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My Photo Albums - 2021 Second Half - Kitties, Flowers, Rattlesnake, Full Moon.

Image: A black and white cat and an orange cat on a bedt
July 16 - Our two kitty cats on my bed. Sparky is black and white and is 15 and is doing fine. Pumpkin is an orange long-hair and is doing much better. Pumpkin is 9.

Image: Market building
Picture above and three pictures below: July 22 - We drove to Penasco, New Mexico to get our teeth cleaned today. We took the long way home and had coffee in this Dixon Cooperative Market in Dixon, New Mexico. And there's a cool building in the town. It was a long day. We're home now.

Image: Market building again

Image: Market building with car sticking out of the top of the building

Image: Old building in Dixon, New Mexico

Image: Sunglasses with reflection of a red and white umbrella
July 22 - I thought this was kinda cool. My sun glasses sitting on our table in Dixon, New Mexico while we were having coffee. They are reflecting the red and black umbrella above us.

Image: Full moon and clouds
July 22 - Full moon in New Mexico!

Image: Green shoulder or cross body bag with the backs of cell phones with stickers.
July 23 - Green shoulder bag I got yesterday at a thrift store in Dixon, New Mexico. It was only 4 bucks! It looks like leather but it's not. I like it. It had a clunky chain handle. Bert removed it and I added a black strap. It's PU Leather, which is polyurethane leather. So. Yeah. Not leather. It's vegan though! Which means plastic. I don't know what's better, vegan products that are plastic - which means more plastic in the ocean and landfills - or products made of leather. Anyway I got this used. And there are the backs of our two phones with stickers from @thespindlesisters

Image: Little river or stream in the mountains of New Mexico
Picture above and four pictures below: July 26 - We went to the Taos Ski Valley today in the afternoon. This is the small river there and some condos being constructed! Lovely! We wanted to have coffee but all coffee places were closed. It was a beautiful drive up there even though it was raining on the way up and a bit while there. We did have coffee on the way home at Arroyo Seco. We live in a beautiful place! The base of the Taos Ski Valley - the Village - is at about 9200 feet elevation. We live at 7400 feet elevation. Videos of the river are on my Facebook.

Image: Little river or stream in the mountains of New Mexico

Image: Little river or stream in the mountains of New Mexico

Image: condo buildings in the mountains of New Mexico at a ski resort

Image: condo buildings in the mountains of New Mexico at a ski resort

Image: Yellow sunflower in a field of greenery
August 3 - Pretty mini sunflower in our back yard. Photo by me this morning.

Image: Two Cats
August 7 - Sparky and Pumpkin today. Sparky is 15 and Pumpkin is 9. They are both doing well. Last month Pumpkin was really sick; he's doing better now. He hangs out mostly in our back porch area. Sparky hangs out on my bed or other places around our tiny house.

Image: Musical band - musicians playing in a gazebo in Taos, New Mexico
Above and Below: August 7 - Happy Taos Pride. We attended the Taos Pride Event this evening. The band was Katy P and the Business. They were good!

Image: Musical band - musicians playing in a gazebo in Taos, New Mexico

Image: Birthday greeting with lots of pictures and a birthday cake and flowers
August 14 - Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Erica!

Image: Musical band - musicians playing rock and roll in a gazebo in Taos, New Mexico
August 18 - We went to Taos Plaza Live on August 12 for the first time in a couple of years; here's a photo by me. This band is Last to Know. We were going to attend again tomorrow but it has been cancelled. No more Taos Plaza Live this year. There were supposed to be two more. One tomorrow and one on the 26th. Not happening! Oh well. Stay safe everyone and if you haven't got the Covid Vaccine yet GET VACCINATED! Just sayin'.

Image: View of land in Taos county, New Mexico with dirt and rocks and sagebrush
Above: Fall of 2010. That is what "our" street looked like when we first got here in 2010. Picture below: August 25, 2021. And here's how our road looks today with our off-the-grid house. 11 years later. There's the same rock in the lower left corner that's also in the previous picture. As of today it's been 11 years since we bought our land out here in Carson Estates. Two Peaks. Northern New Mexico!

Image: View of Land in Taos County, New Mexico

Image: Rattle Snake with a mouse in its mouth in Carson National Forest in Taos County, New Mexico with dirt and rocks and sagebrush
Sept. 7 - Rattlesnake munching on a mouse we saw during our walk in Carson National Forest. Some guy said it's a diamond back but I don't know. Picture by me.

Image: Full moon in a black sky
September 19 - Full moon. Photo by me.

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