Elderly woman holding up glass of wine
My mother with wine glass at their wedding anniversary. I forget which one.

Image: Man and woman sitting on a wooden swing
My parents on their cool swing in the back yard in the 1970s.

Image: Image: smiling Elderly man and woman
My parents

Image: Eldlerly woman dancing with young man
My mother dancing with my nephew Stanley. I sent him this picture after she died and he said he cried when he saw it.

Image: Family members with trees and houses in the background
Pam, Arline my mother, Irene and Jacqui in the family home back yard.

Image: Family members at the beach with ocean waves in the background
My Daughter Erica with my mother, my sister Jacqui and my niece Carolyn in like 1994.

Image: Family members at the beach with ocean waves in the background
My darling mother, my sister Jacqui, me and my daughter Erica at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts in, I think, 1994

Image: Smiling woman
Above and below: My sister Jacqueline captured from a video. It was the 1990s some time. Probably the late 1990s.

Image: Smiling woman

Image: Black and white School picture of young girl from the 1940s, I think.
This must be a school picture of Jacqui. I have no clue who has the original.

Picture of my dear sister Jacqueline from 2004, when I visited. This was during my dad's wake.

Image: Smiling woman sitting at a restaurant table
My dear sister a Jacqueline in 2003. I captured this from a video. This was during my visit that year.

Image: Smiling woman and daughter
R.I.P. to my dear sister Jacqueline. Here she is back in the day with our mother. This picture is probably from the 1950s.

Image: Two smiling women
My dear sister Jacqui and me some years ago. Jacqui passed away tonight after being sick for some time. She was surrounded by family. She will be missed.

Image: Teeanager and parents
This is us in 1997. On this day - August 4th, 20 years ago - we arrived here in Taos, New Mexico. Erica was about to turn 16. This pic is not from the day we arrived but it is in 1997.

Image: Painting of a sailing ship
This painting is by my sister Jacqui. Apparently my nephew has it. I have a photo of it that she sent to me. She did other paintings besides this one.


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