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My Photo Albums - 2022 Second Half - Sunsets, sunrise, cats, dog, scenery, etc.

Image: sunrise in northern New Mexico
July 13 – Beautiful sunrise this morning. Again. The whole image. (See also below) 

Image: pond with waterlilies and fish
July 1 - There's a place in Taos that's really cool. It's Overland Sheepskin and it's a great place to walk around. There are many stores and a restaurant there. Here are some water lilies and fish in a pond on the Overland compound.

Image: sunrise in northern New Mexico
July 13 – Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Image: Extinct volcano in northern New Mexico. Beautiful scenery and blue sky.
July 12 - Well this is kinda cool. This is evening. Looking south. The sun was shining on a rock outcropping behind Three Peaks and they look white. Also the mountains beyond that are in haze and not visible. You can find other pictures of Three Peaks somewhere on here that show the distant mountains.

Image: Sunset northern New Mexico. Beautiful scenery and colorful sky.
July 16 - Beautiful New Mexico sunset.

Image: Purple flowers and greenery
July 22 - another interesting plant I saw near the parking lot of our gym. Google says it's a tamarix plant. Or salt cedar. It's interesting. This is a close-up of the flowers. From what I’ve read it is an invasive species and New Mexico is trying to eradicate it.

Image: orange and blue and gray Sunset in northern New Mexico.
July 20 - Beautiful sunset in northern New Mexico.

Image: Pretty black and yellow butterfly with wings outstretched ready to fly
July 26 - This is the screenshot of the butterfly from my Video Reel that I posted earlier today. It's a Mourning Cloak Butterfly. We were in the Carson National Forest by the stream.

Image: Orange long-hair cat resting
July 29 - Our adorable kitty cat Pumpkin resting. He's 10 years old. He's sitting on the freezer on our front porch. It's amazing I got him sitting still.

Image: Black and white kitty cat resting
July 29 - And here's Sparky. He's 16 years old. Don't mind the pile of clothes in the background. Note the white tip of his tail.

Image: Cloud formation in New Mexico
July 29 - Interesting swirling, circular cloud formation this evening

Image: Small cactus in New Mexico.
July 30 - A cactus pretty close to our home out on "The Mesa" in Northern New Mexico. The cactus might be a Escobaria vivipara. I'll keep checking to see if it flowers. I hope so. Note in August: It hasn't flowered yet. It probably won't.

Image: A small black and white mushroom in northern New Mexico
July 30 - A mushroom not too far from our home. I have no clue what kind of mushroom it is. It's flat. I should have taken a pic from the side. It's been nice with the rain, so we're getting mushrooms! I wouldn't even think about eating it. I know nothing about mushrooms.

Image: Small black female dog
July 31 - This dog belongs to one of our neighbors. Not the neighbor that had the other two dogs. She's cute but she won't let us pet her. She comes up to us and then runs away. She still just a puppy. A big puppy. I'm sure she'll grow more.

Image: Sunset in new Mexico
August 1 - Beautiful sunset.

Image: Sunset in New Mexico
August 1. Sunset. Welcome August.

Image: Sunset cloud in northern New Mexico
August 2 - Beautiful sunset cloud, but I'm facing away from the sunset toward the east. The picture doesn't actually do it justice.

Image: Two cats: One orange long-hair and one black and white short-hair
Above and Below: August 6 - Our two kitty cats together on my bed. Pumpkin is 10. Sparky is 16.

Image: Two cats: One orange long-hair and one black and white short-hair

Image: Digital birthday greeting with pictures of young girl
Today, August 14, is my daughter Erica's birthday! Happy Birthday Erica! I also made a video, which is available to watch on my Facebook, Instagram.

Image: Rio Grande Gorge and bridge and New Mexico scenery
Above and below: July 24 - At the Rio Grande River, Gorge and Bridge in Northern New Mexico. See my video on Facebook and Instagram too!

Image: Rio Grande Gorge and bridge and New Mexico scenery

Image: Many pictures of a fuzzy orange long-hair cat
August 18 . Our fuzzy cat Pumpkin in a Prime box. He likes it in there.

Image: Mini sunflowers with man in the background
August 29 - My husband Bert with flowers. I wanted him to hold them still for me because it was windy. Turned into a cool picture.

Image: Many pictures of mini sunflowers
August 29. I Love These Flowers

Image: Outside a building and Inside the same building with blue sky and clouds
August 30 - We drove to UNM Taos because we wanted to see the library in it's new location. This is the building where they are now located. Here's also a pic of a cool round window facing some of the other buildings on campus. I didn't get a picture inside the library because no picture would do it justice. It's beautiful! And very roomy and very comfy.

Image: Two peopl standing among yellow flowers on a dirt road
August 31 . Bert and me in among yellow flowers out near "Two Peaks". That's Three Peaks in the background. These flowers are called Verbesina encelioides (Golden Crownbeard).

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