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My Photo Albums - 2018 Part 2 - Around Taos area, snow, sunsets, a Dragon water fountain, elk skull, national forest, and so on; Back to Part 1

May 11

Image: Rocks and the gorge bridge
Walk along the Rio Grande West Rim Gorge trail. We didn't walk very far. For enough for us! And there is the Rio Grande Gorge bridge!

Image: Smiling man with scenery in northern New Mexico
And here's Bert.

Image: Smiling woman with mountains and scenery
And here's me.

May 19

Image: Tents at an arts and crafts fair in Taos, New Mexico
Above and Below: At the Taos, NM Lilac festival. We walked around, visited all the cool booths, each had a beer and split a yummy sandwich! Fun! They also had music! I didn't take a single photo of a lilac though. Some lady had some fake lilacs and maybe some real ones in her booth. They were kind of fading around town. The lilacs were better Wednesday.

Image: Smiling man and woman in front of Tents at an arts and crafts fair in Taos, New Mexico

Image: Old beat-up car that has been painted with many designs
May 29 - It's interesting living on the mesa near Taos, New Mexico. Don't leave your car sitting unattended or it could end up looking like this. We don't know the year on that car. Maybe 1990s. Maybe newer. We saw it there before it got all burned and painted and stuff. We live in a crazy place..

Image: Full moon and black sky
May 29 evening - Full moon. It was full this morning.

Image: Woman with lipstick and old-style hat
May 6 - Messing around with the Instagram Story option. Ha ha ha...

Image: Snake in northern New Mexico
June 6 - Our first snake of the season. It's not a rattler. It's about 9 inches long. Our friend down the hill says it's a bull snake. It's different from the others we saw last year.

Image: Smiling woman in May of 2017 and June of 2018
2017 & 2018 - Lost weight all on my own. Just have been eating less.

Image: Smiling woman with decorations and designs in May of 2017 and June of 2018
Me again. Yay!

Image: Pretty cloud with sun shining on it with mountain
June 24 - Beautiful sunset clouds with mountains this evening.

Image: Woman and man sitting on bench with western USA painted scenery behind them
July 19 - Us being silly today in Taos. Someone had set up this little old-west area with a bench and a backdrop.

Image: Shed and scenery
It's raining. Well, it was. It does rain off and on most days at this time in northern New Mexico.

Image: Front of a shirt with fairies
August 19 - The design on one of my favorite T-shirts. I've had it since like 2000 or 2001. It's fairies doing the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil actions, except they have their hands such that they are really seeing, hearing and speaking. Ha ha.

August 24

Image: Man in the wilderness of New Mexico
Above and below: Us on one of our favorite walks up a mountain near Taos.

Image: Smiling woman in the forest in New Mexico

Image: Various images with a smiling woman and rocks in the forest of New Mexico
May 2005 & August 2018 - A Happy Memory of "The Stone Chair" on an easy hike near Taos, New Mexico on a cool mountain. The Stone Chair is gone now - The rocks are now all spread out. We went up there a couple of days ago. Top-right is me in 2005 sitting on the stone chairs. Bottom-right is me sitting on one of the rocks that used to be part of the stone chairs.

Image: Sagebrush, Mountains, blue sky and clouds
August 27 - Shadows on the Sangre de Christo Mountains near Taos, New Mexico and cool clouds.

Image: Woman and man in the forest of New Mexico with rocks
September 24 - Me and Bert up the side of a small mountain near Taos on an easy hike. We love this hike. It's just right for us. We're by what used to be the stone chairs that have now been disassembled; mentioned in another post here. It's a fun walk.

Image: Smiling woman on a foot bridge in New Mexico
October 4 - Above and below: Me with one of my favorite T-shirts on, about to enter the Carson National Forest. Just for a short walk along a stream. That bridge goes over the stream.

Image: Image: Smiling woman on a foot bridge in New Mexico

Image: Paintings on a wall in a Hotel in Taos New Mexico
October 18 - We went to a special grand opening of the Don Fernando de Taos hotel in Taos. I had a gin and tonic. Plus they had lots of tidbits of food. Before that we ate a pizza and beer at Taos Mesa Brewing in Taos.

Image: Beat-up old car that's been painted on with many designs
October 19 - Some time ago, on May 29, I posted a picture of this car on the Mesa. Here it is again. Again I say, when living on the mesa near Taos, New Mexico (or when visiting), don't leave your car sitting unattended or it could end up looking like this. Someone, or several someones are getting creative.

Image: Woman in costume for halloween
October 31 - Me in my Halloween costume. The shirt says Salem, which is Salem, Massachusetts. Which is where I bought it. I love Halloween!

Image: Little house with blue sky and cool clouds
November 4 - Our little house with interesting clouds. We live at 7400 feet elevation.

Image: Woman sitting on rocks on a walking trail with rocks and trees
November 9 - We went for a walk down into the Rio Pueblo Gorge. There are lots and lots of huge rocks there. We've been there before and it's a great walk. That's me. And that's Bert's shadow.

Image: Pipes made into a turnstyle and snow on a street with a fence
November 24 - This is an old turnstyle at a corner of the Kit Carson Park in Taos. Does anyone even know what a turnstyle is any more?

Image: Sunset as viewed on a street in Taos New Mexico
November 24 - Pretty sunset in Taos.

Image: Stuff on a shelf
November 28 - I made a little shelf of Christmas / Holiday things. The "tree" is different sized little books and other items stacked up. I left the statue of the Goddess Bast because our daughter Erica gave it to us and this was originally a pagan holiday anyway. Happy Holidays! And Happy almost December.

Image: Clouds at sunset with a small mountain
December 2 - Beautiful sunset.

Image: Sunset with mountains
December 9 at 4:57 PM - Still light out here in northern New Mexico!

December 10

Luminarias in Taos, NM during the day. Some might call these farolitos. It's a southwest USA thing.

Image: Pretty mountain
Above and below: Sangre de Christo mountains with lenticular clouds.

Image: Mountains and a cloud

Image: Mountains and a cloud

Image: Lovely Mountain in northern New Mexico

Image: Mountain with snow

Image: Sagebrush with mountain and clouds

Image: Various pictures of sunset in northern New Mexico with mountains
December 16 at around 4:45 PM Mountain time. The sun just set a couple of minutes ago. The top photo was taken facing west, middle facing south, bottom facing east.

Image: Woman
November 25 - Our beautiful darling daughter Erica at the beach yesterday. Find her on Instagram as or @ericalange_art. Also find her at

Christmas Day 2018

Image: Shelf with Christmas and other items
Above and below: Merry Christmas all!

Image: Shelf with Christmas and other items

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Bert and me.

Image: Beautiful orange sunset
Sun setting at 4:48 PM.

December 27, 2018

Image: Trees with snow and road
Above and below: Snow in Taos, New Mexico.

Image: Road with snow

Image: Snow
December 28 - It's snowing!

Image: Pretty horse
December 28 - Sweet horse I took pictures of this morning.

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