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My Photo Albums - Taos, New Mexico - Erica & friends, other shots in and around Taos, 1998 - 1999

Erica and Friends in Taos, New Mexico, 1999. Erica attended her Sophomore and Junior years of high school in Taos. We moved from Fairfield, Iowa to Taos in August of 1997 and then Erica and Linda moved back to Fairfield in June 1999

Erica in dress at dress shop in Taos
Image: Teenage girl in pretty dress with hats and more dresses in the background

Erica, my daughter, in front of our Lilac bush where we lived in 1998 in Taos.
Image: smiling teenage girl with long blond hair
Erica told me in November of 2021 that the design on this shirt was drawn by a guy as part of one of the theater activities she did in Fairfield, Iowa with friends when she was in her freshman year of high school in 1995 or 1996. The young man's name is Nikon Sisophane (something like that).  Erica's friend Abby is making a bag with the artwork, and that's what made me ask Erica for more information. It was part of a choral reading they did with friends, called "Vampires." Maybe I'll check out the newspaper and see if I can find an article about this. Erica thinks I attended this event, but I don't remember. I always thought she drew it. But, see another shirt where she did draw the design, on another page of my website.

Back of Erica's hair after we did some streaks
Image: teenager with her back to the camera with long hair

Erica, my daughter, with curly hair where we lived in 1998 in Taos
Image: teenage girl with ringletts in her long hair

Erica's hair after we did some blond streaks
Image: serious teenager with long hair

Image: smiling teenage girl with long hair

Erica after she was in a play at the Taos High School. Apparently we dyed her hair black for the play. Actually, I think this was taken before the pictures above.
Image: teenage girl with long hair dressed in goth style

Erica's friends from Taos High School
Image: two smiling teenage girls at the Taos High School in New Mexico

Erica with friends at the Taos High School
Image: teenage girls by an adobe wall on some stairs

Some other pictures taken in and around Taos

Taos Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. the drop from the bridge to the river is about 680 feet.
Image: The rio grand gorge bridge

The Taos Mountain
Image: Beautiful taos mountain

A Mural on the side of a building right by the Taos Plaza.
Image: building with painting painted on it's side with beautiful sky in the background
Picture by me

The Taos Pueblo
Image: The taos pueblo with the river in the foreground
I found this image on the Internet

The Taos Pueblo
Image: Adobe buildings built many years ago
I found this image on the Internet

The Church/Chapel at Chimayo, New Mexico
Image: entryway to holy adobe church

The Church/Chapel at Chimayo, New Mexico
Image: looking through the entryway to the chimayo church in new mexico

Inside The Church/Chapel at Chimayo, New Mexico on a postcard. That's my postcard.
Image:Retablo  inside the chimayo church

Taos Pueblo Church
Image: Adobe church built in the 1600s
I found this image on the Internet

The Taos Pueblo
Image: Taos Pueblo - west
I found this image on the Internet

The Ranchos de Taos Church - the One that Georgia O'Keeffe painted many times.
Image: back of an adobe church in new mexico

The other side of the church
Image: adobe church - saint francis of assisi; san francisco de assis

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