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My Photo Albums - 2019 Part 3 - Stars, the Moon, Artwork, Our Kitties, Us, Holidays, Goddess Statues, etc.


Image: Stars in a black sky
2019 Sept 30. Some Random Stars.

Image: Sliver of a moon and stars in a black sky
Sept. 30. The moon looking to the west with Jupiter.

Image: Pretty Sunset clouds as it is getting dark
Sept. 30. Sunset clouds in the dark looking to the south-east.


Image: Colorful painting of a chicken and mountains on a fence
Nov. 8. I missed the tail feathers but I got the mountain! Awesome artwork on a fence in Taos, NM. I think this is pretty cool. I covered the name of the restaurant with a smiley face.

Image: Full moon and mountains and sagebrush
Nov 11. Almost full moon rising over the Sangre de Christo mountains in northern New Mexico.

Image: Pretty colorful sunset sky and a muddy road. Lovely scenery in northern New Mexico
Nov. 22. Sunset while driving home on a muddy road.

Image: Orange long-hair cat with a little bit of kitty grass
Nov 28. Happy Turkey Day to all friends and family. And here's our kitty-cat Pumpkin in the window of our front porch enjoying kitty grass that I grow for our cats in a small container. It's wheat grass.

Image: Black and white cat on a bed
Nov. 28. And there's Sparky, our other kitty-cat.

Image: Sun shining on mountains with sun shining on clouds too
Nov. 26. Pretty mountains and clouds in northern New Mexico.


Image: Smiling woman and man
Dec. 13. Happy Friday the 13th. Us at Taos Mesa Brewing Tap Room. Yep.

Image: Golden Statues of the goddess Isis and the Goddess Bastet or bast and Santa Clause and his sleigh with some other Christmas items
Dec. 17. This is my Christmas display on a shelf for 2019. The Goddess Isis and the Goddess Bast stay on the shelf for all seasons. Well, most of the time anyway. Happy Holidays all!

Image: Snow on mountains and clouds in northern New Mexico
Dec. 9 - Beautiful mountains and clouds in northern New Mexico. We live not too far from here.

Image: A TV, speakers, a DVD Player, a pepper shaker and a laptop computer and other stuff
December 22 - Just got a new TV. The other one crapped out yesterday. The new one is nice and there's my laptop next to it.

Image: Merry christmas, happy hannukkah, happy new year greeting
December 24 - Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! And whatever other holiday you celebrate!

Image: Snowy day in northern New Mexico looking down a snowy street
December 24 - Looks like we're going to have a White Christmas! We did!

Image: Front door with greeting cards and a starry red and white border
A cool picture for the last day of 2019. Our Christmas / Happy Holiday / Happy New Year cards hanging on our door. The last cards came in the mail yesterday - the 30th.

Image: Statues of the Goddess Isis and Bast with Santa and his sleigh
Here's another cool picture for the last day of 2019. It was taken on December 26, of my Goddesses Isis and Bast statues with my Christmas decorations. The evening sun was shining in on them Cool! I love these statues. I purchased the Goddess Isis statue at a thrift store some years ago. We got the Goddess Bast (or Bastet) statue from our daughter in 2017.

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