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My Photo Albums - Updated 2022

As of some time in 2023, I am shutting this website down. The website URL will still exist, but it will go to a simple list of my online places, like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. I haven't posted any new pictures here since October 2022, and will not post any more. See my Facebook Photo Albums for my photos. That's all; I'm done here; it's causing me too much anxiety. There are other reasons; ask me if you want to know. 

All photos by me except where otherwise noted or where I forgot to note. Oldest at the bottom - sometimes.  Houses/Places I Have Lived Over the Years | 2020-2022 Photos | 2017-2019 Pics | 2014-2016 Stuff | 2011-2013 | 2008-2010 Taos, Santa Fe, MA, NH | Our Weddings | Parent's Memorial | Our Cats and Cats We Knew and Cared for  |  Dogs We Knew and Have Cared For  | Family Over the Years | Other Favorite Things and Places | Flowers | 2004-2007 Taos, L.A. | 2002-2003 Taos, Travels | 1999-2001 Fairfield, IA | 1997-1999 IA, MA, NM, AZ | 1980-1996 MA, IA | Young Bert Lange | Stamps, Artwork | Old Pics 1890-1980 

Houses / Places Where We Have Lived Over the Years

Image: RV we owned from 1997 until about 2000
Houses/Places Where We Have Lived

Image: Main building at the TM academy in the Catskills of NY
TM Places Where We Have Lived

Clickable Image: Computer Screen
Some Computers We Have Used, Owned and Loved

I've loved computers since I saw and purchased our first one!



Image: White Puppy dogs
2022 Photos Part 1 - Snow, animals, scenery, smoke from wildfires, flowers, and so on.
Image: Orange cat and black and white cat
2022 Photos Part 2 - 2022 Second Part - Sunsets, sunrise, cats, dog, scenery, etc.
Image: Yellow mini sunflower
2022 Photos Part 3 - 2022 Third Part - Sunsets, sunrise, cats, dog, scenery, etc.
Image: Golden building in Denver
2022 Oct 25-27 Trip To Denver - And a Two Night Stay at a Hotel in Denver


Image: Magical items
2021 Photos Part 1 - Me, Kitties, the Spindle Sisters, GRIMM, gifts, flowers, sunsets, etc.
Image: yellow sunflower
2021 Photos Part 2 - Kitties, Flowers, Rattlesnake, Full Moon, etc.

Go to My Instagram Account, if You Wish.
My Video and Photo files on Instagram
There are many "Reel" videos, Regular Videos and Photos on my Instagram Account.


Image: Orange Kitty Cat
2020 Photos Part 1 - Happy New Year, Our Cats Pumpkin & Sparky, Birthday Greeting, Taos Ski Valley, The Moon, Covid-19, Us.

Image: Pretty Yellow Flower
2020 Photos Part 2 - The Moon, Smoke from the Forest Fires, Snow, Our Cats Pumpkin & Sparky, Big Horn Sheep, Flowers, Scenery.

2017 - 2019

Image: Two poeple and scenery
2019 Part 1 - Snow, Moon, Airbnb, Phones, Scenery, etc.

2019 Part 2 - Casket, Kitties, Flowers, Taos Pride Parade, Halloween, and so on

Image: Pretty artwork in Taos New Mexico
2019 Part 3 - Stars, the Moon, Artwork, Our Kitties, Us, Holidays, Goddess Statues, etc.

~~ 2018 ~~

Clickable Image: Globe and woman among rocks
2018 Photos Part 1  |  2018 Photos Part 2 - Around Taos area, snow, sunsets, a Dragon water fountain, elk skull, national forest, and so on

Clickable Image: Man Pond Skimming on cold water
2018 March - Pond Skimming in Sipapu and Red River, New Mexico

Clickable Image: Red Flower
2018 Various Flowers - I Love Flowers, Trees and Plants

Clickable Image: Pagosa Springs Sign
2018 May 4-5 - Trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado Where we Stayed Overnight

Clickable Image: Rock formations in New Mexico
2018 June 22 & July 10 - Ghost Ranch, Natural Amphitheater, and Plaza Blanca in New Mexico

Image: Smoke from forest fire
2018 Smoke that We saw from Fires - in New Mexico and Around New Mexico

Clickable Image: The Family Stone music band playing music in Taos, New Mexico on July 4th
2018 July 4 - Music Event and Fireworks in Taos, NM

Clickable Image: Dragon on a building
2018 Day Trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Clickable Image: Mountains of the Rockies
2018 Day Trips to the Taos Ski Valley

clickable Image: Scenery in New Mexico
2018 - Various Day Trips Around Other Parts of Northern New Mexico

Image: Colorful Lights projection
2018 September 14 - "The Paseo" In Taos

~~ 2017 ~~

Clickable Image: Smiling woman in New Mexico wild rivers
2017 Pictures Part 1 - Snow, sunsets, Wild Rivers, Library Event, Flowers, Smoke from Fires, etc.

