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My Photo Albums - 2019 Part 2 - Casket, Kitties, Flowers, Taos Pride Parade, Halloween, and so on


Image: man with saw, wheel barrows and wood pile
June 2 - Bert using his new saw we got yesterday. His other one quit working.

Image: stream and mountain scenery
June 3 - We drove up to the Taos Ski Valley. Left: The stream that runs through there. Right: Wheeler Peak.

Image: orange and blue sunset sky
June 9 - Lovely sunset clouds in northern New Mexico, USA.

Image: man and woman standing with trees
June 20 - Bert and me on one of our favorite walks in Carson National Forest near Taos, NM.

Image: Pretty flowers
June 20 - Cool flowering plant. I've been told it's some flowering yucca plant. We saw it on our walk in Carson National Forest near Taos. Pretty. And there's Bert.

Image: smiling woman and man
June 22 - Happy anniversary to us! 11 years since getting married for the second time! We're at Red River Brewing Company.

Image: new mexico scenery and frame with hearts and words
I took this one on June 30. I messed with it in Instagram Stories on July 2 - middle of the night. I am learning more about how to do these Stories and have found they are fun! I've put them on Facebook Stories too. For those who don't know, they stay for 24 hours. Or less, if the person deletes them in advance. Or more, if the person saves them as a highlight.


Image: Map showing where earthquakes happened in California
Two earthquakes. The first one was on Thursday July 4th. The second one was on July 5th, the day after! This is from ABC News. This is a photo of our TV screen just now! Wow! The second one happened just last night. That was the 7.1 one. I'm told that a 7.1 earthquake is 10 times worse than a 6.4. Hope this is it for them! Or at least no more big ones! My daughter Erica felt the second one and so did Bert's sister Diana. Erica lives near LA. Diana lives in Arizona near the tip of Nevada.

Image: A music band playing music
July 4 - Happy USA Independence Day celebration at Kit Carson Park with @lonniejordanwar. The bands: War and Ozo. It was free!

Image: Old-style New Mexico Church
July 7 - Cool old church on the way home from Santa Fe, New Mexico. We had a fine fun Sunday.

Image: two pictures of a white casket
July 9 - Well, this is part of my life so I'm posting it. As you can see, a coffin. It's about a quarter of a mile or so from our place. We have no clue how long it's been there. We saw it about 4 or so months ago. Had never been down that road before. Somebody bought it apparently online from Wal-mart for their own future use. But when the person died, the family got another coffin. And this one is now just sitting there. I also heard that this past spring someone ran into it with their vehicle and knocked it off the stand. So there it sits.

Image: White-haired woman lying on the grass
July 11 - Me lying in the grass at the Taos Plaza waiting for the music to start.

Image: People enjoying music on the Plaza of Taos New Mexico
July 11 - Still listening to music on the Taos Plaza.

Flower with a bee
Image: pink flowers

Image: A wooden ceiling and some curtains
July 23 - Rustic ceiling and new drapes in our living room.

Image: An orange cat and a black and white cat
July 24 - Pumpkin and Sparky. Pumpkin is 7. Sparky is 13. They have both been sleeping on my bed lately. They like to sleep during the day.

Image: Beautiful sunset clouds
July 27 - Beautiful sunset clouds and mountains at the bottom. By me. In New Mexico. No filter. No Photoshop.

Image: Rainbow in Northern New Mexico
July 27 - Beautiful double rainbow in northern New Mexico.

Image: golden pocket watch
July 30 - This was one of my dad's pocket watches. I have no clue who gave it to him. It's mine now. I also have his wallet and driver's license. It isn't gold or anything. Not worth much except of sentimental value. He died in 2004 at the age of 96.


Image: A smiling man and woman with leeaves in the background
August 3 - We are waiting for the Taos Pride parade. We're going to the thing at Kit Carson Park later too.

Image: People martching in the Taos Pride parade
August 3 - Above and below: Part of the Taos Pride Parade.

Image: People martching and a yellow decorated truck in the Taos Pride parade

Image: Woman on stilts and  People martching in the Taos Pride parade

Image: lightning and clouds in northern New Mexico
August 6 - Lightning storm to the north of us. It could hit us or it could totally go around us. We're at about 7,400 feet elevation.

Image: People dancing to music
August 15 - A couple of random people dancing during Taos Plaza Live.

Image: Two young women in costume
August 16 - Abby and my daughter Erica. I stole this from @wearcapeancowl - that's Erica's friend Abby. They are at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade event. What fun! Abby and Erica are besties! They have awesome paper dolls for all ages and fantastic stickers, blank greeting cards and other items. Available on Etsy. Check them out by clicking here.

Image: Little yellow and white flower
August 23 - Pretty little flower not too far from our home.

Image: orange and yellow sunset
August 31 - Last beautiful sunset in August.


Image: Sagebrush rough buildings and scenery in northern New Mexico
September 6 - A view out our window looking to the south, with my phone, through one of the lenses of my binoculars. I could have zoomed in even more. Maybe next time. Yes, people live there. There's a travel trailer off the picture to the right. And there's a truck at the top too! And a bus.

Image: Yellow and orange sunset sky
September 10 - Beautiful sunset, looking to the west.

Image: Full moon with clouds
September 11 - Almost full moon last night.

Image: Large statue
September 13 - Above and below: Happy Friday the 13th and full moon! We're at the Paseo Project. Cool Huge robot statue. It didn't move but had music playing near it. It had two faces, one facing the road the one facing the field.

Image: Large statue all lit up
The handout from The Paseo says: 26. With Open Arms We Welcomed That Which Would Destroy Us ~ by Christian Ristow, Taos, NM. A totem of a robot diety sent back in time for us from one possible future. It poses a question: What sort of future do we want?

Image: People walking down a street and the full moon
Sept. 13 - Full moon over an art installation at a Taos event called The Paseo 2019. Also happened Sept 14. We attended the one on the 13th. It was fun. The handout says about this art installation: 13. the Numinous Eye Arch by Ron Gesink, Oakland, CA. (It really does say Numinous.) A 40 foot span flaming steel archway. Constructed from salvaged steel and an old spotlight, it serves as a curious symbolic panopticon overlooking Paseo 2019.

Image: Funky little house out in the middle of nowhere
September 29 - Here's our house with a fresh coat of paint and being prepared for winter.

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