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My Photo Albums - 2021 First Half - Me, Kitties, the Spindle Sisters, GRIMM, gifts, Flowers, Full Moon.

Image: Woman in shirt and long skirt
January 1. Me. A friend of mine said: "Dress for the year you want, not the year you had!" So, I thought I'd give it a try to lift my spirits. This is what I came up with. The question is who the H3ll is that old woman!?! Happy New Year all!

Image: New Mexico sunset
January 1 - First beautiful sunset of the year!

Image: Paper dolls to print and cut out yourself
January 6 - Awesome print-it-yourself paper doll set from @thespindlesisters (On Instagram) ... Download the set, print on your printer, cut out, and have fun! These are mine! She's about 5 inches tall. I took these pictures. I'm in process of cutting out all the dresses.

Image: Adorable ginger colored long-hair cat
January 8 - Me as "Eve" from the NBC TV series GRIMM. Now available to watch on Amazon Prime. Any one else like GRIMM?

Image: Snowy scenery in northern New Mexico
January 25 – Snow last night. And more expected tomorrow. Only 2 to 4 inches so far.

Image: Two smiling people in winter attire
January 29 - Us at The Burger Stand in Taos for Bert's Birthday. We had to eat our lunch outdoors.

Image: clouds and small mountain with two bumps on top
February 1 - Cool clouds and Two Peaks.

Image: Two pictures of the same woman
February 3 & 4 - Me Before and After. I just whacked off some of my hair. It was getting too long. I love this shirt. It's so soft! Maybe I'll wear it all the time! Ha ha... I have the shirt and matching pants in two different colors. I should probably have bangs but they are too hard to do and it would take away from the rest if my hair, which is so thin.

Image: Various magical and cool items
February 8 - We got some cool stuff in a box today from our darling daughter Erica. We love everything! Stickers and masks and a mini wand and light saber among many other awesome things!

Image: Various magical items, a mask and a drawing of a fox
February 9 - Stuff our darling daughter sent us for the holidays and birthdays. One of my masks, design drawn by her. Witches hat, parchment and feather pen ornament made by her (not included in the other picture). A pin made by her. Awesome original artwork by her on card. My mini wand pen and Bert's mini light saber pen made by her. She's so creative and talented!
She is @ericalange_art on Instagram.

Image: various views of a tiny witches hat with white feather and scroll
February 10 - And here is the little witches' hat ornament, with parchment and feather pen, that my daughter Erica made. Four different angles. Like I said, she's so creative and talented!

Image: Scenery with mountains in northern New Mexico, USA
February 17 - A Pretty picture! I think I like this one the best of all the ones I took today!

Image: Two pictures of a fuzzy cat.
February 20 - Our adorable kitty cat Pumpkin.

Image: A picture of two cats, a black and white cat and a fuzzy ginger cat.
February 23 - Our two kitties hiding in the back room. Bert was vacuuming.

Image: A picture of two cats, a black and white cat and a fuzzy ginger cat.
March 2 - Our cat Pumpkin today.

Image: A picture of a pretty red rose
March 7 - One of my roses. Photo by me.

Image: A picture of pretty red roses and kitty ears
March 6 - I got roses yesterday just because. Just because they were only one dollar! And there is Sparky's head and ears.

Image: Looking through a crystal ball
March 14 - Playing with taking photos with my crystal ball again. I can't hold it steady so I set it on it's stand on some books. That's my computer monitor in the background. Apparently my phone camera can either focus on the crystal ball or the background, not both. Kinda fun! And remember: DO NOT put crystal balls in direct sunlight! It could burn down your house. I hope they say that when one purchases those photography crystal balls!

Image: smiling young woman
March 20 - Picture of my darling daughter Erica. She sent this to me shortly after St Patrick's day.

Image: yellow flowers
March 29 – Lovely yellow crocus flower. So beautiful!

Image: Narnia books and a cat
April 5 - I'm reading the Narnia books again. I just finished book one, The Magician's Nephew and on to book two, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. These are my books. They are well loved! And there's Pumpkin! Ha ha. I read them the first time in 1976 or 1977. Not these actual books, some borrowed from a friend.

Image: Many paper dolls
April 14 - Photo by me. Digital downloads available from @thespindlesisters on their etsy account. .... One is for the Cinderella and the Prince paper dolls. One is available on their Facebook page for free. Search The Spindle Sisters on Facebook

Image: Scenery with rocks and a man in New Mexico
April 16 - Lovely walk down the old road partway down onto the Rio Pueblo Gorge. It's apparently a National Park now! And there's Bert.

Image: Woman with hair blowing in the wind
2021 April 22 - Feeling silly! Wind blowing my hair around. It's quite windy here in the spring. (This is a screenshot from a video on my Facebook.)

Image: Woman with hair blowing in the wind
April 25 - More wind. (This is a screenshot from a video on my Facebook.)