Clickable Image: Colorful design on a building
2017 Pictures Part 2 - Full moon, Dragons, Clouds, Paseo Art Event, Kitties, Rio Pueblo Gorge, etc.

Image: Horse from carosell
2017 August 27 - We Went to Tinker Town Museum near Albuquerque, NM

Clickable Image: Smiling family of parents and adult daughter
2017 May 20-28 - Our Daughter Erica's Visit With Us in Denver, Santa Fe and Taos

Image: Dragon statue on a building in Santa Fe
2017 Various Trips to Santa Fe

Clickable Image: Smiling man and woman
2017 Day Trips - to Taos Ski Valley, Red River, Cimarron and Los Alamos

Clickable Image: Solor Eclipse - Picture by me
August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse - Including some videos not-by-me

2014-2016 Pictures

~~ 2016 ~~

Image: Beautiful scenery in northern New Mexico
2016 in New Mexico Part 1 - Sunsets, Mountains, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, etc.

Image: Beautiful scenery in northern New Mexico
2016 in New Mexico Part 2 - Sunsets, Mountains, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, etc.

Clickable Image: People at the aquarium
2016 March 22 - Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Gardens

Image: University of New Mexico
2016 March 22 - Around the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque

Image: Dinosaur statue
2016 March 21
- at the Albuquerque Natural History & Science Museum

~~ 2015 ~~

Clickable Image: Smiley face and little world globe
2015 Random Photos That Won't be Found Elsewhere on This Site

Clickable Image: Horse with a man riding
2015 Part 1 - Snow, Cats, Car, Sunsets, Rainbows, Food, More Snow, Birthday, Renaissance Fair

Clickable Image: Sunset
2015 Part 2 - Chicks, Ghost Tour, Bug Museum and more!

Clickable Image: Cat with Christmas ornaments
2015 Part 3 - Clouds, mountains, flowers, my daughter in Egypt and more!

Image: Church door on ghost tour and Creepy bugs sing
June 20, 2015 Ghost & Bugs - Ghost Tour and Bug Museum in Santa Fe. We didn't see any ghosts, but saw plenty of bugs.

Image: Pink rose
Summer 2015 Botanical Gardens - Also Gallery Row and streets in Santa Fe.

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~~ 2014 ~~

Clickable Image: Alley in Santa Fe
2014 Erica's Visit Here - Sept. 21-30 - At Our House, with Ponies, in Old Mine, at Taos Ski Valley, with Petroglyphs, etc.

Clickable Image: Alley in Santa Fe
2014 Part 1 - Bought a new-to-us car, Santa Fe, Mountains

Clickable Image: Feathered headdress on a native american person in albuquerque new mexico
2014 Part 2 - Albuquerque PowWow, Snow in May, Taos Ski Valley, Trip to Durango CO, Flooded Road

Clickable Image: Top of a house in northern New Mexico
2014 Part 3 - Carson Estates, Two Peaks, Our New Porch, Guadalupe Church, to UNM-Albuquerque

Clickable Image: Pretty blue sky
2014 Part 4 - UNM Taos, Snow, Sunset, Around Taos, Celtic Christmas, and more...

Clickable Image: Woman dressed as a fairy in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miscellaneous, Random Pictures I like taken by me - Includes My Goddess Isis Statue, Santa Fe, Flowers, Statues, Artwork, Cross, Ankh, Cool Road Signs

2011-2013 Taos, Carson Estates, Two Peaks, Three Peaks & Santa Fe, Hike above badlands in New Mexico

~~ 2013 ~~

Clickable Image: Rainbow over a parking lot
2013 Part 1 - Delicious Food Around Taos, Us, Snow, Pond Skimming in April, New Computer, Mountains, Clouds, Our House, Santa Fe.

Clickable Image: Woman being silly pretending to be behind bars in Taos New Mexico
2013 Part 2 - Camel Rock, Flowers, Churches, Donkeys, Fire, Fun In the Old Taos Jail, Halloween, Horses, Museum, Christmas.

Clickable Image: Beautiful landscape in northern New Mexico
2013 November 2 Badlands Part 1 - Drove to and by Pedernal Mountain, Abiquiu Lake to an Easy Hike Above the Badlands near Lybrook New Mexico with my good friend Heather.

