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My Photo Albums - 2018 September 14 - "The Paseo" In Taos, Including Videos

Videos by Other People Below

September 14

Image: Colorful projection on a wall
At the Paseo Art Installation event in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Colorful circular projections on a wall
Wonderful outdoor art installation "The Paseo" in Taos, New Mexico. Random cool things there. We were there! We didn't see everything but we saw enough. We got home at 10:00 PM and got to bed way past our bed time! It's a long drive back home from Taos.

Image: A woman in a colorful glowing hat
Some lady in a cool glowing hat.

Image: A lighted dome
The outside of the "Space Cloud"

Image: A strange creature projected on a wall
Inside the "Space Cloud". It was great! They put rock salt on the floor. Many people walked around with bare feet. We did not.

Image: An image of the globe of the earth projected on a wall
Our earth projected as viewed from outside the Space Cloud.

September 16

Image: A large white plastic thing on a lawn
Above and below: The cleanup crew. After the fabulous art installation "The Paseo" in Taos, New Mexico. Outside "The Space Cloud."

Image: A large plastic thing on a lawn with trees and the sky

Image: A large plastic thing on a lawn with trees and the sky

Image: Lawn and trees and sky

I Removed all my Videos on YouTube and on this site in 2019. Find me on Facebook or Instagram. I might put parts of my videos on there on occasion.

2018 September 14 - The Paseo in Taos New Mexico

Videos Not by Me

The Space Cloud. The Paseo. Taos, New Mexico

The Paseo 2018. Taos, New Mexico

The Paseo. 2018 Taos, New Mexico


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