Image: People outdoors at a restaurant
May 1 - Having lunch outdoors at The Gorge Bar and Grill in Taos. Celebrating my birthday a day early.

Image: Smiling Woman and Man in among trees
May 1 - Having fun in Taos to celebrate my birthday a day early. We went for a walk in the National Forest. Now we're having lunch at a local restaurant. And in this one I'm smiling!

Image: Sunset in New Mexico
May 1 - Beautiful sunset this evening.

Image: Happy Smiling young woman
May 2 - Screenshots from my Happy Birthday Greeting from my beautiful, darling daughter Erica on Instagram. It was a video "story" on her account there!

Image: Decorative online greeting that says, Happy Birthday Mommy
Same as above. Yes. She calls me Mommy even though she's all grown up. I mean, when I talk to my siblings we still call our parents Ma and Daddy, which is what we called them when they were alive.

Image: Spirals in a Painting on a crosswalk in Taos, New Mexico
I meant to share this before. Saw this on May 1, 2021; street art on the crosswalk in Taos. We even saw the artists doing this at the beginning of last week!

Image: Several pictures of sunset in New Mexico
May 8 - Lovely sunset this evening.

Image: sunset scenery in New Mexico
May 18 - Interesting cloud this evening. To the south east.

Image: Windmill in Taos New Mexico and trees
May 24. Old windmill in Taos. We were waiting for the light to change. The red thing at the bottom is the top of one of those construction barrels. Photo by me.

Image: Picture of a lunar eclipse
May 26 - Lunar eclipse getting there at about 5:13 AM, but it's cloudy and getting light to the east. It's even lighter to the east now since I took this photo. And the rooster is crowing, dogs are barking, birds are singing, and it's freezing out there!

Image: A couple of pictures of sunset in New Mexico
May May 27 - Pretty. Sun is starting to set. This is looking toward the east and south, toward the mountains. And check out the little portion of a rainbow!

Image:  sunset in New Mexico
May May 27 - Beautiful Sunset looking toward the west.

Image: Dark sky with one planet
May 29 - Got Venus last night but not Mercury with my digital camera. It was cloudy besides. But it just managed to peek through for awhile. It was a Venus Mercury conjunction last night.

Image: Jewelry
May 28 - My Ancient-Egypt type jewelry. Actually there is one bracelet missing. Maybe other things too. The eye of Ra is made of alabaster. The white ankh is bone. A couple of those stones in the bead necklace is alabaster too. The scarab beetles are of some type of pottery material. The red beads are coral. The other beads are various beads. Everything else is varying types of metal. I think that covers everything. I wore all this yesterday when we went to town.

Image: Lovely clouds in New Mexico
May 31 - More cool clouds.

Image: Lovely mountains in New Mexico
June 1 - There's snow on the Sangre de Christo mountains!

Image: Yellow flowers
June 5 - Pretty desert cactus flowers we saw on our walk in the Carson National Forest near Taos today.

Image: New Mexico lizard on an orange board
June 7 - Lizard sunning him or her self in the afternoon sun.

Image: Two smiling people standing by the side of the road near an elevation sign
June 14 - A friend is visiting from California and we're driving around the Enchanted Circle of New Mexico. And here we are at Bobcat Pass. It is 9820 feet elevation.

Image: Two pictures - One of a bridge and the other looking down into a deep gorge at a river
June 14 - The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and looking down into the gorge at the Rio Grande. It's over 600 feet down! This is about a 15 minute (or less) ride north-west of Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Two pictures - Our tiny house and a dirt road in New Mexico looking off into the distant scenery
June 13 - Our tiny totally off-the-grid house; and looking south from our house. Hardly anything out here! And very quiet.

Image: Two pictures - Two smiling elderly people at a restaurant
Above and below: June 1 - We're eating outdoors at an awesome restaurant! And I'm wearing my Frida Kahlo shirt! It's a beautiful day!

Image: Two pictures - At a restaurant in Taos, New Mexico with lots of greenery and small waterfalls

Image: Two pictures - Our tiny house and a dirt road in New Mexico looking off into the distant scenery
June 1 - Our kitty cat Pumpkin squished and sleeping on the "sill" of our tiny window. I used the flash on my phone. His cat chin acne is getting better.

Image: Two pictures of two smiling elderly people
June 21 - We're celebrating the anniversary of the second time we got married in 2008. The anniversary is actually tomorrow, so really we're celebrating Father's Day and Our Anniversary.

Image: Two pictures - Highway scenery, Desert of New Mexico scenery and clouds in a blue sky
June 21 - On the highway driving home. Straight ahead, and looking to the right. Happy Summer Solstice all! It's about a 30 to 40 minute drive from Taos to our home.

Image: Brown and white ceiling fan with light on a wood ceiling
June 24 - Our new cute ceiling fan. My husband Bert installed it.

Image: The full moon
Above and below: June 24 – Full moon tonight. Beautiful!

Image: The full moon

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