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My Photo Albums - 2020 Part 1 - Happy New Year, Our Cats Pumpkin & Sparky, Birthday Greeting, Taos Ski Valley, the Moon, Covid-19, Us

These were my thoughts at the beginning of the year. Anyway.
Image:It says, Happy New Year All!
Happy New Year All! And here are my statues of the Goddess Isis and the Goddess Bast and other items on a shelf. Added later in the year: What a year this has been! Covid-19! Who knew!?! Yikes! I'm gonna leave these here. The one above and the one below. I had high hopes for the year. Well, really, we're fine. No Covid here! We just can't go anywhere. Well, not too far anyway and many places are closed or with less availability.

Image: It says 2019 was a Great Year! Welcome 2020!
2019 was a Great year! Welcome 2020! — at New Mexico. Here is our front door with all of our Christmas Cards!

Image: Adorable ginger colored long-hair cat
Above and the two pictures below: January 4 - Our adorable cat Pumpkin. In case you didn't see these on my story on Instagram. We love him lots!

Image: Adorable ginger colored long-hair cat

Image: Adorable ginger colored long-hair cat

Image: Snowy scenery in northern new mexico
January 18 - We've got snow. A little bit anyway. — at Taos County, New Mexico.

Image: Writing in the sand at the beach in Brazil
January 20 - From my friend in Brazil - Garcia. Written in the sand at the beach.
It says: Linda, Huggies from Brazil
I love it!

Image: 5 stickers, mostly dragons
January 22 - Some stickers by my daughter Erica of . . . On my laptop . . . I love dragons!

Image: Window from an old truck in the snow
January 25 - The back window to our truck camper shell fell off our old truck yesterday. Someone from here on the Mesa in New Mexico apparently found it in the road and set it off to the side of the road. Thank you to them. Here it is! We found it this morning. We now brought it home. Thank you so much to them, again.

Image: Old truck
January 26 - Here's our cool old truck with the back window reattached. Yay! See Previous photo too! — at Taos County, New Mexico.

Image: Drawing of a dragon on a blackboard
January 24 - I love dragons! Isn't this adorable?! Yes it is! — at Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership, New Mexico, USA.

Image: Black and white kitty cat
Above and below: January 28 - Our Cat Sparky. Adorable! Note the whit tip on his tail! We love him! He'll be 14 this year in May.

Image: Black and white kitty cat

Image: Black and white kitty cat
January 28 - Our cat Sparky again. Adorable! Note the white tip on his tail!

Image: Construction work in the snow with mountains in northern New Mexico
Above and two pictures below: January 29 - Construction of condos going up at the Taos Ski Valley. And other construction and stuff. We drove up there for Bert's birthday.

Image: Image: Construction work in the snow with mountains in northern New Mexico

Image: Construction work in the snow with mountains in northern New Mexico

Image: Pretty pink roses
February 15 - Here’s a picture of the roses I got yesterday. I love them! Maybe they are tea roses. I don't remember. I threw out the label thing.

Image: Cat and pictures of artwork
February 25 - Our cat Sparky. Behind him are prints of some of my paintings I painted in like 1972. Our daughter Erica has the originals. And to the right is a photo I took at the beach in California in 2006. That's Erica standing in the waves.

Image: 5 stickers, mostly dragons
March 1 - Happy March! I just changed one of the stickers on my laptop. I recently bought the one to the upper right! I love all the stickers and stuff from @thespindlesisters !!! "They" being my daughter Erica and her friend Abby. I love all their creative paper dolls, greeting cards, stickers and many more items available on etsy. I love dragons!

A note added later in the month: The last time we went out to eat at a restaurant was at Michael's Kitchen on March 4th. Covid 19! See pictures of us in our masks below.

Image: Scenery with sagebrush
March 5 - Taking a walk. Our house is out there in the distance. And there is the extinct volcano Two Peaks. Lots of sagebrush around here.

Image: Moon rising over the mountains
March 8 - Full moon rising over the Sangre de Christo Mountains in New Mexico.

Image: Beautiful sunset
March 26 - Beautiful New Mexico sunset.

Image: Fake drawing of a woman
March 29 - Me being Weird. Because of the Coronavirus - Covid-19. Created from a photo of me by using Ha ha ha

Image: Fake Newspaper "The Daily, Staying Safe" It also says: I wish this thing would go away.
March 31. Alright, it's not funny any more! I can't even read the jokey things any more. Well, not much anyway. Virus, be gone! Go away! Shoo! Bye bye! Enough! We are staying safe though. And we are well. We have to go into town Thursday. We're running low on food. We have about a 40 minute drive to town! And... after a 40 minute drive, I still have to go into the store to use the facilities... After I posted this, I realized it says, "The World is Messed Up," at the bottom of the page. I didn't do that. Photofunia did that.

