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My Photo Albums - 2020 Part 2 - Our Cats Pumpkin & Sparky, the Moon, Flowers, Our daughter's birthday greeting, smoke from the forest fires, flowers, scenery.

Image: Moon behind clouds
July 4 - Full moon with clouds and lights of Taos.

Image: Two kitty cats
July 12 - I have to post this picture of my kitty cats Pumpkin and Sparky. They were sitting together. Too cute. This doesn't happen very often

Image: Orange kitty cat
August 1 - Our kitty cat Pumpkin on my bed. This was on the "story" video on Instagram which has gone bye bye. I'll try to get a decent picture of Sparky too.

Image: Yellow flower
August 7 - Pretty mini sunflower in our yard.

Image: Birthday greeting with many photos
August 14 - Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter! I should have said to the stars and back! ....
She's on Instagram: @ericalange_art &
Her website:

Image: Rising Red Sun with mountains
August 20 - Lovely red sun this evening here in northern New Mexico. It's red from the smoke from the fires in Arizona and maybe California and maybe Colorado. It was quite beautiful. .

Image: Rising Red Sun
August 24 - Red sun rising over the #mountains this morning. Looking through the smoke from the forest fires here in the southwestern USA. Can you see the mountain's outline?

Image: Two pictures, first of the mountain, second you can't see the mountain because of the heavy smoke from the forest fires
Top photo: What the mountains to the east of us are supposed to look like. Bottom photo: What they look like this afternoon because of smoke from all the fires in the southwestern USA, August 23, 2020. We can't see them! Crazy smoke!

Image: a red flower, a rose
August 27 - A red rose. One of the beautiful roses we got a few days ago, just because. Just because they were on sale.

Image: Scenery of the center of town with trees, blue sky and clouds
August 26 - We were eating out at the Gorge Bar and Grill Restaurant for lunch and I took this picture of the Taos Plaza.

Image: Rising Red Sun
September 8 - Sun rising this morning. You can see the smoke still but you can also see the outline of the Sangre de Christo Mountains to the east of us.

Image: Snow scenery in New Mexico
September 9 - It snowed last night!!! It's supposed to get up into the 70s again by Friday or Saturday. It's 33 right now at 8:52 AM.

Image: Summer snow scenery in New Mexico
September 9 - Snow. Looking down a road to the west. I did go out.

Image: Shop selling lots of things to tourists
September 3 - We drove to Red River, NM. 8,671 feet elevation.

Image: Scenery in New Mexico with mountains
September 14 - We can see the mountain! This is looking toward the east The sun is setting behind me.

Image: sunset
September 14 - Beautiful sunset. #newmexico.

Image: pink flower close-up
September 14 - Lovely pink Hollyhock flower in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Black and white cat
September 15 - Our elderly kitty cat Sparky. He's 14 years old. We took him the vet last week. He had to have a tooth pulled. He's fine now.

Image: Red sunset in smoke
September 17 - Okay, fine. Red sun this morning. Check it out, and the mountains in the smoke. The smoke is back! I've heard, when in Massachusetts, "Red sky in morning sailors take warning." What about red sun in the morning!?! Yeah, well, anyway it is smoky. Not bad enough to require masks all day, but it's there.

Image: black and white cat
September 25 - Our Sparky #kitty today. He's 14.

Image: Sunset
September 30 - Smoke all around us now. Coming from Santa Fe or Colorado apparently. We can smell it! .

Image: New Mexico mountain scenery
September 27 – Went for a walk today. Lovely New Mexico scenery. Actually, we go for a walk every day. This is one of them.

More Coming...

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