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My Photo Albums - 2022 Part 3 - Sunsets, sunrise, cats, dog, scenery, night time art show, etc.

Image: Yellow mini sunflowers
September 1 . Welcome September! I can't believe it. Didn't 2022 just start about a week ago? This flower is a mini sunflower. We have lots of yellow flowers around here. And, remember, it's still summer for 22 days!

Image: dragon jewelry box with some treasures
September 3 - Here's my dragon jewelry box. He (or she) likes treasures. And Magic. And I keep a few trinkets inside. I love this. I love dragons. He may be elsewhere on here in a picture and/or a video.

Image: A fuzzy white plant
Above and below: September 5 - Interesting plant I just noticed during our walk this morning. From Wikipedia: Krascheninnikovia lanata is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaranthaceae, known by the common name winterfat.

Image: A fuzzy white plant

Image: yellow chamisa plants with yellow flowers
2022 - Pics by me from August and early September. Various shots of the flowering Chamisa plants around here. I use an app called Grid art to make these "collages."

Image: flaming art installation in the dark of night
Above and Below: 2022 Sept. 16 . We attended 'The Paseo' nighttime outdoor art installation event in Taos. Presented by The Paseo Project. This is a cool flaming installation. There's also a video of this on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Image: flaming art installation in the dark of night

Image: Lighted huge umbrellas in the dark of night.
2022 Sept. 16 - Our one night a year that we stay out till after dark. These umbrellas were open and closed by participants on a bicycle attached by wiring. It was fun! We did not participate but we watched the umbrellas opening and closing. There's also a video of this on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Image: Huge artistic lighted dragonflies with fire
2022 Sept. 16 - Here are some dragonflies on fire. There is also a video of this on at least Facebook and Instagram.

Image: Huge artistic lighted human head at night
2022 Sept. 16 - "Face Forward" - Large Scale Participatory Sculpture. A huge human head made out of metal, that was controlled by participants, We never figured out how. There's also a video of this on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Image: A woman and a man with New Mexico Scenery behing
September 20 - We drove to Penasco, NM to have our teeth cleaned at the dentist there. This is us at the beautiful lookout point on the way up there. It's a beautiful drive.

Image: Foggy morning with rising sun in New Mexico
Above and below: September 23 - Foggy morning this morning. We don't get fog often up here at 7400 feet elevation.

Image: Foggy morning and street

Above and below: October 2 - It rained this morning. And now the sun is out after the rain. Well, pretty much.


October 5 - It's raining and cloudy out so we're not using many electronic devices except our phones. I'm hanging out on my bed with Sparky. We're supposed to have some sun tomorrow. This kind of cloudy day doesn't happen very often but when it does we have to shut down most items since our solar panels are not collecting much solar energy.

Image: Paper dolls
Above and below: Got this paper doll from my daughter's Etsy shop. So cute! It's great for kids and adults! She did the drawing, of course. So many outfits! Download, print and color with crayons or color pencils! And then cut out for lots of fun!

Image: Paper dolls

Image: Smiling woman with pumpkin T-shirt on
Happy Halloween! Me today. This is the only costume I'm doing today.

Image: Smiling man and woman
Not only is today Halloween, it is also the day Bert and I met at a Halloween party in upstate New York in 1976. Here we are today.

Image: Plants that look like a small corn plant
September 12 & 30. Memories of warmer weather. I tried to find the name of this plant. It looks like a small corn plant. I think it's a Sorghum bicolor Calflora. Anyway, we'll probably see more next year.

Image: Two old vehicles
Oct 4 & 7. Also memories of somewhat warmer days. An old car and truck. I like old vehicles. And there's Bert.

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