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My Photo Albums - Linda, Erica (mother & daughter) and Friends in 1999-2001 in Fairfield, Iowa Part 1

Including My daughter Erica's High School Graduation, Us at various times, and pictures of the Barhydt Chapel.

I found these pictures of my Daughter and her friends. Cool, huh?

Taken in 2001. My daughter Erica at top, Travis, Carrie and I-don't-know-who. Maybe Travis's brother?
Imge: Modern-day old fashioned picture in a salloon

Imge: Modern-day old fashioned picture in a salloon

My Daughter Erica's High School Graduation, Fairfield, Iowa - 2000

May 2000. Photo by me.
Image: young woman in cemetery in front of headstone

Erica and Linda in the Fairfield, Iowa cemetery Before Erica's Graduation, May 2000. Photo by my daughter Erica.
Image: Woman and daughter smiling

My daughter Erica, Erica and me 2000

Erica and friends ready for prom 2000

My daughter Erica In Her Prom Dress Ready for her Prom, May 2000. Photo by me.
Image: young woman in her prom gown in Fairfield Iowa

Image: teenage girl running in prom gown

My daughter Erica with her friends, May 2000. Photos by me.
Image: four young woman ready for prom night

Image: four young women ready for prom

My daughter Erica at her high school graduation at Fairfield High School - 2000 - with friends and, with me.

Getting her Fairfield High School Diploma - May 2000. Photo by the high school people.
Image: Teenager receiving her diploma at her high school graduation

This Photo by me.
Image: High school graduate receiving her diploma in Fairfield Iowa

With friends: Mary, Carrie, Erica, Amanda, Tiffany. Photos by me.
Image: High School Graduates

Image: High school graduates

Image: High School graduates in their graduation gowns in Fairfield, Iowa

Me and My daughter Erica. Photo by a friend using my camera.
Image: mother and daughter at daughter's high school graduation

December 2000, January 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa

My daughter Erica and friends, December 2000

My daughter Erica in 2001; She took this picture in a mirror.
Image: Teenage girl in black and white photo

My daughter Erica in 2001 relaxing in a black and white photo taken by one of her friends.
Image: Black and white of teenage girl lying on bed relaxing

Erica in 2001 She took this herself in the mirror.
Image: Teenage girl's face

Erica in 2001 She took this herself in the side mirror of a car. Photo by my daughter Erica.
Image: Smiling teenage girl with camera in side mirror of car

My daughter Erica in 2001 with her friend Kaleen. Photo by a friend.
Image:Two teenage girls hugging

My daughter Erica in 2001 with her friend Mary. Photo by me?
Image: two teenage girls hugging

Erica and Linda Christmas 2000

My daughter Erica Christmas
Image: Teenage girl with Christmas decorations in the background

My daughter Erica Christmas 2000. Photo by me.
Image: Smiling teenage girl with christmas decorations

Linda Christmas 2000. Photo by me or my daughter.
Image: smiling Woman with necklace in sepia

The house we lived in for a time in 2000 and 2001

The house we lived in for a time in 2000 and 2001. I decorated it for Christmas. Photo by me. This is 304 West Monroe Avenue, Fairfield, Iowa.
Image: House decorated for Christmas in the dark of night

Same house during the day.
Image: White house with christmas decorations in daylight

Image:White house with snow and icicles in daylight

The Beautiful Barhydt Chapel that Maharishi University of Management (MUM) destroyed in Fairfield, Iowa in 2001. The Chapel in 2001, before demolition. Most of these pictures were taken by my daughter, Erica. This was on the MUM/MIU campus - those are the people who run the Transcendental Meditation college. (We no longer have the larger original versions of these images.)

Detail. There is now an ugly building where this used to be. The town did save some of the windows and other things which are now in the community center. Photographs by Erica Lange -
Image: stone-work on the chapel on MIU campus in Fairfield Iowa

Part of it was already torn down and something else going up.
Image: Church/chapel in winter

From a distance; I think it was winter 2000
Image: Church on MIU/MUM campus

Image: Church with snow around it

Again a bit closer
Image: winter in Fairfield Iowa showing the barhydt chapel

One of the stained-glass windows. I think these are saved and used somewhere in Fairfield.
Image: looking from outside showing stained-glass windows of a catholic church

You can see part of the ugly building going up as well.
Imge: Front of catholic church showing towers

Another Stained-Glass Window
Image: stained-glass window of a catholic church

More Windows. I got this one off the Internet. It was a National Historic building.
Image: Looking up at the stained-glass windows of the church in Fairfielld Iowa

Yet another Window inside. I got this one off the Internet.
Image: stained glass window inside chapel

My husband and I went to several weddings of several friends in this chapel. This one is from the Internet too.
Image: Inside a church showing the pews and the columns

Erica and Linda Summer Fall & Christmas of 2001

My Daughter Erica, Summer 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa

Erica, my daughter, Summer 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa. Photos by her or me.
Image: Teenage girl with glasses
A little lighter:
Image: Agelstar Creations daughter

Erica, my daughter, Summer 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa. Photos by her.
Image: Lovely teenage girl

Image: Teenage girl making a face, looking somewhat evil

Image: Lovely teenage girl smiling

Image: Teenage girl looking serious
She is an awesome artist and now has her own Web site:

Erica, my daughter, Summer 2001 in Fairfield, Iowa with Cats Louie and Elizabeth and tiny new fluffy kitten. Photos by me.
Image:Teenage girl with cats and kittens

Image: Teenage girl with cats and kittens

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