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My Photo Albums - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends in 1999- 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa Part 2

Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends in 1999- 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa, Including My daughter Erica's High School Graduation, Us at various times, and pictures of the Barhydt Chapel.

Erica, my daughter, Summer 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa. Photos by her.
Image: Teenage girl smiling and looking lovely

Image: Teenage girl with long hair

Erica again. Photo by one of my daughter's friends.
Image: Black and white photo of teenage girl

Erica and Linda ready for Halloween 2001

My daughter Erica ready for Halloween 2001 in an outfit she made herself. See her beautiful artwork at her website - Photo by my daughter.
Image: Teenage girl with long hair in long white dress on Halloween

Image: Teenage girl in halloween costume - long dress

Linda ready for Halloween 2001 in an outfit Erica made for me. Photo by me or my daughter.
Image: woman in halloween costume

Image: Smiling woman in halloween outfit

Linda ready for Halloween 2001 in an outfit I made up from stuff I had around. Loved that wig! Photo by me.
Image: Woman in Halloween outfit

Linda Ready for a dance in August

 Love those shoes! Photo by me.
Image: Woman dressed for an evening out at a dance

Erica and Linda Christmas-time 2001

Erica and Linda - mother and daughter. Just before I left to go back to New Mexico. The following year Erica moved to the Los Angeles area. See my pictures in my photo album where I went to visit her there in 2006. Photos by me or my daughter.
Image: mother and daughter on sofa

Image: Mother and daughter sitting on a sofa

Image: mother and daughter sitting on sofa

Around Fairfield Iowa 1999-2001

The first three pictures were taken by my daughter Erica around Fairfield, Iowa. I know, the sunset is pretty but what about those power lines? Well that was the best we could do at that moment. -- The rest are more Pictures in and around Fairfield, Iowa

Cool Ice formation in Fairfield in 1999-2000 - photo by Erica
Image: Ice build up on plants near a brick building in Fairfield, Iowa

Beautiful Sunset in Fairfield, Iowa - photos by my daughter Erica
Image: sunset in Fairfield with light poles

Image: Sunset in  Fairfield Iowa with light poles and wires

I found most of the pictures below on the Internet. See the Fair Use notice below.

Inside of Barhydt Chapel in Fairfield. At Maharishi College, MIU/MUM. They tore this beautiful building down. We went to several weddings of friends of ours in this beautiful chapel. It was a national historical building.
Image: Linda's, Angelstar's Photo Album, Pictures around Fairfield, Iowa 2000-2001
See more pictures of this beautiful building also included in Part 1 of this group of photos.

Inside the Beautiful Barhydt Chapel in Fairfield (No longer there - it was torn down by MIU/MUM)
Image: Inside church showing stained glass windows

Stained glass windows of the Chapel
Image: Church showing stained-glass windows

The Carnegie Building in Fairfield - It used to be the library now I believe it is an art center. If the Maharishi (Transcendental Meditation) movement owned this they'd probably tear it down.
Image: brick building in Fairfield Iowa

County Courthouse in Fairfield, Iowa
Image: Brick building with clock tower - the county courthouse of Jefferson County Iowa

The Golden Domes at MUM (used to be MIU) Fairfield, Iowa. There was a rumor going around Fairfield that there was an underground tunnel connecting the women's and men's dome and that they had orgies. There was not and they did not.
Image: gold Dome-shaped building, Men's golden dome in Fairfield

Looking down upon Maharishi University of Management - MUM (used to be Maharishi International University - MIU) Fairfield, Iowa the Transcendental Meditation college. My husband and I did our TM "program" in the golden domes. Him in the men's and me in the women's until we got tired of the politics and quit and left.
Image: arial view of MIU/MUM campus><br>
      <a  data-cke-saved-href=
Click or Tap To Read an article I wrote about my Experiences with Transcendental Meditation

Parson's Hall - Led to The Chapel that was at MIU (they tore this one down too).
Image: Looking along walkway tetween colums of stone

Parson's Hall - The Building next to the Chapel. There's a bit of the chapel to the left. They tore them down. They were National Historical buildings.
Image: Old brick historic buildings

Rainbow over Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: Rainbow in a blue sky over some buildings with trees

I lived in Fairfield for 17 years.
Image: Rainbow in blue (or gray) sky with buildings and trees

Whitham Woods, Fairfield, Iowa - One of my favorite places to go for a walk in Fairfield.
Image: Lovely lake with reflections of trees

Gazebo in February snowfall, Fairfield, Iowa. I lived there!
Image: gazebo in Fairfield Iowa in the snow

Winter view Hay bales in Snowy field, Fairfield, Iowa. I lived in Fairfield from 1982 to 1997 and then again from 1999 until the end of 2001.
Image: haybales in the snow Fairfield, Iowa 2000-2001

Winter views of a cornfield, Fairfield, Iowa. I spent many happy years living in Fairfield. It was cold in the winter though!
Image: Winter with corn stalks

Municipal Band Group, Fairfield. This is in the center of town and we had lots of fun going there for various events.
Image: Gazebo with concert band posing in front

Municipal Band concert at the Gazebo with people July 14 1999, Fairfield. There were many concerts at the Gazebo while my husband and I and our daughter lived in Fairfield including Rock and Roll concerts. It was a fun place to gather. We lived in Fairfield for about 16 or 17 years.
Image: Gazebo with people listening to a concert

Jefferson County Fair, 2001 (I was there!)

Looking down from above. I was there and rode on many of the rides! I had fun!
Image: Air view of Jefferson County Fair July 2001

I loved walking around and riding on the rides and spent a lot of time there on the year 2001.
Image: 2001 - County Fair - the rides

Loved spending time there!
Image: Jefferson county fair showing some of the rides

I enjoyed the fair very much that year.
Image: Looking down on the fair from an airplane or helicopter

Jefferson County Fair, 2001
Image: Jefferson county fair the fair queen and others

Pictures around Fairfield 1999 - 2000

Pictures around the Fairfield square, where I used to live 1999 - 2000
Image: Various buildings around Fairfield Iowa

Image: Various buildings in a small town

Pictures around Fairfield 1999 - 2000 - Halloween 1999
Image: Various pictures of Halloween in Fairfield Iowa

Halloween 2000
Image: Halloween pictures around Fairfield Iowa

The Fairfield Public Library - one of our favorite places in Fairfield

Inside The Fairfield Public Library - one of our favorite places in Fairfield. We LOVE books and love reading!
Image: Inside the Fairfield Public Library

Image: Library building

Image: Library buidling with street sign and street in front

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