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My Photo Albums - 2018 Part 1 - Around Taos area, snow, sunsets, a Dragon water fountain, elk skull, national forest, and so on; To Part 2

January 11

Image: Tiny pine tree covered in snow
We woke to snow this morning! Only about an inch though. I had to go out and dust off our solar panels and I took these photos. These are two of our little trees. The snow will be gone by this afternoon. Supposed to be a high of 43 (Fahrenheit) today. It's sunny with a blue sky now.

Image: tiny pine tree covered in snow with little house
Here's one of our tiny trees. You can see the snow is melting! You can see the bit of sagebrush bush off to the left also covered in snow.

Image: Orange sunset
January 5 - Beautiful Sunset in northern New Mexico.

January 15

Image: Orange sunset with mountains
Beautiful sunrise this morning over the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Image: Orange and yellow sunset
Again, beautiful sunrise this morning.

Image: Orange and yellow sunset
More beautiful sunrise.

Image: Inside a bowling alley showing the bowling lanes
We had lunch at Gutters Bowling and pizza place in Taos.

January 19

Image: Orange sunset
Lovely sunset and moon.

Image: Tiny moon in the sky
The moon

January 21

Image: The side of a building with a green door and a red peace sign and snow
We've got snow. Not even two inches though.

Image: Snow on a road with sagebrush

Image: Snow and sagebrush and small mountain

Image: Two dogs playing in the snow
Dogs playing in the snow. Not our dogs. They belong to a neighbor and they follow us when we walk.

Image: A small house with blue sky
January 22 - Our current house today. We've lived here from September 2010 to present. It's totally off the grid. We have ourselves and two cats. We love it!

Image: Fire and glowing embers
January 24 - Here and below: Our fire in our fireplace. Before I added more firewood. I added another piece of wood then closed the door. Now we're toasty warm.

Image: Fire and glowing embers

January 29

Image: Inside a restaurant with chairs and paintings
We had breakfast here today for Bert's birthday at the Farm House Cafe in Taos.

Image: the side of a building and a fence. It says, The Alley Cantina
We had a drink here at the Alley Cantina today for Bert's Birthday.

February 6

Image: Orange sunset clouds
Above and below: Beautiful sunset in northern New Mexico.

Image: Orange sunset clouds with small mountain
And there's the extinct volcano "Two Peaks"

Image: Orange sunset clouds
February 8 - Another sunset

Image: A green metal dragon
February 7 - Really cool dragon water fountain in Taos. Which isn't running now in winter; probably not at all anyway. This is behind where we used to live. I love it! We visit it once in a while. We hope they get it running again!

Image: various statues and jewelry on a shelf
February 7 - Some of my ancient Egyptian type stuff. The goddess Bast and the Goddess Isis.

Image: Woman's hand with a gold wedding band
February 10 - Check it out! I can put on and wear, again, my original wedding band that my husband Bert put on my finger on December 3rd 1977 when we got married the first time! I've lost 41 pounds since last summer!

Image: Scenery with snow
February 12 - We have a tiny bit of snow today. We had a tiny bit yesterday too. It was sunny yesterday, not today though. We live at 7400 feet elevation. This is looking south toward Three Peaks, the other extinct volcano.

February 15

Image: Solar panels with scenery and snow
We have 3 inches of snow. These are our solar panels. I took this before I cleaned them off. It's still coming down a bit. Virtually no snow and now this. Ha ha...

Image: Side of a building with chairs and snow
This is our little area by the firewood room. Note the skull.

Image: Side of a car and ground with snow
February 19 - We've got hail and thunder.

Image: Mountain with snow, clouds and sagebrush
February 21 - Pretty Taos Mountain with snow and clouds.

February 22

Image: Small tree with snow
It was snowing hard when I took this photo at 7:51 this morning.

Image: Lovely scenery with pretty clouds
Lovely snow. Looking at the back of our off-the-grid house. It's getting more and more sunny now. It's supposed to remain sunny now and be sunny tomorrow.

Image: Scenery with snow, sagebrush and small mountain
Looking at Two Peaks the extinct volcano from behind our off-the-grid house.

Image: Iside a restaurant
February 26 - At the Bear Claw Bakery & Cafe in Taos for coffee and pastries. Yumm!

Image: white Gravestone
March 5 - At the Kit Carson Park. Near the Kit Carson Cemetery. Arthur R. Manby gravestone. It's a Grave in the middle of the park!

Image: Woman with mountain in the background
March 13 - Me in Taos, with the Taos Mountain in the background.

Image: White skull
March 15 - It's the ides of March. Here's an elk skull (above and below) according to some guy on Instagram. That makes sense according to where we found it.

Image: White animal skull

Image: White animal skull

Image: Snow, car and scenery
March 15 - And now it's snowing.

Image: Snow, car and scenery with road
Sunday March 18 - It's snowing! Actually that might be mini hail. Anyway, it's really coming down! I'm not going out there! I took this through our porch window. It was sunny this morning!

Image: Scenery with blue sky in northern New Mexico
March 16 - We had a high wind all night last night and it calmed down just when the sun rose. I looked out at like 3 am and it was windy and the stars were out. And today it's sunny.

Image: Inside walls of a restaurant
March 17 - Breakfast at Michael's Kitchen in Taos.

Image: Large metal globe
March 21 - (above and below) Cool metal globe sculpture near UNM Taos campus south of Taos.

Image: Large metal globe

Image: Scenery with sagebrush and fog
March 26, afternoon - It's snowing.

Image: Pretty clouds and mountains
April 7 - (above and below) Pretty sunset clouds and mountains.

Image: Clouds, blue sky and mountains

Image: Orange sunset clouds
April 24 - Beautiful sunset sky.

Image: Smiling man holding a ginger colored cat
April 27 - And here's my dear husband, Bert, with our cat Pumpkin.

Image: Old-style wood burning stove
May 2 - Our wood burning stove. With the door open and fire inside; and with the door closed. Isn't it cool? It was made in the 1920s. It keeps us warm and is still burning fires inside. At Carson Estates at Cerro de los Taoses in Northern New Mexico.

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