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My Photo Albums - 2019 Part 1 - Snow, Moon, Airbnb, Phones, Scenery, etc.


Image: Snow on a little building
January 1 - Yay! That's the first time I've written that this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's snowing!

Image: Gifts: hat, backpack, tshirts, cups and other stuff
January 17 - We just got a box from our darling daughter in the mail today, full of a huge pile of really cool stuff. Late Christmas gifts. These are just a few of the pictures.

Image: Woman and man
January 17 - Us.

Image: Books and other cool gifts
More stuff.

Image: Lamp, pin and little purse from New York City

Image: Man holding lit lamp with hat
And here's Bert.

Image: Woman in turquoise necklace and red sweater
January 20 - Me in our car with the necklace and earrings on that my daughter Erica sent to me. I think it goes well with the red shirt and the red sweater (Erica also gave me the red sweater some time ago). I like lots of colors; two of them are turquoise and red. Turquoise and/or aqua were my mother's favorite colors.

Image: blurry little moon in a black sky
January 20 - The Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse tonight. It's freezing out there and this is all the time I wanted to spend trying to get any sort of photo. I tried different settings on my digital camera and this is the best I got. I also looked at it at different stages with our binoculars.

Image: Snow with tracks on the ground
January 4 - Bunny trails in the snow we saw on our walk today. And, Easter isn't on its way... well not for awhile anyway. Bunny trails at snowy Cerro de los Taoses.


Image: Pretty mountain with snow
February 16 - Taos Mountain with snow.

Image: Man and two women sitting at a table
February 16 - There's Bert, and me and a friend. We're at the "Love Your Library" event put on by UNM Taos Library. It was fun! And yes, I'm eating. Oh, and there's the jar of honey that I won. Yumm! Photo by UNM Taos Library staff member. Stolen off Facebook.

Image: New Mexico scenery with snowy road and snowy land
February 23 - It snowed last night. This morning we went for a very short drive. Here's some cool scenery near where we live. And there's the little extinct volcano - Two Peaks.


Image: smiling man and woman with house and scenery
March 2 - Us. We helped a young man who was stuck in the mud down the hill from us. This photo is by @stonetalus on Instagram. That's our house in the background. I cropped this from a larger image.

Image: Christmas lights on trees
March 8 - The Plaza in Santa Fe still has the Christmas lights lit.

Image: 3 pictures of a room and a bed
March 9 - Inside our airbnb room in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The bed in the morning and a vase up in a niche. The place had really high ceilings. We had a great time. We needed a weekend out!

Image: 3 pictures: Buddha, the world and an outdoor labyrinth
More inside and the back yard of the airbnb home.

Image: Woman and man in the morning
March 9 - Us in our airbnb room in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the morning. We had just woken up. Well, sort of. We had just had our showers anyway. We had a great time!

Image: Clouds over the mountains
March 11 - Lovely clouds over the Sangre de Christo Mountains to the south of Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Smart phone with images
March 18 - I just got a new phone! Hee hee.. The other one has been acting weird for about a year. And it was getting weirder and weirder.

Image: A smiling woman and man with mountains and scenery
March 20 - Us. I had a dental appointment and this view is on the way there.

Image: An old decorated truck
March 24 - At Red River, New Mexico.

Image: selfie of a man and a woman
March 18 - Us at Taos Mesa Brewery mothership. Our car kinda crapped out. But still works enough to get us home. But hey, we're on the way home. Bert will fix the car (Later: he did). Beer helps. We have three vehicles, after all.

Image: mountain scenery
March 18 - Beautiful mountains. Thank you so much for such a beautiful world!

Image: foggy scenery in northern new mexico
March 22 - Above and below: Cool spooky fog this morning in northern New Mexico. At Two Peaks (otherwise known as Carson Estates, Dos Orejas or Cerro de los Taoses).

Image: foggy scenery

Image: smiling white-haired woman
March 22 - Me hanging out at the spa in Taos.

Image: smart phone
March 22 - My New Phone and its new case and pop-up phone grip. The case is sparkly. Whenever I get a new phone I always get a case and screen protectors so no harm will come to the phone. At least it's less likely anyway. This time I also got the pop-up phone grip so I'm less likely to drop it.

Image: smart phone screne with drawing
March 22 - A drawing I did just for fun on my new phone. It's not finished.

Image: snowy scenery at a ski resort in New Mexico
March 24 - At the Pond Skimming at Red River, New Mexico ski resort. It's been around since 1959. Elevation 8,750 feet. Fun! We went to this last year too. There are some videos on my Facebook account from last year.

Image: Smiling man and woman
March 24 - At the Red River Brewing Company.

Image: pine trees
At Red River, New Mexico.

Image: yellow flowers
March 29 - First flowers I've seen this season. I saw crocuses too, but it looks like someone had stepped on them. Sad.


Image: scenery with river
April 5 - Above and below: The Rio Fernando de Taos, in the Carson National Park near Taos is overflowing its banks.

Image: running river

Image: woman and man with a pile of wood
April 8 - We got two bundles of wood today. We will use this next winter for firewood.

Image: house in new england
April 15 - The old homestead, built by my mom and dad, where I grew up, in Pleasant Valley of Methuen, Massachusetts. These photos were taken yesterday by a friend. Sometimes I still dream I'm in this house. Sometimes I guess I'm still there in spirit. They changed the front door! But they left the turquoise paint on the basement windows.
Same house in about 1970:
Image: Home in New England


Image: Full moon reflected in a car with black sky
April 19 - Lovely full moon rising over the mountains.

Image: orange long-haired kitty cat
April 25 - Our adorable cat Pumpkin. What a cutie. This is his newest high-up spot, on the shelf with the cookbooks.

Image: red flowers and yellow flowers
April 27 - Lovely tulips.

Image: overflowing river
April 27 - The crazy Rio Fernando de Taos (river), in the Carson National Forest near Taos, is overflowing its banks worse than last time! This is the highest we've ever seen it! And it was virtually dry over the winter!


Image: cat dressed in tutu and roller skates
May 2 - I bought myself my own birthday card! I love this! Happy Birthday to me! I also got a bunch more birthday cards and gifts. I had a great birthday!
May 11 - "Puddle" - more like a pond - this morning, in the middle of the road that we drive to town on, when we go to town. It's raining and hailing right now.

Image: cookie shaped like a dragon
May 14 - An awesome dragon cookie that I got in the mail from my niece Alicia, owner of @sugar_moon_sweets. She made it and sent it to me for my birthday! Yummy! I love dragons!

Image: big mud puddle in muddy road
May 11 - "Puddle" - more like a pond - this morning, in the middle of the road that we drive to town on, when we go to town. It's raining and hailing right now.

Image: smart phone with case
May 31 - My husband has a new phone now. The same as mine. It's funny we call these "phones" but they are much more than phones. Besides that, they are computers, cameras, calculators, calendars, etc., etc. He likes it.

Note: I Removed all my Videos on YouTube and on this site in 2019. Find me on Facebook or Instagram. I might put parts of my videos on there on occasion.

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