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My Photo Albums - 2018 Day Trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 30

Image: Window at a shop with reflection of trees and the sky
The window outside the French Pastry Shop in Santa Fe. We had a delicious chocolate eclair here. Yumm...

Image: Inside a restaurant
The fireplace inside the French Pastry Shop & Craperie in Santa Fe.

Image: Food on a plate
At Chili's Grill & Bar in Espanola for lunch.

Image: the moon in a blue sky
Awesome full moon this evening with New Mexico landscape, on the way home. Well, it said it was 99.5% full.

Image: Scenery in new mexico with blue sky
Full moon and landscape again.

April 1

Image: Street scene with red car
Happy April Fool's Day! I don't really like April Fool's day except that it's fun. I consider it a fun day. I don't like to play mean jokes or have mean jokes played on me. We are in Santa Fe, NM. I want this car. It's a chevy Impala 1962.

Image: Man in front of a old frontier wagon


Image: Woman in front of an old frontier wagon
Me. It was April Fool's Day and Easter. Both on the same day.

Image: Street scene with trees in Santa Fe
Looking down on the Santa Fe Plaza from a restaurant balcony.

Image: The sign on a shop in Santa fe
In Santa Fe. Victoria de Almeida, New Mexico Folk Artist. Might have shopped here. But they were closed. See below also.

Looking in the shop window.

August 9

Image: Interesting dark clouds and a street scene
Cerrillos Road Heading east in Santa Fe.

Image: Building and tree in Santa Fe
Cool random brick building and tree in Santa Fe.

Image: Large dragon on a building
This dragon's eyes light up!

Image: Large dragon on a building

Image: Large dragon on a building

September 2

Image: Looking at the top of a building, a street lamp and the blue sky with clouds
A different view of Santa Fe, NM. At San Francisco Bar and Grill, looking out the window. And that's not the moon. It's a reflection of a light bulb. Facing north. I think.

Image: Scenery with trees, buildings

Image: Colorful sculpture of a flamingo and giraffe
I thought this was particularly cute. A large metal pink flamingo and an orange giraffe at The Fiesta Fine Arts and Crafts Market on the Santa Fe Plaza. There were lots and lots of people. It was the most crowded I've ever seen Santa Fe.

Image: Colorful sculptures of animals and tents on the plaza in Santa Fe
The Fine Arts and Crafts Market again.

Image: Blue sculpture of a horse and tents on the plaza
And again.

October 11

Image: Woman standing near a huge rock looking up
Me by the Rio Grande River running through the Rio Grande Gorge. Of course, Rio means River. And a large rock.

Image: Huge rock along the Rio Grande River
The large rock by itself.

Image: Scenery near the Rio Grande River
the Rio Grand again.

Image: More rocks, scenery and a river
And again.

Image: Drawing of cats on a bookmark
We went to Santa Fe today. Didn't take a single photo while there, but bought this great bookmark at Victoria de Almeida Folk Art Shop there. See below too.

Image: Name and address on the back of a bookmark


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