Clickable Image: Beautiful landscape in northern New Mexico
2013 November 2 Badlands Part 2 - Drove to and by Pedernal Mountain, Abiquiu Lake to an Easy Hike Above the Badlands near Lybrook New Mexico with my good friend Heather.

~~ 2012 ~~

Clickable Image: Sunset
2012 - Our House, Me, Snow, Spring Flowers, Two Peaks Mountain, Tiny Fireworks, Vietnam Memorial in New Mexico, Santa Fe, the Loretto Chapel & My Daughter

~~ 2011 ~~

Clickable Image: Three Peaks, Tres Orejas, mountain, volcano, volcanic, northern new mexcio
May 27, 2011 - Drive south of where we live: Carson Estates, Two Peaks, To Three Peaks

Clickable Image: Carson Estates, two peaks, dos orejas, northern new mexico
2011 Part 1 - Our house & land, Moon, Snow, Santa Fe, smoke from fires

Clickable Image: Huge fake spider on a car windshield in Taos New Mexico
2011 Part 2 - Sunsets, Mountains, Extinct Volcanoes, Halloween, Northern New Mexico. Any Volcanoes mentioned here or anywhere in my site are Extinct Volcanoes and haven't been active for maybe millions of years.

2008-2010 Taos, Carson Estates, Santa Fe, MA, NH

Clickable Image: Two Peaks extinct volcano, carson estates, Two Peaks, Northern New Mexico
2010 & 2011 (mainly 2010) Part 3 - Our Little House Being Built and the Sky and Land Around Us

Clickable Image: Our door for Our house, cabin, our land, carson estates, Two Peaks, Northern New Mexico
2010 & 2011 (mainly 2010) Part 2 - Our Little House Being Built and the Sky and Land Around Us

Clickable Image: Our house, cabin, our land, carson estates, Two Peaks, Northern New Mexico
2010 & 2011 (mainly 2010) Part 1 - Our Little House Being Built and the Sky and the Land Around Us

Clickable Image: Phoenix metal sculpture
2010 Part 1 - UNM Albuquerque, Eagle Nest Lake, DH Lawrence Ranch

Clickable Image: Santa Fe restaurant, wonderful food, meal
2010 Part 2 - Clouds, Carson Estates, Two Peaks Mountain & Santa Fe, NM

Clickable Image: Carson Estates, Three Peaks elephant statue made of papier mache
2010 Trip through Carson Estates - Three Peaks (Trees Orejas) Community near an Extinct Volcano, Northern New Mexico, USA

Clickable Image: Linda at the Hippie parade in Taos, New Mexico
2009 - Hippie Parade, Taos Ski Valley, San Geronimo Lodge, Halloween, etc.

Massachusetts / New Hampshire Trip 2009; Erica's Visit With Us in 2008

Clickable Image: Ocean wave at Salisbury Beach Massachusetts also pics in New Hampshire
2009 July My Trip to MA / NH - Includes Salisbury Beach, Rye Beach, Salem, MA

Clickable Image: Painting by Taos Plaza
2008 Part 1 - Taos, Guadalupe & St. Francis Churches, Me, New Mexico Scenery

Clickable Image: Young woman with arms outstretched
2008 Part 2 - Our Daughter Erica's Visit Here right after Our Wedding, and Lovely New Mexico Scenery

Clickable Image: Young people on Taos Plaza in costume for Halloween
2008 Part 3 - Rio Grande River & Gorge Bridge, Halloween, More

Our Weddings 1977 & 2008

Clickable Image: Linda, Bert and Erica at our wedding in 2008 in Taos, New Mexico
Our Weddings: 2008 in Taos and 1977 in Massachusetts

Memorial Site for My Parents

Clickable Image: My parents, Cecelia and Joseph Bohne
A Memorial Site for My Mother & Father

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Our Cats and Cats We Knew and Have Cared For

Clickable Image: My cats, Shakti and Sparky
Our Cats All Time

Dogs We Knew and Have Cared For

Clickable Image: Some dogs
Our Dogs All Time

Various Family, Massachusetts, New Hampshire over the years

Clickable Image: my mother and her sisters
Other Random Photos of My Family Members over the years

Some of My Favorite Things, Places and Other Pictures - All Time, mainly around 2010

Clickable Image: Cemetery image with headstones
Various Cemetery Pictures from Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico  

Clickable Image: Egyptian Goddess Isis statue with wings spread wide
Pictures I took of Ancient Egypt-Type / Related items I own and like

Clickable Image: Copper Bowl with Om symbol and Buddha statue
Pictures I took of India Related items I own and see in my town

Flowers - I Love Flowers!

