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My Photo Albums / Writings - Some Computers We Have Owned, Used and Loved

Starting in 1967

The very first computer I ever used was in high school in Massachusetts. They had punch cards in our classroom. Or maybe we didn't even get to use the computers. I forget. The punch cards were only for names, addresses and phone numbers.

Image: Old style computer punch card from the 1960s
Above is an example of a punch card from the 1960s. From Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. The Computer Language Company Inc. 2000.

The next one was in Andover, Massachusetts at a company called Spectrametrics in 1977 until 1978. I had to use a phone to connect to the mainframe in Boston. I typed in the information and it was saved as bits and bytes to a tape drive first. This one was for entering accounts payable or receivable. It was very tedious. I didn't use another computer for some time.

Image: Phone receiver with a modem from the 1970s
This shows an example of a phone receiver on top of a modem all ready to communicate with a mainframe computer. Back in the day computers took up entire rooms.

Our Computers, Laptops & Phones

Our first personal computer that we owned was a Commodore Plus 4, when we lived in Fairfield, Iowa when our daughter Erica was about 7 years old. We bought it in autumn of 1989. My sister had a Commodore computer and we thought this was the one she owned. It was not. It was a fine computer. I liked it. It had a TV screen for a monitor. It came with a tape drive. See below. It also came with a dot matrix printer. We found an ad in the paper, went to look at it and purchased it. My husband Bert wanted a computer to make address lists. I read the book that came with it. I would type letters to my parents on this computer and print them on the dot-matrix printer. It would spell-check, but it took a long time to do so. I also did the address lists. I didn't use it for very long.

Image: a Casette tape and tape drive from the 1980s
A tape and a tape drive. It was very slow.

Below are a couple of cute short videos from the 1980s showing a Commodore Plus 4 and a Commodore 64 computer. For now, if you're on a phone, turn your device sideways to view these. None of the videos on this page are by me.

I don't remember any of this color stuff. Or the games. But then we only used the Plus 4 with a black and white TV. And we only used it for a few months and then got the C64 below.

Our second personal computer was a Commodore 64. THIS was like the one my sister owned. Cute video above. I read all the books that came with it and all the books that came with any software we bought for it. I loved it! I loved reading about how to use it! The C64 came with an amber monitor. Or we bought one. Eventually we bought a color monitor for it. We got a disc drive for it also. It used those black floppy discs.

Image: Smiling woman with computers
Me in 1991 with the Commodore 64 computer and a lunchbox computer we owned at the time. We bought the lunchbox computer at Iowa Computer.

I have particular fond memories of the Commodore 64. Yes, it was slow. But I and my daughter and my husband used to play games on it. Plus we used to find ads in the classified section of the newspaper where people were selling these computers. We would make sure they worked properly and then put another ad in the paper and offer to show the buyers how to use it. We would then sell it for more than what we paid for it! What fun! My sister and I had a program where we typed letters to each other, put them on a floppy disc and then sent them to each other. It showed what we typed as we typed it, even mistakes and stuff. It was like a little video. It's kinda hard to explain. I wish I could watch some of those from my sister again. It was fun! I also bought a program called GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) for the C64 which made it look like a Mac computer. It was a graphical operating system. I loved typing into that! Even though it was slow. It was all I knew at the time. You can Google that.

Image: Computer screen
Above is the screen from my Commodore 64 computer in 1990 showing the GEOS Operating System.

The Commodore 64 computer was very popular in the 1980s. They sold around 25 million units. This was before the Internet. What did we do before the Internet? Well. We played games and did the other things mentioned above. The games were around 50 bucks each so we owned only our favorites. I also typed and did office work. And there were bulletin board services where one could chat with other computer users. My brother was the very first person who emailed me and who I emailed back!

We never bought any Macintosh computers - they were called Macintosh or Macs back then, not Apple. They were expensive! I'm happy we didn't. We are perfectly happy with IBM personal computers and Dell or ASUS computers running Windows. I did use Macs at the library where I worked and in some of my college classes from 2002 until 2008 and again from 2014 until 2016. So I know how to use them.

We owned many computers around 1990 and so. One of them was an Epson QX10 with an IBM bridge board to turn it into an IBM. It used the black floppy discs too. It also came with a hard drive that didn't work. It had two floppy disc drives. You can Google it. I typed stuff into it but it took forever to spell-check. We played around some with it.  We turned around and sold it for more than what we paid for it.

Above is a very short video showing the QX10.

We also got our daughter a Nintendo game machine. She liked that. We might have even had an Atari Game machine at one point. She played games on the computer. She had her own. See below.

Image: girl with Computer
A screenshot from a video of our daughter playing a game on another computer we owned. We owned a lot of computers.

Then we moved to New Mexico in 1997. THEN Erica and I moved back to Iowa in 1999. THEN I moved back to New Mexico the end of 2001. THAT whole story and our moves are written about elsewhere. We owned several computers during this time. I don't have pictures of them.

Image: Young woman at a Computer
Erica with a computer we owned in 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa. This was our first flat screen monitor!

Image: Laptop Computer
A Compaq laptop I owned in about 2000 to 2002 or so. I had this one in Iowa. Then I brought it with me to New Mexico, when I moved back at the end of 2001.

Image: Desktop Computer
A computer I owned in 2002 in Taos, New Mexico. It had a floppy drive and a CD-Rom drive.

Image: Woman in home with computer int the background
Me in my place on Padre Martinez Lane in 2003. My computer is in the background with the printer.