Image: People in masks
Early April some time - Me and Bert in our masks. Erica's friend Abby made the one in the upper right, one for me and one for Bert. And then surprise, surprise; my niece Alicia made the other two; we got them in the mail today. What nice friends and family we have! So now we can stay really safe! Stay safe and well all! Covid19! Novel Coronavirus has us locked down. We only go into town once per week!

Image: Full moon
April 8 - Fullmoon rising over the mountains. It's not pink. It's called the pink moon. Anyway.... It's at about 99% full. Lovely Luna. photo by me.

Image: 8 pictures of elderly woman
April 10 - Morning. Me still feeling weird. Quarantine Day Number: I don't know. Too many! We went to town yesterday and all we did was pick up our "deliver to your car" groceries at the grocery store. We did go into the courthouse to use the rest rooms. The line to get in to the grocery store was at least 10 people long. Crazy!

Image: Two smiling elderly people in New Mexico
April 21 - So, we did go for a walk. Here we are at "the Petaca" which is about a 20 minute drive from our home. The Petaca is a dry river bed inside a small gorge. We did NOT climb down inside. It's beautiful there!

Image: Grass growing in a little container
Four Pictures. Taken on April 22, 26, 29 & May 4. Pictures of the kitty grass we grow for our kitties so they stay healthy. I grow it in a tofu container. I planted it on Earth Day and the grass was quite grown by May 4. So it took 12 days to grow big enough to let our kitties to be allowed to “graze”.

Image: Birthday card: Happy Birthday Mommy
May 2 - A lovely birthday greeting sent to me by my darling daughter @ericalange_art on Instagram. The part to the right, that is. I added the part with the clouds so it would fit in the Instagram frame.

Image: Two smiling elderly people picnicking in New Mexico
May 10 - Me and Bert at the park having a picnic lunch on Mothers Day ... I put our two pictures together!

Image: Green Rattle Snake
May 17 - HUGE Rattlesnake sunning itself on our property just now. Just lying there. Bert came within a few inches of stepping on it! Yike! Some people out here would kill it. We're peaceful people. We figure we'll leave it alone if it leaves us alone.

Image: Man working in the yard of a house
May 21 - Bert is using his new weed wacker we just bought today.

Image: Two elderly people having lunch and beer in New Mexico
May 28 - We're here. Having a beer and a burger. For the first time at a restaurant since March 4. Although outdoors. At The Burger Stand in Taos. I HAD to do something before May was over for my Birth Month!

Image: Two cats
May 29 & 31 Our kitty cats Sparky and Pumpkin.

Image: Two pictures of the Outside of a small house
Top May 29. Bert in our yard with shade cloth frame looking toward the north. Bottom June 2. Shade cloth on the frame looking west.

Image: Two elderly people having lunch in New Mexico
June 11 - First time sitting INSIDE a restaurant since March 4. This is at Michael's Kitchen in Taos.

Image: A mural of a dragon with blue sky and clouds
June 18 - A dragon painted on the side of a building in Taos.

Image: Two elderly people having lunch in New Mexico
June 22 - Celebrating our anniversary at Red River Brewing Company.

Image: Moon behind clouds
July 4 - Full moon with clouds and lights of Taos.

Image: Two kitty cats
July 12 - I have to post this picture of my kitty cats Pumpkin and Sparky. They were sitting together. Too cute. This doesn't happen very often

Image: Orange kitty cat
August 1 - Our kitty cat Pumpkin on my bed. This was on the "story" video on Instagram which has gone bye bye. I'll try to get a decent picture of Sparky too.

Image: Yellow flower
August 7 - Pretty mini sunflower in our yard.

Image: Birthday greeting with many photos
August 14 - Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter! I should have said to the stars and back! ....
She's on Instagram: @ericalange_art &
Her website:

Image: Rising Red Sun with mountains
August 20 - Lovely red sun this evening here in northern New Mexico. It's red from the smoke from the fires in Arizona and maybe California and maybe Colorado. It was quite beautiful.

Image: Rising Red Sun
August 24 - Red sun rising over the #mountains this morning. Looking through the smoke from the forest fires here in the southwestern USA. Can you see the mountain's outline?

Image: Two pictures, first of the mountain, second you can't see the mountain because of the heavy smoke from the forest fires
Top photo: What the mountains to the east of us are supposed to look like. Bottom photo: What they look like this afternoon because of smoke from all the fires in the southwestern USA, August 23, 2020. We can't see them! Crazy smoke!

Image: a red flower, a rose
August 27 - A red rose. One of the beautiful roses we got a few days ago, just because. Just because they were on sale.

Image: Scenery of the center of town with trees, blue sky and clouds
August 26 - We were eating out at the Gorge Bar and Grill Restaurant for lunch and I took this picture of the Taos Plaza.

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