Clickable Image: Flowers - Links to my pictures and an embeded video
I Love Flowers!! - My Pictures of Flowers by me

2004 - 2007 Taos, NM, northern New Mexico; Trip to L.A. California; Other Various Pics

Clickable Image: Linda with young large donkey
2007 - Pictures in Northern New Mexico, Me at work at the library, Me graduating, And some pics of Erica, my daughter

Clickable Image: Garden of the Gods in Colorado
2006 - John Dunn Bridge along the Rio Grande, Garden of the Gods in Colorado & Haunted St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM and more

Clickable Image: Star on Hollywood Boulavard, California
Jan. 2006 - Trip to Los Angeles, CA. Part 2

Clickable Image: Beautiful Santa Monica, California sunset
Dec. 2005-Jan 2006 - Trip to L.A., CA Part 1

Clickable Image: Linda on a mountain in Taos
2005 First Half - Pics Including Mardi Gras, College class, Summer Walk Through Taos Ski Valley

Clickable Image: Linda dressed for mardi gras
2005 More - Pics Including Summer Walk Through Taos Ski Valley, Graduation, New Rental House, Halloween

Clickable Image: The inside of the Chicago Airport
2004 - Including My Birthday, Taos Pueblo PowWow, Trip to Massachusetts, Chicago Airport, Halloween, etc.

2002 - 2003 Taos, Various Travels in northern New Mexico, MA, NH, Linda & Erica

Clickable Image: Linda and friends at her birthday party 2003
2003 - Linda, Her Daughter Erica, and Friends

Clickable Image: Family gathering in Massachusetts at Linda's brother's house for Father's Day
June 2003 - Linda's Visit to Massachusetts/New Hampshire

Clickable Image: Ruins at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
April 2002 - My Trip to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Clickable Image: Taos Mountain
Early 2002 - In Taos and Around Where I Lived in Early 2002

Clickable Image: Linda, Erica her daughter, and Linda's parents
Latter Half of 2002 - Taos & Trip to Massachusetts/New Hampshire with Erica

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1999 - 2001 - Fairfield, Iowa

Clickable Image: Two women sitting
1999-2001 Part 2 - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends, Erica's High School Graduation, & Barhydt Chapel

Clickable Image: Erica with kitten and cat
1999-2001 Part 1 - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends, Erica's High School Graduation, & Barhydt Chapel

1997 - 1999 Taos, NM; Sedona, AZ; Massachusetts

Clickable Image: Woman and man with daughter
1997 - 1998 - Sedona Arizona, New Mexico, My Daughter Erica, Me, Her Dad, My Parents, Friends and Others

Clickable Image: Painting on a building in Taos, New Mexico near the plaza
1998 - 1999 - Taos, New Mexico - Erica & friends, other shots in and around Taos

1980 - 1996 California; Fairfield, Iowa & Some Massachusetts

Clickable Image: Bert and his daughter Erica
1980 - 1996 - Me, Bert, our daughter Erica, My Parents, My Siblings and stuff

Massachusetts, New Hampshire Family 1890s to 1979

Clickable Image: Young woman, man and older woman at the beach
Family Photos, 1960 to 1969

Clickable Image: Boy at the beach
Bert When He Was Young

Clickable Image: Young woman standing with arms folded in front of the Transcendental Meditation retreat center in upstate New York
Family Photos, 1970 to 1979

Clickable Image: Half Dome at Yosemite National Forest
1978 Bert and Linda Travel Across the Country and at Yosemite National Park

Clickable Image: Tower building
Summer 1971 or 1972 Trip to Cape Cod with My Sister Jacqueline

Image: young girl in Halloween costume
1950s - 1960s, Me when I was Little, Dressed in Costume for Halloween

Clickable Image: 4 women as a collage
Family Photos, 1890s to 1959

Postage Stamps, Artwork

Clickable Button: Angelstar Creations, Postage Stamps
See Image Selections from my Postage Stamp Collection!

Clickable Button: Linda's art work gallery
See Image Selections from Artwork By Me and Artwork I Like

Other Stuff

Clickable Image: Newspaper image of student and teacher
Newspaper, Magazine Articles and other stuff. 1970 class play from my high school, a Rock Fest in 1969, both in Methuen, Massachusetts. Articles with my daughter Erica pictured in the 1980s and 1990s in Fairfield, Iowa.

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