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My Photo Albums - 2018 May 4-5 - Trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado Where We Stayed Overnight


Image: Sign that says Welcome to Pagosa Springs
This photo is from 2014. We drove here again in May of 2018.

May 4

Image: Sign that says Welcoe to Colorful Colorado
Welcome to Colorful Colorado! We're on our way to Pagosa Springs! This photo by me taken at Chromo, Colorado.

Image: Again, sign that says Welcome to Pagosa Springs, World's deepest hot springs
We are here! At Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Image: The Riff Raff Brewing company sign
Above and Below. We had a yummy burger and beer at this place: The Riff Raff Brewing Company Brewpub and Eatery in Pagosa Springs.

Image: The Riff Raff brewing company sign and building

Image: A river flowing through a town
River in Pagosa Springs

Image: Wooden walkway with buildings in a town
A cool place to walk.

Image: Cool buildings and river with tables and umbrellas
This is one of the hotels in Pagosa Springs with the river.

Image: Flowing river in a town
More of the river.

Image: Wooden walkway and place to hang out in a town

Image: Cone of minerals from a hot springs in Pagosa Springs
Hot Spring cone. Also see the videos below.

Image: Dome house and scenery
Someone's dome house.

Image: Lake and scenery
A lake near Pagosa Springs.

May 5

Image: buildings and a cone of minerals
Another mineral cone from a geothermal hot spring in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. There were lots of hot springs along the river there, all feeding into the San Juan River. Pagosa means healing waters. Honestly, it stinks there. But one can get used to the smell.

Image: Buildings and a cone of minerals
Another mineral cone.

Image: A huge cone of built up minerals with water flowing over the cone
And more above and below.

Image: A huge cone of built up minerals with water flowing over the cone

Image: A huge cone of built up minerals with water flowing over the cone

Image: A huge cone of built up minerals with water flowing over the cone and buildings and scenery in Pagosa Springs

Image: Scenery near Pagosa Springs
Pretty scenery.

Image: Lovely lake and scenery near Pagosa Springs

Image: A hot air balloon in the blue sky
Hot Air Balloon.

Image: A really old train car
Above and below: Old train car. Pretty cool.

Image: Image: A really old train car

Image: The wooden ceiling of A really old train car

Image: The windows and tires and side of A really old train car

Image: Man walking near A really old train car

Image: A huge chess set on a lawn in Pagosa Springs, with a bridge and buildings
Huge outdoor chess set.

Image: A home in Pagosa Springs
Above and below: The airbnb house we stayed at including inside and a tree and the road.

Image: A beautiful tree

Image: Inside a home with chairs

Image: Inside a bedroom of a home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Image: A bed inside a bedroom

Image: Residential street with trees and homes

Image: Rif Raff brewing company restaurant
Above and below: More stuff in Pagosa Springs. We had a great time!

Image: The tables of the Riff Raff brewing company restaurant

Image: Cars and a building in Pagosa Springs

Image: Sign that says New Mexico True Welcomes You
On the way back home!

I Removed all my Videos on YouTube and on this site in 2019. Find me on Facebook or Instagram. I might put parts of my videos on there on occasion,

Pagosa Springs, 2018 May 4-5


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