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My Photo Albums - 2020 Part 2 - The Moon, Smoke from the Forest Fires, Flowers, Big Horn Sheep, Snow, Our Cats Pumpkin & Sparky, Scenery.

Image: Rising Red Sun
September 8 - Sun rising this morning. You can see the smoke still but you can also see the outline of the Sangre de Christo Mountains to the east of us.

Image: Snow scenery in New Mexico
September 9 - It snowed last night!!! It's supposed to get up into the 70s again by Friday or Saturday. It's 33 right now at 8:52 AM. And it is still summer! What's up with that? Weird.

Image: Summer snow scenery in New Mexico
September 9 - Snow. Looking down a road to the west. I did go out.

Image: Shop selling lots of things to tourists
September 3 - We drove to Red River, NM. 8,671 feet elevation.

Image: Scenery in New Mexico with mountains
September 14 - We can see the mountains! This is looking toward the east The sun is setting behind me.

Image: sunset
September 14 - Beautiful sunset. #newmexico.

Image: pink flower close-up
September 14 - Lovely pink Hollyhock flower in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Black and white cat
September 15 - Our elderly kitty cat Sparky. He's 14 years old. We took him the vet last week. He had to have a tooth pulled. He's fine now.

Image: Red sunset in smoke
September 17 - Okay, fine. Red sun this morning. Check it out, and the mountains in the smoke. The smoke is back! I've heard, when in Massachusetts, "Red sky in morning sailors take warning." What about red sun in the morning!?! Yeah, well, anyway it is smoky. Not bad enough to require masks all day, but it's there.

Image: black and white cat
September 25 - Our Sparky #kitty today. He's 14.

Image: Sunset
September 30 - Smoke all around us now. Coming from Santa Fe or Colorado apparently. We can smell it!

Image: New Mexico mountain scenery
September 27 – Went for a walk today. Lovely New Mexico scenery. Actually, we go for a walk every day. This is one of them.

Image: Scenery in New Mexico with mountains and big horn sheep
October 5 - Finally got a decent photo of a big horn sheep. Yay! Not anywhere near our place. This was out by the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

Image: Man with truck in sand
October 7 - My husband Bert. And our old truck. In the Petaca. The Petaca is a sandy dry riverbed about a 10 to 15 minute drive from our house. It runs from north to south to the west of us. Don't drive into the Petaca unless you have really good 4 wheel drive, or preferably all-wheel-drive.

Image: Trees and sandy dry river bed
October 7 - Right by the Petaca.

Image: Trees and sandy dry river bed
October 7 - Near the Petaca. This is the old foundation of an old house in New Mexico.

Image: Old rock well
October 7 - Near the Petaca. Watch out for that Well!

Image: Pretty sunset with fake reflection
October 9 - Pretty sunset. Playing with my phone. I duplicated the image and flipped the bottom. Ha ha. I was having fun! A friend said it looks like a painting!

Image: Beautiful sunset
October 24 – Cool Clouds at sunset and Two Peaks the extinct volcano.

Image: New Mexico sunset with clouds
October 25 - Beautiful clouds, looking to the west in Carson Estates, New Mexico.

Image: New Mexico Snow
October 27 - The snow is from about 18 inches, drifting to almost 30 inches. It has stopped now. More expected tomorrow though.

Image: New Mexico Snow
October 27 - Another picture of the piled up snow.

Image: Smoke from forest fire over the mountains
October 18 - Smoke from the fire. It's to the east of Taos and seems to be blowing to the north east.

Image: Smoke from forest fire
October 18 - Fire still happening and growing. On the other side of the mountains to the east of Taos. There is an even bigger fire happening in Colorado. The southwestern USA is still on fire.

Image: Setting sun into red smoke
October 22 - There is still smoke all around us. Here's the orange sun setting into the smoke

Image: New Mexico Snow
October 26 evening. It's snowing. This could be the most snow we've seen out here since we moved here!

Image: Old wood-burning stove
Above and below: October 28 - Our wood burning stove and the fire in the stove. We're keeping warm!

Image: Fire in a fireplace

Image: Snow and scenery in New Mexico
October 28 - And here's my husband Bert using his snow blower. I say, "his snow blower" because I doubt I'll ever touch the thing.

Image: Moonrise over the mountains in northern New Mexico
October 30 – The almost full moon rising over the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Image: Face of ginger colored kitty cat
November 10 - Kitty face. Pumpkin is his name. He's a sweety.

Image: Face of black and white cat
November 11 - My kitty Sparky. He's a sweety too!

Image: Outhouse with painted design on the side and scenery
November 17 - Cute outhouse with fake TV antenna, in a place called Carson Estates, New Mexico. No, there is no country club! Or, this area is called Two Peaks. Or, "The Mesa." Check out the view looking down the side of the mountain! This is somewhat away from our place. We took a long walk today! The place next to this seems to be abandoned. There are lots of abandoned structures, RVs, busses and travel trailers out here. But there are lots of people living out here too!

Image: Beautiful cloud formations this morning.
December 12 - Awesome cloud formations this morning. I love clouds.

Image: Statue of santa and his sleigh.
December 12 - People ask me, "Do you have a Christmas Tree?" Well, here it is, still in Santa's sleigh. Ha ha. I got these little statues from my sister Arline some time ago. I believe that's all I will put out for Christmas, except I will hang my received Christmas cards on my door, as usual. That's about all I feel like doing this year.

Image: Laptop computer
December 16 – Got a new laptop today! An early Christmas gift and probably for next year’s birthday too! The keys are lighted and change colors! I love it! I’m not gonna put any hashtags. This is only for family and friends to see.

Image: New Mexico sky and scenery and mountains
Merry Christmas All! The sun about to rise this morning. And the mountains.

Image: colorful Sunset
December 20 - Beautiful sunset, top. Sunset reflected in our solar panels, below.

Image: Reflected colorful sunset

Image: Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky.
December 21. This is the best picture I got of Saturn and Jupiter tonight before they set. Ha ha...

Image: black and white cat
December 28 - Our cutie kitty cat Sparky today.

Image: ginger long-hair cat
December 28 - Our cutie kitty cat Pumpkin today.

Image: New Mexico snow and scenery
December 29 - We've had snow the last couple of days. Only a couple of inches, or less. It was cloudy, overcast this morning. Now half the sky is blue. This is looking off into the distance to the west. With our solar panels at the bottom.

End of 2020!

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