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My Photo Albums - Linda's Visit to Massachusetts/New Hampshire, right around the time my mother died in 2003.

Linda Visited Massachusetts in June; most of the pictures are from Father's Day. I went because my mother was dying. I stayed an extra week and she died on June 9, 2003. She is missed very much by all of her family. See the memorial page for both of my parents, and now my sister Jacqueline at Everybody tried to keep up some semblance of normality at Father's day even though my mother's body had been entombed just the day before.

Me in my brother's back yard. That's Dusti behind me in the hammock. -- At Father's Day June 2003.
Image: Woman sitting with person in hammock in background outdoors in Massachusetts

In New Hampshire June, 2003

At a restaurant with my Sister Jacqui and Nephew Stanley and his wife Martha - This is Martha - she passed away some time ago
Image: Woman with blond hair in a restaurant

This is Stanley outside of the restaurant. He's passed away now too.
Image: man with a pen behind his ear

Me again.
Image: Blond woman sitting in a restaurant

This is my sister Jacqui. She died in 2016.
Image: Smiling woman sitting in a restaurant

Image: Smiling woman with glasses and long blond hair

June 10, 2003

At My Mother's wake in Massachusetts after she died including people and the flowers
See my Memorial Site for my parents

Flowers at my mother's wake in June 2003.
Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers and top of casket

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers and top of casket

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

Image: Funeral Flowers and the top of a casket

Image: Funeral, wake Flowers

People at my mother's wake in June 2003, that's my father in the back center.
Image: Funeral, wake Family galering

That's me in the group with blond hair.
Image: Funeral, wake family gathering

Photo display
Image: Funeral, wake Picture display of dead persons family

My niece Alicia and her husband Jeff

My niece Alicia and her husband Jeff in their lovely home in New Hampshire, June 2003. I Captured this from a video.
Image: Man and woman in their house waving

The Following Pictures are at Father's Day June 2003

Held at my Brother's house in Massachusetts after my mother died.

My nephew Stanley
Image: Man sitting

My brother Richard with his wife Pam
Image: smiling couple

My niece Rebecca
Image: two elderly women chatting with green grass in the background

My great-niece Rebecca with my niece Michelle
Image: Two teenagers laughing

Jacqui's dogs
Image: Two little dogs in the backyard on grass

My niece Carissa
Image: Smiling young woman with brown hair

Christie (married to my nephew Beau) & David (now married to my niece Michelle)
Image: Woman and man talking

Various family members: Carissa with her friend, Rebecca, Christie, David, Michelle
Image: Family gathering outdoorrs in grassy backyard

My dear dad at the age of 94.
Image: Old, elderly man talking in 2003

Carissa's friend and Dave
Image: two men outdoors

Carissa and a friend in a pensive moment
Image: two young people sitting on a hammock

My brother Richard in the front - Carissa and her friend at the back.
Image: man looking down

My dad trying to act happy.
Image: Old, eldery man sitting opening Father's day card

Carolyn, Irene's back, Me, Aunt Bertha, My dad
Image: Family gathering in backyard in the USA

My dad with some family members: my Aunt Rita, a friend, Carissa, Richard, Pam, etc. My Dad and Richard are both opening their Father's Day gifts.
Image: Family Gathering for Father's day in Massachusetts

My Dad looking sad
Image: Old, elderly  man looking sad holding a spoon

My niece Michelle (Jacqui's dogs in the background)
Image: A young woman looking at dogs

My sister Irene
Image: Woman making a face holding a kodak instant camera

Irene again
Image: Woman sitting on a couch, getting ready to take a photo

Irene and my niece Colleen
Image: Two woman, indoors, watching TV

Christie, Pam, Beau, Carolyn
Image: Family members outdoors sitting and talking

My aunt Bertha, my sister Irene, and my Dad
Image: Old woman and man with younger woman in the background, all outdoors in Massachusetts

My great-niece Dusti in the hammock -- At Father's Day June 2003. Yeah, it's bad, I captured it from a VHS video.
Image:Teenager sleeping in a hammock

Image: Young man standing outdoors in the backyard in Massachusetts

Image: Woman sitting with her hand on a chair

Image: Smiling woman with long brown hair standing outdoors

My niece Carolyn with other family members
Image: Woman relaxing outdoors with her long blond hair in a pony tail

My niece Carissa -- In my Brother's (her father) House
Image: A young woman standing by a door in her house in Massachusetts

My niece Alicia
Image:Close-up of Woman with long blond hair

Alicia and Jeff
Image: Man and woman kissing

My aunts Bertha and Rita (my mother's sisters)
Image: Two eldery women chatting/talking

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