Image: Computer keyboard with monitor and stuffed animal
A black stuffed witch cat on the keyboard of a computer in 2005. You can see a tiny part of the top of the tower. It has a container of blank DVDs on it. I shared a house with a friend on Kit Carson Road from May of 2004 until October of 2005.

All below pictures are the same computer as above.
Image: Computer tower

Image: Computer tower

Image: Computer tower

Image: Computer tower
This is funny. We were taking one of our usual walks (in October of 2021) around where we live, when Bert pointed out this computer tower, outside, in the middle of some weeds. He said, "There's your computer." I had to take a picture of it. I am quite sure this is the same tower as above. I bought it probably in 2003 or 2004. It had two removable hard drives. And a couple of DVD drives, and a floppy disk drive. Well, it still has them, as you can see. The monitor and keyboard are long gone. I'm sure it doesn't work anymore. We gave it away to one of our neighbors in 2010 or 2011 because it wouldn't work with our current electricity setup, which is an off-the-grid solar system. So there it sits in the weeds. Plus, by 2010 we had laptops.

Image: Smiling woman and computer
Me with a Macintosh computer I worked on in 2005 when I was a work-study student at the library of UNM Taos.

Image: Smiling woman and computer
A Macintosh computer I worked at in 2005 when I was a work-study student and doing my internship at UNM Taos campus.

Image: computer screenr
A computer screen from one of the computers at the library at UNM. I used to create the backgrounds for them so the students would treat them kindly. The library people liked it when the students only used Firefox as a browser.

Image: Serious woman with computer in the background
I moved into my own place in October of 2005. Bert eventually moved in with me the end of 2005 and we got remarried in 2008. Above is me at our house on Don Fernando Street with my computer in 2006.

Image: Blank computer screen
The blank screen of the computer I used in 2007.

Image: Smiling woman with computer and printer
Another computer and a printer I worked with when I was a work-study student at the library at UNM Taos campus in 2008. I was a student from 2002 until 2009. I was a work-study student from 2004 until 2008.

Image: little dolls in front of a computer
These are a couple of little dolls made from beads and safety pins. My sister Jacqui gave them to me when I visited her and family in 2009 then I sent them to Erica. Erica had created at least one of these dolls during one of our visits. Behind the dolls is a laptop computer I got in 2008. It ran Windows XP.

Eventually I gave away the tower computer. The XP computer eventually quit.

Cell Phones Too!

I'm going to include my cell phones here too, since they are little computers.
Our first Cell phone was a flip phone in 2010. Can't find a picture of this phone, but who really needs one?
Image: Slide-out cell phone with red case
Our second phone was a slide out keyboard phone in 2011. I got a red case for it. I gave this away in 2015 or 2016. I always get cases for my phones.

Image: Man using his tablet computer at a restaurant
2014 Macs and other computers in the library in the computer lab where I worked.

Image: Man using his tablet computer at a restaurant
2014 October 10 - Bert with his android tablet at our favorite restaurant of the time - The Station Restaurant - that doesn't exist any more. That tablet lasted for some time but was always buggy. We got it at WalMart.

Image: little dolls in front of a computer
This is my Windows 7 laptop on October 16, 2015. I was at the Taos Public Library. I got it in 2013. Note from June of 2022: I gave this one back to the shop from where I bought it in 2022. I hope they can fix it and can find someone who can use it. It hadn't been working right for some years.

Image: little dolls in front of a computer
2015 - Bert's phone - 2015 February 9 - We were talking to our darling daughter Erica. Here's our kitty cat Pumpkin looking like he wants to say something. Like I said above, these phones are like computers these days!

2015 April - My desk at work when I worked at the UNM Taos Library. This was when we were in the temporary building.
Image: Workstation at work in a library
I gave that dragon painting to my friend Heather who gave it to her friend Mike in 2015.

2015 December - My new smartphone. I still have this in 2021 and use it on WiFi even though I have a new one.
Image: New smartphone with purple case

2015 - Bert's new computer. Purchased some time the beginning of March. It has Windows 8.
Image: Dell laptop computer

Image: Woman sitting at a computer - two pictures
2016 April 4 - Me sitting at my desk at the job I had at the college library. I worked there from March of 2014 until May of 2016. This was after we moved to the main building out at Klauer Campus. I had also worked there when the library was in town and I was a work-study student from the fall of 2004 until some time in 2008. Or maybe it was 2009. I forget.

Image: Two laptops
The laptop I bought in 2016 running Windows 10 and my laptop from 2013 that ran Windows 7. Another note from June of 2022: I still have the Windows 10 computer in 2022. I hardly use it. See note above about the Windows 7 laptop.

2019 We each got a new smart phone. Here's mine.
Image: Smart phone with images
2019 March 18 - I just got a new LG Stylo 4 smart phone! The other one has been acting weird and slow for about a year. Bert also got a new LG Stylo 4 phone on May 31. We still have these in 2021. We loved them. Note from 2022: See phone below.

Image: Two laptop computers
OK. Fine. I got a new ASUS TUF Gaming laptop computer in December of 2020. It has a lighted keyboard! Here is my 2016 laptop and my 2020 laptop which is duplicated on our TV in the background. We now use the newest one for streaming videos and playing games.

Image: Back and front of smart phone
2022 - We got new Nokia G300 smart phones on December 12 & 16 of 2021. This is the front and back of mine. I bought a case for mine and for Bert's. They look the same. Mine is red and his is blue. These photos were taken June 2022.

Image: Old computer screen that says Thanks for Watching
Just for fun: Here's another screen from our old Commodore 64 computer from 1990. Thanks for visiting!

~ Written October 2020. Updated: December 2020; January 2021; October 2021; June 2022.

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